Yesterday was my family reunion. It's held at a park in town, and we try to make it every year. This year, it was really hot and really muggy. As the years pass, I am recognizing less and less people. I did get a pat on the cheek from my (40year old) cousin, Jerry and my other (45+) cousin Billy came up and grabbed my shoulder and exclaimed "Well, HI, little one!!" I was like "what is with these people?" My mom said they loved us as kids, and Billy was drunk, so I assume that's why he missed my adult size body and swollen baby belly. I'll take it as a compliment...

We had supper at mom and dad's, and Anya was the guest of honor. She is super cute...we did pictures, so look for her on my photo journal later on today.

The wedding I shot on Saturday was awesome. The bride was gorgeous (think 20 something Catherine Zeta-Jones)and looked like she came out of a bridal magazine. They were really great sports and let me take them to the railroad tracks for some awesome shots. Ashley and Matt were there with her family, so it was great to see them to.

Jason is out of town until Thursday.

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Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

It was so great to see you on Saturday what a GREAT surprise. You look fabulous, and I can't wait to meet your new little guy! Kate sure was amazingly beautiful!

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