On Break....

I forgot to post about the sling I bought on e-bay...it is a Karma baby sling that retails for $59.95. I got the bid at $16.50, and the shipping was $5. Not bad. To make the deal even sweeter, I paid for it on Sunday, and still haven't received it so I was beginning to wonder, but I got an e-mail from the seller who's wife was in the ICU all week, so he's sending it out today and refunding my shipping. Nice, since he could just say sorry and leave it at that. I just want it in time for convention because our doctor suggested that IF he's here and we go to convention, we should try not to pass him around so this will be his little cocoon:)
....man that list goes on and on and on and on.....anyway, I have been accomplishing a lot and am getting over heated and dizzy, so I figured I'd post quickly. I will, however, save you the boring details of what I've been doing and give you something(hopefully) entertaining.
Trae has been fascinated with my belly button lately. He play with it and says "baby, baby..." He seems to understand there's a baby in there. Case in point: He tries to give my belly button his nuk. He also tried to plug Jason's razor in there, so maybe not...!?:) He woke me up so sweetly by whacking me across the forehead with the vacuum cleaner attachment.(the hard plastic one that makes it longer)
I had planned on going to preps today, but have so much to get done and have been having hip pain and hot flashes, so I figured I'd better stick around home in case I need a nap:)
The adoption hearing went smoothly yesterday, and Nate, Marsha, & the girls made it to Georgia safely this morning. Congrats again to them, it's been a long wait...
Does anyone have a better solution to rust stains in the tub than CLR? It smells so nasty and probably isn't really good for the environment, but I tried a "green" tub cleaner and it didn't even touch it. Thanks:)...off to do that before the smell overtakes my entire house...



I did custom announcements as a gift for Misty & Casey and they turned out awesome! I plan to have this designer do my announcements as soon as he makes his debut...


Stolen from Alaina who stole from Hammer....

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Hammer's Jackpot Meme

You just won the mega powerball jackpot to the tune of 150 million dollars (after taxes)

1. What would be the very first thing you would do? Go in the bathroom and throw up.

2. Where would you choose to live? I would build my dream house with my dream studio somewhere beautiful and inspiring.

3. What kind of house would you live in? A bigger one than we have now with lots of storage space and a playroom.

4. What kind of car would you buy? An Escalade & a truck for Jason. Probably a fun car to, for date nights.

5. Where would you vacation? Italy would be # 1...but I'd love to travel all over if money wasn't an issue.

6. Would you have anything on your body fixed? I'd have all my muscles massaged into oblivion and laser eye surgery. Maybe laser hair removal so I didn't have to bother with tweezing/shaving.

7. What kind of hobbies would you engage in? I'd expand on photography big time and try anything that seemed interesting at least once for the experience. If I liked it, I'd keep it up. I'd also sign my kids up for things they'd want to try.

8. What charities would you donate to? Anything that called out to me....Children's Hospitals for sure.

9. Would you give money to your relatives? I'd pay off their houses if they owed on them and buy my parents something nice.

10.Would you run away from your current life? No.

11. Would you continue to work? Yes, but I'd have my own studio and I'd get my doula certification.

12. Would the money change you in any way? Obviously. It'd be a great feeling not to have to worry about money, but I would hope to be one of those rich people that you'd not know by their attitude that they're rich. Also, I could be more generous with my time if I could hire someone to do the cleaning and I could be more thoughtful and when I would see something that would be perfect for someone I'd be able to gift it to them, which I'd love. I love to get people things that make them happy. Hopefully, not in a negative way.

This N That

Brookelyn reminded me the other day that her birthday is coming up in "only 19 days!"
Me: "Do you have something in mind that you'd like for your birthday?"
Her: "Yes."
Me: "Well, what is it?"
Her: "Ummmm....a skate board."
Me: " A skateboard!"
Her: "yeah, a Barbie skate board."...and some stitches to go with it...!
Me: "Is there anything else you want?"
Her: " Yeah, a dog...a wittle one."

I can guarantee that she won't be getting either....Aaron, if you read this blog you DO NOT have my permission to buy Brookelyn a skateboard.....

Last night in meeting, we were sitting on the couch in front of a shelf with a bunch of eagle figurines and Trae was fake crying and pointing at them, getting his point across that he was afraid of them.

Tonight, we are heading to Sheboygan to meet up with Nate and Marsha, Steve and Pam, and my Mom and Dad and Brookelyn at a motel. The adoption hearing is tomorrow and we are going down to celebrate tonight, as they are headed to Georgia from the hearing. Mom and Dad are going to the museum in Milwaukee today instead of tomorrow and then staying at the hotel so Brookelyn can see her cousins and aunt and uncle before they go.

My gallbladder has been causing me a lot of excruciating pain. It started about a month ago pretty mild and is just getting worse. I am finding more and more reasons to really want this baby to come! I am trying not to complain, but the gallbladder along with my hips and back are killing me and making it hard to sleep so I am exhausted even though I "technically" slept for 9 hours.

The most exciting thing I have to post about:
I went to my doula's house that I had with Trae last night to do pictures of her Grandson and when I arrived I told her about my progress in the dilation and effacement department. She asked if I planned to have someone with me and I said only Jason. I then added that I'd love to have her, but I don't have the money to pay her. I wasn't hinting about her doing it free, with Trae we paid her gas money and got her a statue, but she loves doing it so much that if you can;t pay the $400 fee, she'll do it anyway. She said she'd love to be there, and I told her I didn't want to take advantage because I was really grateful to have her there with Trae and didn't feel like I could ask her again with out being able to pay her. Of course, she said she'd be honored and we left it at that. I did the shoot and then she wanted to pay me, which I wasn't having any of because I told her that I would be taking the pictures free because I owed her for Trae's birth anyway. She continued insisting, but of course I was not going to give her a price or accept payment. She finally said okay, but you better call me when you go in so I can be there for this baby. I am so relieved because she was so awesome (so was Jason) and I felt like she kept hm focused and I have been really afraid after seeing labor first hand a few weeks ago. So, I am so happy she'll be with us again.



Husband Tag

What is his name? Jason

How long did you date? 2 years 10 months to the day.

How long have you been married? 7 years, 1 month, 13 days.
Who eats more sweets? Him

Who said I love you first? Me

Who is taller? He is.
Who is a better singer? it's a matter of opinion I think.

Who is smarter? No comment

Who does the laundry? Mostly me, sometimes he'll throw a load in but rarely dries it and I try to get him to put it away, which sometimes happens.

Who pays the bills? I do.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Jason

Who mows the lawn? Jason

Who cooks dinner? Me (for the most part)

Who drives? Jason

Who is more stubborn? ME!!!

Who kissed who first? I kissed him first...
Who asked who out? I think I asked him something like "So, does this mean we're dating" after talking on the phone for about a week.

Who is more sensitive? Me

Who wears the pants? Me, but that's because he has the wrong personality type to take charge.

