The kids and I went for a walk when I got home tonight. We were right in front of our house on our way back when a truck flew by....didn't even slow down AT ALL, just swerved, and both of our kittens were in the road. I told the kids not to watch, and for some reason plugged my ears. The idiot missed both of the kittens somehow, and I stifled the urge to flip the guy off. The speed limit on our road is 45mph and you'd think if you saw a lady with a bunch of kids on the road you'd slow down some....anyway.
Brookelyn's birthday is on Tuesday, but we decided last minute to do her birthday at Mom's tomorrow. I took her to Walmart to pick out her gift. SHe picked out a dog trainer Barbie, a My Little Pony shirt and pants to match, a wooly lined hooded sweatshirt, a My Little Pony coloring book, and some lip gloss. It was a fun little mommy/princess shopping excursion and I'm looking forward to more just me & her days. She keeps saying "only x # of days til my birthday...that means yer havin' yer baby in x days! Are you excited?"
Trae and Elliot were surprisingly accepting of the fact that only me and Brookleyn were going to the store. Trae said bye and everything, when usually he cries and says buhbye? He has been talking up a storm, and will probably age so much one the baby comes. Some recent new words: Chocolate, cracker, moo, nuk...he's turning into a little boy.
As for this baby in my womb, he is being pretty stubborn. I have major contractions when I walk but they calm right down when I stop. Anyone think walking for hours would make him come out? I'm really ready and getting impatient.


Cheri said...

my dads spa is going to offer "mommy and me" packages...complete with little robes for little girls! how fun does that sound?!

Heather said...

How fun for you and Brookelyn! If you still don't have that baby by Monday, give me a call and we'll walk and walk and walk!!!:-) (Yes, I am still up if you notice the time...my heartburn is ferocious and nothing is helping!)

Tim and Melissa said...

How fun to have a girls' day out!! This little man knows that his siblings all came early, so he's going to throw you for a loop this time...! Babies are smart like that, ya know!!

Lindsay said...

awww, shopping with mommy is the best! i wonder what would happen if you tried accupressure (on your feet) to help bring on labor- it worked with cole, just took a lot less time than i thought it would, but it did the job!

Kimber Sue said...

I think we need a new belly pic. Its so hard to believe he is almost here and brookelyn is getting so big. it seems like just yesterday elliot was born. Crazy.

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