We're back....

...I'd love to say refreshed, and spiritually I guess I can say that. Physically, I am tired. Really. Really. Tired. But I said if I had the baby before convention, I'd be at convention, and I was really, really glad to be there. We managed to keep Archer close, and I think if I can get the laundry caught up and a little nap, I'll be good. We are talking about going to Menominee for the weekend. We'll see. Convention with a week old baby is different when it's the 4th baby versus the 2nd. My Mom and Dad kept Brookelyn by them for all the meetings, Elliot bounced back and forth between their seats and ours. Trae was awesome, we took him out only 3 times the whole convention. He is tuckered right out and is falling asleep in my arms as I write this....he's only been up since 8. I slept awesome in our bed last night. We stayed at Mom and Dad's cabin, which is about 10 minutes from the grounds and is really convenient, but I slept with Archer in one bed (and a chair), and Jason slept with Trae is another. I had to threaten to put Elliot on a leash.


Ben, Kara, Taylor & Hailey said...

I feel for you, it was hard enough physically with just 2 kids. Archer is a little doll, glad it went overall pretty well.

Lindsay said...

i have to say, you looked pretty exhausted there! glad everything went well for you though. wish cole would have sat that well, haha.

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