Now you are all tagged! Copy and paste it to your blog!


In case anyone cares....

I had my 36 1/2 week check-up.
1 1/2 cm dilated
50% effaced
The baby is engaged and my measurements haven't changed the last 2 appointments, so I am measuring at 34 weeks. The doctor isn't concerned and figures it's because he's engaged, and I don't doubt that with all the pressure I've been having. Seems he's on his way soon, ready or not. I ordered the new belly casting kit last night, so once that gets here and we get that done, and get some maternity pictures taken we'll be all set to go. Oh, and there's that list I've been working on, but that will be here no matter what.

For anyone interested: I had a few people wanting to go through my things before I have my garage sale and I have decided to take all my stuff to a consignment sale on the 4-5-6 of September. I hope that with all the traffic going through, I'll purge alot more:) Anyway, for those of you wanting to go through it before that, let me know and we can set up a time to do that. I have a lot of maternity and baby clothes, and if you need a specific size just let me know and I can have it all ready to go. It will be a huge weight lifted to be able to just drop off my stuff and pick it all back up, and then Mom and I are having a sale with the rest in October. If anyone is interested in putting stuff in the sale, let me know, they are looking for more consignors so I can forward the info in you need it. Thanks!


On my list of things never to do again....

Create a belly cast without putting Vaseline on first. I had to stand under the running shower to get it off, but it didn't soften up so it had to be puled off, ripping out nearly every hair with it. And the best part? We didn't have enough plaster, so we have to order a new kit and start all over, so the effort was all in vain. I am red, and feel like I've been sunburned.

The boy's helping Daddy

The boys helped Daddy clean out the van tonight. They had quite the operation going....Armour All, Windex, Carpet Cleaner, Vacuum,....they even unscrewed the plastic parts where the seats lock in to vacuum out all the junk and I washed them all down. I even washed the liner to Trae's carseat (along with the baby's) so we'll take a few weeks getting used to our new seating arrangement before the baby comes. Now if we can only keep it this way!
It was a long, tiring weekend....
I had to shoot the wedding, you know, the one where I had to meet the couple ahead of time to make sure I had a good personality and that they liked me, yeah that one. I arrived on time after driving around and around Neenah. I hate Google Maps, MapQuest is much better. Anyhow, when I scurried in on the verge of late (I was supposed to start shooting at 12:15, I arrived at 12:00)and met a Bridesmaid on my way in and asked (politely, of course) if the bride was here and where I could find her, she led the way, and when I greeted the bride, she was standing there in a slip. And that's it. Awkward, but I've got em' to, so she covered up and I stammered that I just wanted to let her know I was here, and she could come get me when she was ready. She was really friendly, as she was embarrassed that her Fiance' insisted on meeting me and was being a big bully to my employer about it...)she had no idea there was more than one photographer at our studio.) I did my usual thing, and there's not much else to note except that my groom had alcohol breath(he only had 3...) and everything went smooth.
But, at the reception, I had The Conversation. You know, the one about how I am producing to many kids? The only variation was that the conversation was with a lady who quite possibly could have been transgendered if her little Dumbo eared, opinionated, lisping children (one boy, one girl, how perfect!!) weren't spitting images of her, and she had huge, taxidermied breasts (which is why I thought maybe she was going through the sex change). She thought she was really something, you know the people who think they can get away with saying anything that comes to their mind? Oh, and apparently so can their kids. Her son added this little tidbit....after they asked if we were done and I said that was the plan, the little punk says:
"yeah, we can only hope" and his mom said "yeah,we can only hope..."and smiled sweetly at her (homely and buck toothed)boy.
As I was thinking to my self that I should have added that all our kids were planned, 2 additional guests joined our table. I had sat in their pew during the church ceremony, and the Dad remarked that I owed him 50 cents for each time I sat next to him, grand total $3.50...one of those guys that has rude humor and no one but him (and his daughter who was with him) thought he was funny. So they sat down, her next to me and him next to her. She laughed at everything anyone said, Bevis and Butthead style...
She asked (finally, I thought she never would!) if this was my first baby. NO, it's my 4th....and her gangly, gray haired, gray toothed, Dad says "ya ain't figered out what causes that yet?"
"Actually, ALL our kids were planned." Gasps from everyone at the table...
Him: " I had 4 and I ain't planned nuh-in."
Daughter: hhhh-hh-hhhh.....hhhh-hhhhh-hhh!

The only other event of the evening was when I hit my belly on the corner of the chair and started to have contractions immediately. I knew that if I went into labor there, #1, my employer would say I ruined her reputation because if we're sick we should never let on, our job is #1, yadayadayda, and #2, the groom had remarked to his fiance that he was afraid I'd go into labor at the wedding and she told him she didn't think so, so it'd have been on of those things where they'd want money off because I went into labor and it was emotionally stressful for them and they'd have to sue the studio or something stupid, again upsetting my employer. (even though, technically, my work was done and I was hanging out until dark to get a shot by a lighted bridge and it was extra so they didn't cancel when they found out Deb wasn't going to shoot their wedding.)
Oh, and apparently, the groom and I? We be jivin' cuz' I scored me a $40 tip, and their Maid of Honor wants to book me for her wedding next September. Oh, one more thing...he came and asked if they could get a picture with me because I was a part of their day also. I obliged, and then his brother (who was taking the picture) says, "Hey, do that belly shot you wanted." Both the bride and the groom bent down and laid their heads on my belly for a picture. Can we say awkward? So I guess we got on well....

2 mice expired this weekend...

Brookelyn is at Grandma and grandpa's this week...it's her turn to do the trip. They are at Bay Beach today, fishing tomorrow, zoo and shopping Wed, free day Thurs, and Museum in Milwaukee on Fri. They will be using Mom and Dad's as a base, so if she gets home sick, we can easily get her.


The Mice have Balls.

Last night, there was plenty of scurrying around, enough that I woke up several times...or maybe my bladder woke me and the mice kept me up? Anyway, we have a bajillion traps set and not one went off. I heard mice and running, but apparently they're to full yet from eating my flax seed neck wrap that they aren't in the mood to eat. Every time I do get up, I peek over the bed to make sure they aren't having a party at the side of my bed taunting and mocking me. When I stomp them to death they'll regret that...How do you get rid of mice, besides traps I mean. What if they're some new breed of genius mice and don't take the bait? And why, WHY is it that I HATE mice and I HATE snakes, and I have snakes outside my house every time I go outside, and mice inside my house keeping me up at all hours? Don't snakes typically eat mice? That's what I thought....I'm going to find some tom cats and hopefully that will take care of the mice outside before they sneak in. How do mice get in anyway? It's not like we make a habit of leaving our doors open, and I think our house should be sealed up pretty tight as it's only 2 years old...the pipe for the dryer maybe? I don't know, but I'm really distraught to have mice inhabiting my space, makes me so un-Zen. If I can just get rid of the stupid things, my stress level would plummet, whoosh, right down.

