Camo & Cash

My diamond in the rough, and her brother all shined up for school.

We found a bargain on mouse traps at a garage sale yesterday, and since we hadn't figured out what to get Brookelyn for her birthday, we decided to get some free kittens. Brookelyn's kitty has 007 on his side, but we couldn't convince her to call him Bond. She stole Cash instead, so I'm not telling her my names anymore:) Trae has a love/hate relationship with the kitty's, and screamed bloody murder when we brought them in the van. He says "kitty" and "MEOW" He says it really guttural and it is hilarious! So far, the poor things are getting mauled and what sold me on them was the fact that the lady who had them said the mom had brought her 4 mice already that day...

1 comment:

Heather said...

Cute kittens! Makes me want one, but I guess it will be awhile before that will happen...if ever again! Hope they keep the mice population down....:-)

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