Anya bug....we had a little photo shoot...will post more on my photo blog tomorrow.
Sigh....I met Heather in Appleton tonight since I wanted to get birthday presents for Aaron and Kimber. It's a 25 minute drive from our house to the mall. On the way to the mall, I stopped 3 times because Archer was screaming. On the way home, I stopped 2.

25 minutes x 2 trips = 50 minutes total drive time.

50 minutes / 5 stops = 1 stop every 10 minutes.

I obviously couldn't stop on the side of the road in the dark, so he had to scream for about 15 minutes from one gas station to the other. He was doing these devastating little hiccup-sobs by then, and I wanted to sit on the curb and cry right along with him. I wonder how our 3 hour drive to Menominee will go tomorrow?

I also have 5 poop stories for you, all from the last week.

* I was changing Archer the other day and when I took the diaper off, he squirted all over his blanket. Each time I'd wipe it up and attempt to put a diaper on, he'd do it again, for a total of three times. And then he peed.

* Trae took a shower the other day and I didn't get a diaper on fast enough. He left nice little mess on the floor....and took another shower.

* Later that night, I noticed he had a diaper grundy (compliments of daddy). I picked it for him, and got poop on my fingers.

* Today, Trae told me he needed a "diapah" and held up his poopy fingers, then smeared it on his leg....into the shower he went.

* I picked Anya up today to convince her to poop (I can always get her to poop). She had already gone, and it seeped out her sleeper and onto my arm.

Much fun!

I got $60 worth of underwear at VS for $25...nothing like new underwear to make a girls day!


Tim and Melissa said...

I'm sorry that Archer doesn't like travelling. There's no easy way around that. Megan was the exact same way. It got to the point that I'd wait to go ANYwhere until Tim was home from work so I could leave her with him, because even a five minute trip to the grocery store resulted in screaming both ways, the entire way. It didn't stop until she was nearly five months old. Good luck on your drive tonite...sure will be thinking of you!!

Lindsay said...

good luck with your trip up! it's always so hard when babies scream in the car... cole started that when he was about 5 months, i remember having to stop several times and take him out of the carseat. maybe archer will change his mind in a little while and decide the carseat isn't so bad after all. and the poo stories- great stuff! haha!

Heather said...

Thanks for inviting me last night...poor Archer! Hope you have luck with your trip to Menomonie.

Heather said...

Oh yes, and Anya is a little cutie!

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