***A trap went off, but since my husband put them out, I can't find it. I did, however, observe that 4 traps have the peanut butter licked off, but are still set. Any suggestions? I am desperate....there is only a small pea-size amount, is that enough?


Don't worry, I'm in recovery now....

I am in recovery, I suffered a very mild heart attack just 30 minutes ago. Nesting has set in and so I decided to go through my closet and get rid of a bunch of Jason's things to make more room for mine:) As I cleared the floor of all my shoes (most of them I haven't worn for roughly 8 months) I noticed millions of mouse turds all over the floor. As I continued clearing everything off the floor, I realized what was producing all those turds...my $25 aromatherapy neck wrap. So I got to work vacuuming all the flax seed off the floor, which, incidentally makes my vacuum smell nice. Next, I started going through all my clothes. I did all the shelves and then began working on the hanging clothes. Apparently, there was a mouse (a baby, which means 10 brothers and sisters and a Mom and Dad are around here somewhere...) hanging out in one of my dresses because the little puke jumped down, squeaked, and ran around the wall of the closet dropping more turds on my freshly vacuumed floor. Of course, because I had the vacuum and all the shoes piled right outside the door, I had no where to run and I'm thinking climbing the shelves is out at this stage of my pregnancy. So, I panicked and hopped around on one foot, trying to grab the broom, which I did eventually get but then decided I wasn't in the mood to murder a mouse. Besides, it would only give me heartburn...my heart is still pounding, but I have a new plan. I am going to load all the kids in the van and take a trip to Walmart for a million traps that will be set in the closet until Jason gets home and can protect me from the mice, and empty the traps if need be. You'd never know there was a day when I'd die to play with the stupid things, I even caught a Gopher with my bare hands once, which, of course bit me....the neighbor boys stoned in to death (my heroes;)and we kept it in our freezer for years.

On a side note: I am not crazy like my husband seemed to think when I told him we had mice, and they were keeping me awake with their chatter at night! He looked at me like I was smoking something, and so I said "unless I dreamed it...but I'm pretty sure..." My Dad asked how they'd get in, again doubting my story. Well, when I drop all my dead mice on his doorstep, he'll believe me!


(on the verge of...) 36 weeks

Excuse the stupid expression...!!


The sling I want....

The bag I've been drooling over to match...

This is what a finished belly cast looks like...I'll probably paint my own.



Yesterday when Trae woke up from his nap, I layed on the bed by him so we could cuddle. He had his arms wrapped around my neck, and I was looking directly into his eyes, and he in mine. I smiled and kissed his nose, and then started to read a book. He'd lay there for a minute, and then grab my chin and turn it so I was looking into his eyes again, then smile and push his forhead to mine and turn my head away towards the book again. Eventually he went and got my comb and combed my hair for a while. Super sweet. I love when he does things like that.



...Elliot changed the roll of toilet paper!! He even put in ON the roll, instead of on top! I was just wondering this morning if the kids were old enough yet to put their dish in the sink and their dirty clothes in the laundry with out being told EVERY TIME, and then he changes the roll. His dad doesn't even do that.

Speaking of Dad, he will be home tonight, which is great because I was wondering how I was going to make it until Thursday with all 3 kids by myself and have meeting here tomorrow.....

The kids are napping way late today, as I had a chiro appointment and picked up the remaining school supplies for Elliot. Considering Trae was put in bed 4 times and back up again, and then I was up EVERY HOUR to pee, then Trae fell off the bed after I went out to the couch because my back was spazing out, and then it got all crowded with both him and my belly so I got up at 4:30am, I figure I'll nap along with them!


A tribute to my children

Let Me Hold You Longer
By: Karen Kingsbury

"Long ago you came to me, a miracle of firsts:
First smiles and teeth and baby steps, a sunbeam on the burst.
But one day you will move away and leave to me your past,
And I will be left thinking of a lifetime of your lasts.
The last time that I held a bottle to your baby lips.
The last time that I lifted you and held you on my hip.
The last time when you woke up crying needing to walked.
When last you crawled up with your blanket, wanting to be rocked.
The last time that you ran to me still small enough to hold,
The last time when you said you'd marry me when you grew old.
Precious, simple moments and bright flashes from the past -
Would I have held you longer if I'd known they were the last?
Our last adventure to the park, your final midday nap,
The last time when you wore your favorite faded baseball cap.
Your last few hours of kindergarten, last days of first grade,
Your last at bat in Little League, last colored picture made.
I never said goodbye to all your yesterdays long past.
So what about tomorrow -- will I recognize your lasts?
The last time that you catch a frog in that old backyard pond.
The last time that you run barefoot across our fresh-cut lawn.
Silly, scattered images will represent your past.
I keep on taking pictures, never quite sure of your lasts...
The last time that I comb your hair or stop a pillow fight.
The last that I pray with you and tuck you in at night.
The last time that we cuddle with a book, just me and you.
The last time you jump in our bed and sleep between us two.
The last piano lesson, last vacation to the lake.
Your last few weeks of middle school, last soccer goal you make.
I look ahead and dream of days that haven't come to pass.
But as I do, I sometimes miss today's sweet, precious lasts...
The last time that I help you with a math or spelling test.
The last when I should that yes, your room is still a mess.
The last time that you need me for a ride from here to there.
The last time that you spend the night with your old tattered bear.
My life keeps moving faster, stealing precious days that pass.
I want to hold on longer -- want to recognize your lasts...
The last time that you need my help with details of a dance.
The last time that you ask me for advice about romance.
The last time that you talk to me about your hopes and dreams.
The last time that you wear a jersey for your high school team.
I've watched you grow and barely noticed seasons as they pass.
If I could freeze the hands of time, I'd hold on to your lasts.
For come some bright fall morning you'll be going far away.
College life will beckon in a brilliant sort of way.
One last hug, one last good-bye, one quick and hurried kiss.
One last time to understand just how much you will be missed.
I'll watch you leave and think how fast our times together passed.
Let me hold on longer God, to every precious last.

I have been a little sad lately, thinking that soon, Trae will no longer be my baby, and soon, Elliot will be a 1st grader, and soon Brookelyn will quit asking me to tuck her in, and soon I'll meet my last baby. I keep trying to avoid this train of thought because I don't want to imagine my kids all grown up and not needing me. When I mention to people that this is going to be so hard having my last baby, I've had a few comments like why, after 4 kids would you be sad? It's not that I want a dozen, 4 is plenty to support and give attention and nurture. It's just that I am anticipating that last time I'll feel a new life move within me, or the last time I'll birth a baby and meet him for the first time. The last time I nurse my baby to sustain him, and the last 1st birthday party. All the baby gear will need to be sold, the clothes can be gone through and gotten rid of, and we'll never hold a tiny baby that belongs to us.

