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Brookelyn reminded me the other day that her birthday is coming up in "only 19 days!"
Me: "Do you have something in mind that you'd like for your birthday?"
Her: "Yes."
Me: "Well, what is it?"
Her: "Ummmm....a skate board."
Me: " A skateboard!"
Her: "yeah, a Barbie skate board."...and some stitches to go with it...!
Me: "Is there anything else you want?"
Her: " Yeah, a dog...a wittle one."

I can guarantee that she won't be getting either....Aaron, if you read this blog you DO NOT have my permission to buy Brookelyn a skateboard.....

Last night in meeting, we were sitting on the couch in front of a shelf with a bunch of eagle figurines and Trae was fake crying and pointing at them, getting his point across that he was afraid of them.

Tonight, we are heading to Sheboygan to meet up with Nate and Marsha, Steve and Pam, and my Mom and Dad and Brookelyn at a motel. The adoption hearing is tomorrow and we are going down to celebrate tonight, as they are headed to Georgia from the hearing. Mom and Dad are going to the museum in Milwaukee today instead of tomorrow and then staying at the hotel so Brookelyn can see her cousins and aunt and uncle before they go.

My gallbladder has been causing me a lot of excruciating pain. It started about a month ago pretty mild and is just getting worse. I am finding more and more reasons to really want this baby to come! I am trying not to complain, but the gallbladder along with my hips and back are killing me and making it hard to sleep so I am exhausted even though I "technically" slept for 9 hours.

The most exciting thing I have to post about:
I went to my doula's house that I had with Trae last night to do pictures of her Grandson and when I arrived I told her about my progress in the dilation and effacement department. She asked if I planned to have someone with me and I said only Jason. I then added that I'd love to have her, but I don't have the money to pay her. I wasn't hinting about her doing it free, with Trae we paid her gas money and got her a statue, but she loves doing it so much that if you can;t pay the $400 fee, she'll do it anyway. She said she'd love to be there, and I told her I didn't want to take advantage because I was really grateful to have her there with Trae and didn't feel like I could ask her again with out being able to pay her. Of course, she said she'd be honored and we left it at that. I did the shoot and then she wanted to pay me, which I wasn't having any of because I told her that I would be taking the pictures free because I owed her for Trae's birth anyway. She continued insisting, but of course I was not going to give her a price or accept payment. She finally said okay, but you better call me when you go in so I can be there for this baby. I am so relieved because she was so awesome (so was Jason) and I felt like she kept hm focused and I have been really afraid after seeing labor first hand a few weeks ago. So, I am so happy she'll be with us again.


Heather said...

Awww...that's cool you'll have that same doula again! I was wondering if you were gonna have one this time around. Have a good time at the motel and good luck to Nate and Marsha tomorrow and as they head for GA!:-)

Sam said...

I am glad she will be there for you! I still cannot thank you enough for being their for me when Carter was born, all though all I needed from you most was your hand to squeeze during a contraction...:)but I am so glad you were their and IF I ever concieve again I hope you would like to do it again...it will be awhile though if ever...

anymommy said...

I'm happy for you! I adored our doula for my second birth and couldn't have done it without her. Congratulations too - you have a beautiful family and I can't wait to see the new addition.

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