Trae watches the kids out the living room window a lot since he doesn't really get to go out unless Daddy's here. he found this little spot where he can look out and see them playing on the swing set. He laughs and talks to them, but when it comes time to get down, he needs help.
* I didn't realize that some people actually have a bullet option until reading Melissa's blog.

* Trae calls Archer Anya (My niece's name) He has begun talking in small sentences now. He told Brookelyn the other day "MY TOWEL!" Other new words: Molly ( g&g's dog)
Uh-OH! Chapstick, rock, turkey, grandpa's truck, Brook-oh (Brookelyn), bus, crack-oh (cracker).

* Brookelyn asked me this morning why I'm always so tired. I made all the kids lay down and snuggle in our bed after we got Elliot on the bus. Everyone slept. Everyone's awake now but her....it's 10:40am. EDIT: She staggered out the minute I wrote that;0)

* Archer is in his swing....oh and asleep again! I finally set it up, but Trae shuts it off, yanks his nuk out, or hangs on it every chance he gets. I think it will be a lifesaver for next week when I go to town on this place. I'm in spring clean mode, and we've been gone so much I've been doing the bare minimum and expect to do some major deep cleaning around here. Maybe I'll have to put it in our bedroom.

*Archer is getting more alert and the other night I ran into the library and to Walmart. He started to get fussy and I hurried home. Jason said when I came in the house and he heard my voice, he started to smile! He does smile quite a bit when we talk to him, and it feels good to see that I make him happy. He makes me happy to.

* Anya and Misty will be here to visit soon. She's so adorable, maybe I can grab a picture so you can see how she's grown. We'll see...

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Heather said...

Too cute! Sounds like Trae is growing right up with all his sentences and words. And little tiny Archer...it was cute to see him smile yesterday.:-) We'll all have to get together sometime so I can see both babies...when I'm not sick, that is!

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