When I was expecting Trae, we had talked about him possibly being our last baby. I made sure I held on to every moment and tried to ingrain it in my heart all the feelings of him moving and how I felt watching him sleep, and wished I could bottle his smell. I nursed him for 14 months, way longer than my other two. I know I should have let him cry himself to sleep in his own bed, instead of pulling him in by me and cuddling him and letting him remain there. But then I'd think that this might be the last baby that would want to sleep with me and run his fingers through my hair and sigh in my ear. Of course, he did everything earlier than my other 2, just to stress the point in my head, that this could be our last baby and how fast he was growing up.

By the time that we decided we wanted the 4 children we always talked about, I was already (unknowingly) expecting. A lot of the fear that I had about having troubles conceiving again were put to rest when I got pregnant without even trying. I had a hard time thinking about getting pregnant again because I was so afraid of it taking so long again, or worse, losing another baby. Now, though, this is it. We have the family we've always dreamed of. I just can't seem to get past that "last" feeling of dread. I am fine with the 4 kid thing, just not fine with never experiencing this feeling of happiness at the prospect of our impending arrival and all those overwhelming feeling that go with each new first. All the moments that take your breath away as you watch them grow. I wouldn't change a thing, but it's still hard to think that I'll never have a tiny daughter to hold. Not that I wanted a boy, because I think he'll fit in just perfectly and was perfect for our family. It's just the thought of Brookelyn never having a sister to share secrets with and talk about boys. I had all that. What I didn't have were brothers who could protect me and bring their friends over so I could ogle them. So I know that she'll survive, it's just that she'll not experience that bond that you can have with a sister.

A tribute to my children:

Elliot, you are my outdoors man. You love to do everything daddy does. You can even exaggerate the size of a fish as good as he does. You can name lures by name and talk about gun models I have no idea about. You are protective of your sister with other kids, but competitive with her when it comes to attention from me and mostly, dad. You are about to start 1st grade, and can hardly wait! You have so many friends and know so many people by name...I think you get that from me, remembering people's names well. You are getting so tall and I can barely pick you up. I never imagined you'd grow this fast and that your life would change our lives so dramatically. The moment is knew I was carrying you, I loved you. You gave us all our "first" experiences with being parents. Everything you did was cute and every time you were sick, I rushed you in to make sure you would be okay. The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew I was meant to be a mother. If that was the only thing in life I ever did, that would be okay with me. I love you Bud, and even though you're big and you know better and sometimes make mistakes, I'm still so proud of you. You have so much energy and are always up for anything. You (almost) always have a smile. You are growing into a little man, and as hard as it is to watch, it's exciting to see you mature and turn into daddy. I think you are the last to get my attention, and I'm sorry about that...it's just that you are the most independant and can do things for yourself easier than the other kids. Remember you are my guy, and I love you so much, always.

Brookelyn, my tiny, tiny, girl. I just knew you'd be a girl, even though you were stubborn and wouldn't let us get a peek before you were born. You had so much hair, and added so much to our perfect family. (perfect as in perfect for us, not that we are perfect) You were much harder to please than your brother, and you never seemed to need us as much as him. You had jaundice really bad when you were born, then you were diagnosed with asthma, then you had Alopecia. We've had so many worries with your health, and you were never any worse for the wear. You trail your big brother everywhere, and when he's not around you trail your little brother everywhere. People comment all the time on how you look out for you brothers, especially Trae. You always keep him out of harm's way, and if there's a treat being handed out, you make sure that you get enough for them to. You are my little helper when your big brother's away. People always said you looked so much like me. Grandpa always says you act so much like me. You like all things girly, but you're tough. You like your Independence and you'll never let people push you around. You are shy when you don't know someone, but talk their head off once you've gotten to know them a little. I was your favorite until you discovered grandma, but you always say "you and grandma are my favorite." When Trae was born, you decided that if you talked to us, you'd only talk in a whisper. I guess you really wanted us to pay attention, but we were so worried about you, but you were just being you. You've always said things that are way beyond your ears and you always want mom to tuck you in. I think you'll be okay without a sister. I think your brothers need brothers more than you need a sister. I am looking forward to shopping trips with just the 2 of us, and I'm glad that you'll always be my little girl. I think you'll love being the only girl and having dad and I all to yourself when the boys are out fishing or shooting hoops. I love you, Brooka. You make me smile everyday.

Mr. Traeman, what can I say about you? You want to be a big boy, and you want to be the baby. You are so darn cute, and you talk so well. You surprise me everyday with the new things you do and say. When it comes to daddy, you always want to be like the "big guys" and go fishing and "help" with moving heavy things and running the drill. But when mommy's around, you are content to sit in my lap and rock, fingering through my hair. Recently, you rediscovered your Nuk. At first, I didn't want to let you have it, and dad definitely didn't. But you sleep so well with it and it keeps you quiet in church. One day I realized that when you gave it up at 9 months, it was your choice. When you reunited with it again last week, it was like you picked up where you left off with an old friend. I also figured that at 18 months, you are still a baby, and that if the Nuk made you happy, I would let you have it. I think a lot of it is that I know you LOVE being the baby, and for a few short weeks, you will be the baby. But after that, you'll have to move over and allow some room for your new brother. I know you'd have been a great last baby, but you'll love your brother and you guys will be best friends. You are our little copycat. You love to play with you brother and sister, but you check in frequently with mommy for a snuggle. I love you so much, little man. Everyday I can see you growing and learning. You teach me so much about the little joys in life. We waited so long for you, and you are so worth the wait.

Tiny baby boy, I am so excited to meet you. I just know that you are going to be beautiful, more than we could ever imagine. You will have a hard job keeping up with your brother's and sister. We are having a hard time coming up with your name...I think we'll have to wait and see you to find the perfect name. I'll probably hold you to much, and try to keep you a baby as long as possible. Probably to the point of annoying and embarrassing you. I'll try not to, but you have a hard job, being mommy's last "baby." I know that we are going to adore you. Brookelyn will be like your second mommy, Trae will be you partner in crime, and Elliot will be your "cool" older brother. You'll want to be just like him, even though he'll give you noogies and tease you about girls. He'll teach you and Trae to fish and hunt, and share all his best spots with you. We can hardly wait to meet you, little man, so come see us soon. I love you to the moon and back.

With each last, there is a new first, so I know that once the baby stages are over, the next exciting thing will come. I am so glad to be your mommy and watch you guys grow. I know sometimes I can get off track and dwell to much on the house being clean and quiet, but I love you guys no matter what and I'm so proud of who you've become. Keep remembering to tell me you love me, and keep the hugs and kisses coming...I could never get enough. xoxoxoxoxxo...Mommy.


Yesterday was my family reunion. It's held at a park in town, and we try to make it every year. This year, it was really hot and really muggy. As the years pass, I am recognizing less and less people. I did get a pat on the cheek from my (40year old) cousin, Jerry and my other (45+) cousin Billy came up and grabbed my shoulder and exclaimed "Well, HI, little one!!" I was like "what is with these people?" My mom said they loved us as kids, and Billy was drunk, so I assume that's why he missed my adult size body and swollen baby belly. I'll take it as a compliment...

