Brookelyn says....

....she's going to have 10 kids. 8 boys, 7 girls. So I told her that equals 15 kids. So instead, she's going to have 8 boys & 3 girls. And I told her that equals 11 kids. Now she's having 7 boys, and 3 girls.

Also, if we have another girl, she knows what we're gonna name her: Bugaboo!;)

And....our cats ran away while we were at convention. They had plenty of food & water. The garage was left open a crack so they could get in & out. We always have this problem, and then find out they are at the neighbors....which have a loooong driveway. I think they're takin' em. We'll be inquiring when they get off the bus because Brookleyn is missing her kitty.


Ben, Kara, Taylor & Hailey said...

Oh boy, that's a lot of kids. Good for her :)

Heather said...

Too cute...sounds like she's pretty ambitious!:-)

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