Last night, I was awakened by a very vigorous knock on my front door at 12:23a.m. Mind you, we really don't use our front door. Anyhow, I jumped up and then sort of forgot that I had heard someone knocking and was just going to pee and head back to bed. Another knock, which after I was awake scared the daylights out of me, and I'm running around my bedroom looking for something to throw on that would be presentable to our guests at this time of the morning. I finally decided to make Jason go to the door, but in the meantime we heard the knock again. I hollered "JUST A SECOND" and they said "okay" and waited for Jason to throw on something besides underwear and answer the door. I did get dressed because I figured they'd wrecked our mailbox or rolled their car into our yard, but by the time I got out there, they were on their way out. I suppose a million things could have gone through my mind....like the news of a family member hurt or dead, but what was going through my mind initially was that Misty was in labor and they decided to stop by and tell me rather than call. What the "situation" actually was was 2 Hispanic kids were taking a bike ride at 12a.m. and some people kept driving by and "yelling and throwing crap" at them. They wanted Jason to give them a ride home. He declined, saying the kids were asleep, which I'm sure they thought was dumb because they heard and probably seen me run out in my underwear....I thought they were at the garage door, but they were in the front, and since we keep a light on....After Jason told me the story, I started to feel really bad because these kids had a ways to go. Jason said they looked really freaked out, and when a car drove past, the were telling him "that's them, that's the car." I thought he should have offered to call their parents to come get them, but he of course didn't think of that. His problem solving skills aren't honed that early in the morning, I guess. I couldn't sleep, thinking that come this morning, I'd hear that the kids were the victim's of a hate crime and lying on the side of the road or something. While I really wouldn't have felt comfortable with Jason driving off into the night with 2 adolescent strangers in the middle of the night, I just wish we hadn't sent them back out to be yelled at and hurt. I even thought of calling the police and having them do a welfare check on the boys to make certain they were okay, but I figured they'd be home by the time the police got to them,(driving distance wasn't to far), or they'd get a fine on top of it for being out late. Now that it's all said and done, I feel awful because it could have been my son who was being hurt and someone could have turned him away. I hope they made it home safe and without anymore taunting, and I hope they're to scared to ride their bikes along a back country road in the middle of the night. I suppose hind sight is always 20/20 and we all make choices in the moment that weren't the best choice, and I guess it's not really even my fault. But I still think, what if it had been my child?

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Melissa said...

Amber, you would never let your child be out riding bike at midnight...so you don't have to worry about it being your child!! You're too good of a mommy....

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