We had supper at mom and dad's, and Anya was the guest of honor. She is super cute...we did pictures, so look for her on my photo journal later on today.

The wedding I shot on Saturday was awesome. The bride was gorgeous (think 20 something Catherine Zeta-Jones)and looked like she came out of a bridal magazine. They were really great sports and let me take them to the railroad tracks for some awesome shots. Ashley and Matt were there with her family, so it was great to see them to.

Jason is out of town until Thursday.



* Brookelyn is quite the negotiator.....Elliot broke her watch yesterday(on purpose)so I told him he needs to buy her a new one. He was glad to do it too, he got his money out about 3pm yesterday and has been begging to go to Walmart since. Anyway, this morning they were eating breakfast and he told Brookelyn that Dad was taking him to Walmart to get her a watch. She said she wanted to come, and he said "well, don't you want it to be a surprise? Like, if I have enough, maybe I could get you a toy or something." She fired back " Elliot, I don't want a surprise, I just want a watch!" He says "what about a camera or some chapstick?" "Only a watch and some chapstick...but I wanna pick it out." Of course, he has $30 and wants to spend it all, so he thinks he's going to buy her all three, but I told him he only needs to buy her a watch.

* I found a post on Craigslist last night and this lady is trying to establish a business doing belly casts for pregnant women. Misty and Casey gave us some leftover casting material, so we were going to do it ourselves, but since I'll never be pregnant again, we figured we could leave it to an expert since we have the oppurtunity.....I don't know why it struck me as SO funny, but this is how our conversation went:

ME: Hey, there's a lady on here who wants models for belly casts...I should do it.

HIM: Well, you have to drive all the way to Sheboygan...

ME: Yeah, but it'd be really cool, and maybe it's plaster...

HIM: As long it's not some psycho.

ME: It's a lady, I'm sure Mindy is not a man...(stereotypical, I know...I just don't find women to be much of a threat...safety wise, I mean.)

HIM: Well, you don't know, she could be some weirdo...

ME: She has a business, it's Mindy's Art Studio...

HIM: Yeah, or she some freak who wants a baby and hacks you up when you get there and steals the baby...

ME: Laughing hysterically.....only because I never thought of that and never expected it to come out of his mouth. I figured that the "freak" idea was to cover up his protest of spending gas money to get there.

ME: Well, if we make it a date and you go along, can I?

HIM: That'd be better.

I haven't heard from her yet, but the process entails her plastering me from my neck to my bikini line, so I'm sure he'll survive.

*Another wedding today...in New London, whoohoo!!



I loaded up the kids and went garage saleing (hey Amanda...how do you spell that? Spell check suggests sailing which is obviously wrong, or is it not a word?) this morning. I can't sleep much past 5:30-6 because my back goes into spasms...I found a Kirby Vacuum that i originally thought was $10, but ended up being $40. This lady was selling it for her daughter, and said " that's a great deal you know, what do they sell for new like, $8-9,000.00" (yes, thousand) I corrected her and said my friend just bought one for around $1,200. I plan on vacuuming later just to make sure it works. I was on a mission to find a vacuum with the attachment for hardwood floors, so if it works it will really rock the house! I found a board jacket for Trae for this winter for $5, daddy should be proud, and a few things for the new baby. I found Elliot 8 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and a backpack....all for $8! Not that I mind paying more, I paid $2-3 each for the outfits for the baby, it's just really awesome when people sell it dirt cheap. For what I pay for my clothes, if I can't sell them for a decent price, I'll take them to a consignment sale. Grandma Pam scored some really nice stuff on sale at Younkers, so between that and these things, Elliot's all set for school.
I picked up his list for school, and I am irritated because in 1st grade, all the supplies are communal, so the things I buy will be used by everyone and nothing gets marked. Seems unfair when I'm sure some kids parents won't get them the same quality items. Oh well, it must work out or they wouldn't do it that way. There are some things on his list, for instance, sharpie markers and dry erase markers that I think the price of school fees should cover. Oh, we also need to buy ziplock bags and kleenex. Last year, each kid had to bring in snacks and juice for an entire week, twice. I love the school, it's small and they know the kids by name (and my voice when I call) but it's expensive. Much like everything in life I suppose.
Oh, and I almost forgot....the farm down the road is selling calves for free! I told the kids we can't have a cow because we don;t have a barn. Elliot said that we can just build one and when I said that barns cost a lot of money, Brookleyn suggested we put Treasyn's old dog bed in the laundry room, and the calf could sleep on that!
***update: The Kirby works!!!...off for a nap:)


More Anya

Misty did awesome, like, really really awesome. On the baby, during labor...

Hmmm...I think he likes her!

Uncle Jason

Look at her compared to my hand.

I'm thinking Elliot will be proud when his new brother comes...

I love this girl.

A few pics of the neices...

Two peas in a Pod...

Marsha stopped by with the girls breifly to pick up Kimber. They are getting so big and on their way to crawling. We are going to miss them when they move to Georgia in a few weeks.

I loved this one of Olive...

...and this one of Ana, so I posted both.

Runny Poop:}

This morning I took a shower. Trae takes one with me since I can't get one in without him because he finds all sorts of things to get into and/or stands outside the door whining. We have a walk in shower, so he'll walk in with clothes on if he has to....NOTE: I promise that if he starts getting weird in there, I'll figure something else out.....anyway, we undressed and I got in and began washing my hair. He pretty much walks in and out during the shower and plays in the bathroom and stuff while I do my thing. Today, I noticed he stopped playing and looked down at his thingy, then at the floor and back to his thingy, and I assumed he'd peed, (we have a tile floor for easy clean up!!) and since I didn't have my contacts in, I couldn't actually see. He decided to come in the shower, and as he stepped on the rug, left little poop marks on it. Just as I asked him if he pooped, the steam from the shower brought the smell up to my nostrils and I didn't even have a chance to brace myself. Yes indeed, he pooped. I finished my routine, and then decided to tackle Trae. I looked at his butt the best I could without contacts, which isn't saying much, to make sure all the pop was off and then put a ton of baby wash in my hand and started scrubbing. Since I figured the poop was long since washed down the drain, I ran my hand up his crack to get it squeaky clean. I discovered A, that it wasn't even close to being clean, and B, that my son ate something the consistency of sand recently. Oh yeah, it was GROSS!! And, I have a thing about getting things on my hands, such as onion, or paint, or you know....poop! I made it though, and yes I smelled them and no, they don't stink. Trae was really unscathed by the whole thing. He just made boat noises and sang while I wiped the poop from his crack with my bare hands. I ran out to the living room to grab the wipes for easy clean-up of the floor, and when I came back he's standing naked over the trail of turds (runny now because he peed on them) pointing and talking like "did you see that someone pooped here mom?" I was tempted to take pictures of the little foot prints, but since they were runny turd footprints, I passed.


