Stolen from Shannon...

Ten Things I Could Do Without.
1. Self doubt
2. Sea food
3. Celeb gossip. Used to care, don't anymore.
4. Unwillingness
5. Cellulite. Ditto Shannon...
6. Menstruation.
7. Suduko. Why in the world??
8. Lies
9. Abuse...like world abuse, not like I'm being abused.....
10. My size E bra.

Tag, you're it.


Shannon said...

haha! i LOVE that you have size e boobs too!!!! before i got pregnant with cole, i was in a b-cup...and i wasn't exactly filling it out. sheesh. now i'm beyond ample.

Heather said...

Haha...yeah, not looking forward to the E's!:-) Ditto to your list....

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