Brookelyn has started snorting (on purpose) when she laughs. I told her it's dorky, but she thinks it's absolutely hilarious. She laughs and snorts and then laughs hysterically for 5 minutes. My mom asked her if she knows someone who snorts and she said "YES!!!HAHAHAH...SNORT.....SNORT!!!YOU!!!HAHAHAH.....SNORT....SNORT!

Possibly TMI

Without going into details, she now thinks maxi pads are for poop stains. I just hope she doesn't tell people her mom poop stains, because she doesn't....BTW, I didn't tell her that, she formed an opinion on her own, and I didn't redirect it.


Heather said...

HAHAHAHA...SNORT! That is HILARIOUS!!:-)(the pads part, i mean) I always wondered what the real purpose of those was!:-) Too funny...you'll have to tell her what she thought when she's older...:-)

Tim and Melissa said...

Hahaha, what a clown you've got! I bet your days are far from boring with just her alone! I agree with Heather...write that down so you can tell her when she knows the proper use for them! How's life with 4 kids?

Amber said...

life with 4 kids is the best it's ever been.

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