Anya bug....

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time...Anya is doing great and man is she cute. Check out the dimple, she looks so much like her mommy.


Anya Lee 8/11/08

Anya arrived @ 8:09p.m. weighing in at 8 lbs. 7.8 0z and was 20 1/4 inches long. She is a little cutie and we love her already. Misty did an awesome job, and Casey was a great coach. Congratulations on your new little family!


I've been up every hour, almost exactly on the hour all night long!! So chipper this morning in light of the fact that I will be welcoming another niece (better come out a girl,that's all I gotta say!) today. Since she's continued hiding out in her mom's tummy, we're forcing her out.....more details after....

But that brings me to my next point: I ran to Walmart last night to grab milk and a few other things. When I got to the checkout, I wasn't paying attention and got into the line of my least favorite teller. I usually wouldn't say anything if I couldn't say nothin' nice, but she is a huge dork, and says huge dork things to me all the time. She has rabbit teeth too...anyway, when I had Elliot, they didn't let me eat all day long. My water broke at 12am, and by the time they got my contractions started and all that jazz it was 10am. I had Elliot at 4:53p.m. They wouldn't let me eat that WHOLE time. (for those computing, that's like 17-ish hours) So afterwards, my dear sister (Misty, the one having the baby today) went somewhere to get me food. The only things I remember out of the loot was a King Size Snickers. It was delicious, and I ate the whole thing even though my nurse made some comment about eating something "healthy." Back to Walmart nerd lady....so, as I'm standing there waiting my turn, I spot....Snickers candy bars. Standard size,for 64 cents each. I decide to grab 2, 1 for me and 1 for Misty if she wanted it after the baby is born, to return the favor. The teller starts ringing up my stuff and I just know she's going to say something really dumb, she always does. She rings up my candy, and asks if I want one of the candy bars left out. I tell her actually she can keep them both out. In my mind, if figure that way I'll throw them in my purse and won't forget to bring them up to the hospital. She says "one for you, one for the baby right??!!!"....keeps it simple that way!!!" I guess since I can't describe to you how much it irritates me when people comment on what I eat and how much, I'll not elaborate on what went through my mind. But, I will tell you this: Just because a pregnant lady buys 2 candy bars at a time, it doesn't mean she's dying to snarf them both down the minute she gets into the parking lot. It's not like we eat all the groceries we buy on the way home from Piggly Wiggly. We (or at least I) don't use it as an excuse to "eat for two." And like it's really any ones business, let alone a teller at Walmart, what I buy-how much-how many seconds it takes for me to inhale it-the fact that I DON'T SHARE-etc.etc...and for anyone assuming this is hormones talking, I'll be honest and say it irritates me when I'm not pregnant to. This lady, I try to avoid her. I don't know, maybe she sees me coming and switches lines? I actually thought about switching back to my original line with the longer wait as soon as she spotted me and said "Hi." But, ya know, I just didn't want to be rude.


Warning: Material may not be appealing to people who are not in the mood for a rant. Reader discretion is advised!

So, in light of the fact that I've had the following conversation the past 3 weeks while shooting a wedding, it's started to really irritate me and I need to sound off about it.

Last night as I sat eating my char grilled London broil with potatoes and carrots, the lady across from me decided to strike up a conversation with me. I guess she felt entitled to my life story, even though she didn't share any of her own....she did mention that her husband had a very painful vasectomy, but that was part of a totally different conversation. Anyway, it started off like it always does:

Her: So, when;s your baby due?

Me: 6 weeks

Her: Wow, getting close...is it your first?

Me: No, it's my 4th.

Her: Wow, really?? You don't look old enough to have 4 children!!

Me: Well, I am....as you can see, I prompted her to continue with the 3rd degree.

Her: So, do you have boys or girls...?

Me: I have 2 boys and a girl.

Her: Really. SO, do you know what you're having this time?

Me: A little boy.

Her: WOW! You'll be busy....you already are!!

Me: Yeah, I am.

Her: So, you done after this?

Me: Well, that's the plan.

At this point, she catches on that I'm not really interested in this conversation anymore and awkward silence ensues. What I'd love to continue with, and could actually get away with considering my hormones is to elaborate. It'd go something like this:

Me: You know, it's not really any of your business to know all the details, but since I can see that you are hinting for them regardless of your right to know intimate details of my life, this is how the story goes. I got married over 7 years ago, and my husband and I got pregnant with our first son on purpose AND he was conceived in wedlock, which I anticipate was going to be your next invasive question. We decided soon after that we wanted a 2nd child, who was conceived with the same man that I was still married to. We were good in the kid department for awhile, but after about 2 years, found ourselves wanting yet another baby. We tried and tried to get pregnant, and after a year of trying, we finally did it! We lost that baby...how you ask?? Well, it was ectopic, attached to my right ovary and it was very painful and very hard and very sad. When she pries on asking more questions, I'd say: Well no, I didn't lose my tube, thanks for asking, and the reason for the ectopic is really unknown, however I did have stage 3 endometriosis that was removed along with my baby during emergency surgery to prevent me from bleeding to death internally. I was 6 weeks along, since you must know, and no we didn't know if it was a boy or girl. You're right, it was really hard and yeah, now that you mention it the toughest thing I've ever had to go through. Oh, you want to know where the 3rd baby came in now? NO problem!! We tried again after everything was all healed and got pregnant again after about 4 months. After worrying over every little twinge for an entire 9 months, I delivered a healthy baby boy. Really, you need details on my deliveries? NO problem....they were short and sweet. 7 hours/2pushes...4hours/no pushes, baby slid out....4 hours/baby slid out again. Names? Okay. Elliot, age 6. Brookelyn, age 4 3/4....Trae age 19 months. No name for this baby yet, we're back to the drawing board again. He was planned on, but conceived about 3 months earlier than planned, It's worked out fine though, it's not like we were all done and then had irresponsible sex that messed up our lives. What's that? Oh, yeah...all the kids have the same dad and yes we are still happily married. He does hardwood floors....we have a ranch style house, live in the country, no animals, a van and a Jetta, Humana insurance, I have 4 sisters, he has 2 brothers and a sister, yes, the PMS in our house was atrocious, my dad is actually still sane though, and yes, I shoot a lot of weddings. I know, right, some people ask such nosy things....anything else you need to know before I go? What's that? Right hand, I wipe with my right hand.....
Yeah, nice talking, getting to know one another.


I actually really didn't like Pocahontas...

You Are Pocahantas!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Free-spirited and wise. You have a strong passionate spirit that touches and changes all who know you. The wisdom and common sense that you have is really what guides you through life. Even so, you also have a very playful side that loves adventure and excitement.

Which Disney Princess Are You?


