37 1/2 weeks........1 1/2 cm..........70% effaced........LOTS of contractions, even regular ones, but no baby yet.
I swear I could have been in labor yesterday. I was having contractions all day and when I got back from my appointment, they picked up. I was nesting like crazy, and I'll do a list because it was insane.
Stained the window in the living room
Wash the curtains
Washed and folded all the 0-3m laundry
Vacuumed my bedroom
Put the bassinet together
Scrubbed my shower
Cleaned up our bathroom
Washed windows
Made supper
Shined all appliances

The last thing was scrubbing my shower on my hands and knees(it's a walk in shower) and that got my contractions regular and 7 minutes apart. I finally went to bed around 11 and have been having contractions on and off today. I painted Brookelyn's dresser finally (you know, the one my husband lovingly offered to paint 3 months ago because he didn't want me inhaling the fumes), cleaned up the extra swing for consignment, 3 loads of wash, and hauled up more clothes to wash/sort/price for the sale. As soon a s Brookelyn's dresser is dry, I plan to put all her things in that dresser and Trae's things in her old one.(we sold his dresser to Misty) and organize the boys closet. I have to run to the chiro at 11, which hopefully will bring on labor. The baby is "right there" and the nurse practitioner said he could come anytime, or not for 3 weeks.....she was very annoying and discouraging and I'm glad I don't have to see her anymore. My doctor is always positive, and she was all "every pregnancy is different and you may not go early with this one...blahblahblah" I also asked her about the measurements as I am measuring just under 35 weeks, and she says it's nothing to worry about and asked if there was a reason I was worried. Um....because this is my baby and I want to make sure he's okay. I've heard of low fluid and things like that and she said I am w/in normal range and she "absolutely not worried" I told her I am way smaller than I've ever been with my other 3, and she said, cheerfully, "every pregnancy is different!!" Whatever, Moron.


Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

That's really exciting. I hope you go sooner rather than later :D I can't wait to see pictures of him. Have you guys finalized any names yet? (you dont have to share) just wanted to know if you did. :D Thats such a hard part. Boys names are so much harder than girls names. Good luck and I'm stalking your blog for more updates.

Heather said...

Awww...man!! All that mall walking I did for you yesterday didn't help, huh?:-) I sure hope he comes soon...I'm getting really anxious to meet him!! I know you hope he does, too, so if it helps, you can come over and do all my cleaning and stuff to keep active and maybe that will bring on more contractions!:-) Just trying to help....hope to hear you're in labor soon! I have my fingers crossed.:-)

Amber said...

Name is final....so we're just waiting on him!

Tim and Melissa said...

Oh, doesn't she sound like a peach! I hoped you slugged her a good one...she'd surely deserve it! I'm rooting for you to have him this week...I want to see a baby in 2 weeks at Marion!!! And I'm curious to find out what his name is! Good luck girl, will definitely be thinking about you!!!

Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

"The Hair of the Dog that bit you!" LOL That's what my mom always said brought on labor. Don't know how true it is. I agree with Melissa, I hope you have his this week I want to see him at Marion! :D GOOD LUCK! Hugs!

Also my both of SIL tried caster oil, I don't know how much or whether or not its good to take. But it worked for both, within 24 hours. Just another thought if you get desperate, I think i would have to be really desperate to take it. :D

Sam said...

I cannot wait to meet that little man!!!! Carter is going to look so big once I see him, since Carter is the "baby" with everyone I know, but I am excited! Will be waiting for the phone call my dear!:)

Jeff & Aleigh said...

I can't wait to see your little man!! I hope he comes soon!!

Elissa & Logan said...

Hey Amber! Well, I haven't been having any contractions...but making an effort to walk (or waddle rather) every day! I can't believe that cleaning the shower on your hands and knees didn't do it...hmm. haha. HOpefully soon! Good luck!

Burchibunch said...

Good Luck! Looking forward to hearing!

Ben, Kara, Taylor & Hailey said...

i can't really give you any tips to bring on labor because i tried everything but castor oil and it didn't help! I know you probably have your methods since you've been through this a few times already. Tell that baby boy that each baby you have is supposed to come earlier not later :) Good luck and hope to see him at convention too!

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