The Paine

I am so excited....I just checked out the location for my shoot tomorrow. I'll be at the Paine Art Center in Oshkosh. Here is the link to their site...
http://www.thepaine.org/ It will be such an awesome place to shoot, and to top it all off, the reception is at the Paper Valley, another awesome place for some great shots. They have a courtyard that is gorgeous and I can't wait. it should be good, AS LONG AS Anya doesn't decide to come tomorrow. It seems like she enjoys her mommy's tummy. If she doesn't arrive on her own by Monday, they are going to force her out!! j/k...but Misty will be induced and we'll finally get to meet her.
On a side note: Jason is bringing home some pre-finished (gasp!!) flooring that they tore out, and we plan to put it in the boys' room. Of course, it's not meant to be permanent, but anything is better than plywood at this point. It will be really nice to have that done before the little boy child's arrival. I know that it hurts for Jason to put laminate flooring in house being a "real" hardwood guy, but it will do until we have the bucks for something else.

****I realize the link isn't working, and in light of the fact that very few of you probably even care, just google it if you're interested!
Last night, I was awakened by a very vigorous knock on my front door at 12:23a.m. Mind you, we really don't use our front door. Anyhow, I jumped up and then sort of forgot that I had heard someone knocking and was just going to pee and head back to bed. Another knock, which after I was awake scared the daylights out of me, and I'm running around my bedroom looking for something to throw on that would be presentable to our guests at this time of the morning. I finally decided to make Jason go to the door, but in the meantime we heard the knock again. I hollered "JUST A SECOND" and they said "okay" and waited for Jason to throw on something besides underwear and answer the door. I did get dressed because I figured they'd wrecked our mailbox or rolled their car into our yard, but by the time I got out there, they were on their way out. I suppose a million things could have gone through my mind....like the news of a family member hurt or dead, but what was going through my mind initially was that Misty was in labor and they decided to stop by and tell me rather than call. What the "situation" actually was was 2 Hispanic kids were taking a bike ride at 12a.m. and some people kept driving by and "yelling and throwing crap" at them. They wanted Jason to give them a ride home. He declined, saying the kids were asleep, which I'm sure they thought was dumb because they heard and probably seen me run out in my underwear....I thought they were at the garage door, but they were in the front, and since we keep a light on....After Jason told me the story, I started to feel really bad because these kids had a ways to go. Jason said they looked really freaked out, and when a car drove past, the were telling him "that's them, that's the car." I thought he should have offered to call their parents to come get them, but he of course didn't think of that. His problem solving skills aren't honed that early in the morning, I guess. I couldn't sleep, thinking that come this morning, I'd hear that the kids were the victim's of a hate crime and lying on the side of the road or something. While I really wouldn't have felt comfortable with Jason driving off into the night with 2 adolescent strangers in the middle of the night, I just wish we hadn't sent them back out to be yelled at and hurt. I even thought of calling the police and having them do a welfare check on the boys to make certain they were okay, but I figured they'd be home by the time the police got to them,(driving distance wasn't to far), or they'd get a fine on top of it for being out late. Now that it's all said and done, I feel awful because it could have been my son who was being hurt and someone could have turned him away. I hope they made it home safe and without anymore taunting, and I hope they're to scared to ride their bikes along a back country road in the middle of the night. I suppose hind sight is always 20/20 and we all make choices in the moment that weren't the best choice, and I guess it's not really even my fault. But I still think, what if it had been my child?


I took the kids into the doctor tonight. Elliot had been complaining all day about being dizzy, and he was running a temp. At about 3pm, he said his head and throat hurt. I looked at his throat and it was RED! Brookelyn's was also, but not quite as bad. She hadn't complained about anything, except that she wanted the air turned off because she was cold. Elliot also voted that the air be turned off, but I decided that they could wrap up in a blanket:) Anyways, into the doctor we went. Elliot's temp was 102, Brookelyn's was 100.6, Trae's was normal. He's been running a fever on and off for 3 days, but there's no pattern to it. They did strep cultures on the older two, which came back negative. Apparently it's just a virus, and usually lasts 2-3 days...Trae must have something else going on because his has lasted 3 days already. He isn't sleeping and wants to be held 24/7. I did manage to sweep and do a few loads of laundry today. I also got a nap for the 3rd day in a row! This to shall pass....I saw a saying today that I really liked: Remember the little things in life, for someday you'll realize they really were the big things. I think I may order the letters from UpperCase Living and put it on my wall.
I bought some things for the baby tonight. We don't need much, but I picked up some Nuk's and a package of diapers. I'm getting anxious to get the clothes washed up and everything all set for his arrival. I can't beleive it's only 6 weeks away, and I think we've almost settled on his name. Of course, we can't share it.

Mr. Trae is cute....

Unfortunately, I can't get anything done when he's doing it. I guess it's worth mentioning that my boys haven't really been feeling well, so all the kids (and I) slept until 9. Since then, all he wants to do is sit on my lap and rock. If I ask him if he wants to play with the kids, he shakes his head no and cuddles closer:) I did manage to sweep, and he followed me around stepping on my broom and dragging his feet through my dirt pile. He has made good friends with the Nuk he found, but daddy thinks it's a bad idea to let him have it. He sleeps really well with it, which would mean I could sleep better, so I'd really like to be able to let him have it at night. We went to bed about 10pm last night and slept until 9, but it's no exaggeration that I was up probably 12 times. Between going to the bathroom, getting up with Trae, and Elliot was up once with a pain in his leg and fever, even though I'm technically sleeping 11 hours, I am exhausted in the a.m. I'm hoping this gets better before the baby comes so I can catch up...

New words: Frisbee, sucker (guck-er), juice

****I took the kids outside to play on the swings. Trae has one of those airplane swings and I put my chair near it so I could read my magazine and push at the same time. When he needed another push, he'd slap the front of the plane, and apparently I'm the only good pusher around here because he threw a fit when the kids pushed him. It didn't last long because it is REALLY hot out. I'm thinking lunch and a nap!


Survey.....stolen from Tanya.

1) Name something you have in common with all of your siblings.
Blue eyes and female parts:0)

2) Do you fold your underwear?
No, I lay them flat

3) Do you like to drink the juice out of freeze pops?

4) Who is the last person you wrote a letter to on paper?
Jason...it was more like a to do list...

5) What was your first job?
Telemarketing...I know, I know. But it was my livelihood...if we didn't set leads for my dad's window business, I may have missed a meal!

6) Aside from Driver's Ed, who really taught you how to drive?
My Dad

7) What's the one thing you love/miss about your Grandma's cooking?
I love my grandma's beans...I think grandpa helps out to.

8) What color is your favorite hoodie?

9) Who was like your second Mom or second Dad?
I didn't have 2nd's...

10) Name a sound that disturbs you?
Knives on a ceramic plate, the toilet running, the beep that oour water softener makes when it's out of salt, smacking....um, I have a problem here. Noise in general bothers me...

11) What's your typical ice cream order at Dairy Queen?
Oreo Blizzard or Turtle Sundae

12) What comes to mind when I say cabbage?
Flannegan's. It is the biggest sauerkraut factory under one roof (or at least it was when I was growing up) and it was really close to my house so it reaked in the summer.

13) What did you do today?
dishes, vacuuming, cleaned the stove, washed2 loads of laundry, folded 4 loads of laundry, put laundry away, made lunch, cleaned up lunch, took a nap, swept, talked on the phone, blog hopped, and this survey.

14.) What did you do last night?
Mom and Dad came over for awhile and we were in bed by 9.

15) Do you have a cell-phone?

16) Are you emotional?
Am I female? A lot more so lately.

18) Name a song that makes you happy?
Don't wanna miss a thing
Lean on Me

19) Do you use chap stick?
Yes, but not as obsessively as my sister.

20) If you were in an emergency situation and you had to deliver a
baby, could you?

21) What was the most recent thing you bought?

22) What is on your refrigerator door?
Nothing, we have stainless steel, so nothing sticks to it. Unless you use tape, and then that sticks and is really irritating to get off, so we don't do that anymore.

23) Name something you have to do tomorrow?
clean my room

24) What was the last movie you watched?
I don't even remember

25) Do any of your friends have children?

26) Do you prefer regular or chocolate milk?

27.) When was the last time you went to starbucks?
It's been a long time....it's not worth the money to me.

28) Can you whistle?

29) Do you have a trampoline at your house?

30) What movie do you know every line to?
I don't, I really don't like to re-watch the same movie that many times.

32) Do you know how to do a cart-wheel?
1/2...it's more like a cart-flop.

33) Do you maintain any friendships originating from elementary
Not really, from 8th grade on.

34) What are you wearing?
VS lounge pants and a tank.

35) What was the last thing you ate?
A Pop tart

36) Do you take pills of any sort?
Vitamins...anything else is on a desperate basis.

37) When was the last time you did the dishes?

38) How much sleep did you get last night?
10 hours, interrupted.

39) Do you own any band t-shirts?

40) Last song you sang out loud?
Ordinary Girl

41) When was the last time you slept on the floor?
I don't remember...I guess to qualify for a lot of these you need to document everything you do in a journal....

42) Would you chew gum that's already been chewed?
No, but I do remember chewing gum off the sidewalk when I was little.

44) Who have you talked to today?
Jason, Misty, Sam, Deb, Marsha, Dad.

45) What comes to your mind when I say pumpkins?

46) Friend that lives closest to you?

47) Color of your shirt?

48) How old are you?

49) What is your background on your computer?
Slide show of pictures

50) Do you wish on 11:11PM?

51) Good advice if you ever go camping?
Mosquito spray

Anyone else wondering why someone would make up a 51 question survey??

Busy weekend

We went to the catfish races in Greenville on Friday night. We never actually saw the catfish race, as the area was really crowded and our kids were to small to see. Instead, we let them jump in a jumping structure and get their faces painted. We only stood in line for an hour!! They also broke a board with their foot, did a bean bag toss, and watched the fireworks.

On Saturday, I shot a wedding up in Door County at eh Stone Harbor Resort in Sturgeon Bay. Beautiful place, but very hot. I headed out at 9am and returned home at 10:30pm. A very long day and I crashed the minute my head hit the pillow. Jason took the kids to the park and played frisbee golf with them and hung out on the equipment. Trae was running a fever when I got home. Seems like it comes and goes and has been for the last few days. I'm assuming it's his eye teeth coming in.

We went to meeting on Sunday and then out to eat with my grandma and grandpa. We headed home for a 3 hour nap. We went to gospel meeting, and then mom and dad stopped by after supper for a visit. I was glad to get to bed by 9pm, I've been so tired.

Today, I'm just catching up on the house from the weekend. I'm trying like mad to egt my kids to clean their rooms, but so far they aren't cooperating. It's naptime now, so I may lay down with them and continue with the house when they wake up.


Guess who....? Some are Elliot, some are Trae. Can you guess who is who?

Little Boy 1 and Little Boy 2 look so much alike....I wonder what Little Boy 3 will look like?

Date Night....

We started off at Fratello's, a fancy restaurant on the Fox River. The atmosphere was awesome, Jason's spicy beef mandarin stir fry was awesome, my brushetta chicken on something resembling tapioca not so awesome. I do plan to go back and order something different, as I really loved the style of the place. Next we headed to WIR for the races, and that's where the night got interesting...

We sat about half way down on the wooden benches, to our left was a group of teeny boppers hangin' and trying to impress one another. I guess I should clarify...this "pow chicka wow wow" (I stole this...thanks Jared) chick was trying to impress the two boys in the group, while her friends texted on their phones (probably texting her) and looked on in disbeleif that she was stealing all the attention. She had my attention at least, the moment she stood up, stuck her tiny butt out towards the guys, and showed them the "hole" in her holy jeans. Oh yeah, she got right into it, stick her finger in right at the bottom of her left butt cheek, pulling it out, and rimming around it to emphasize just how big the hole was. Ironically, she didn't point out the rest of the holes in here pants, they were shredded all the way down the front of her legs, you know, like fish gills. I actually cracked up and pointed her out to Jason at this point. He didn't care, he was all about seeing each and every lap those cars made around the track. I just had to see where this was going, as the boys semmed to want nothing to do with her. Both boys looked pre-pubescent to me, although the cigarrettes hanging out of their mouth's seemed to indicate differently. On second thought, the way they smoked them, looking around to see if anyone noticed how cool they were seems to indicate that they were indeed on the brink of puberty. The guys sat there perched on the bench, thighs touching, one metrosexual and one sporty. They seemed to have no interest in any of the girls sitting around them. I did make an observation that they went to the potty together later on...they left their drinks with the group so I know they weren't getting refreshments. Anyhow....this cute little thing decided to bring her A game at this point. She sat there seductively licking her glow-in-the-dark alien jumbo pop right in their faces. Swirling it, sucking it, and then licking it like a puppy dog. I was majorly cracking up here....Jason even asked why I didn't just ignore her but I had to see if she'd be able to make these two "friends" part ways with all her efforts. My lip reading abilities came into play when she batted her eyes at the sporty guy (the less attractive little guy, if you ask me), tapped him on the knee with her sucker and cooed "are you grum-py?" He ignored her, so she turned to his friend and said "why's he so grum-py?" as she put the pop back into her mouth and pulled it out real slow. She finally got sick of trying to seduce these guys to no avail and her and her friends got up and left and I was forced to watch the race.

Races. I get calustrophobic just watching these guys bump and grind each other's cars and do my fair share of covering my eyes at the scary parts. Jason and I (meaning me) decided we aren't going to encourage our kids to get involved in this type of sport. He had some lame arguement about people crashing everyday and no one dying to which I said "what about Dale Earnheart?" He said that's one guy, to which I said one famous guy that we heard about, the rest we didn't since he wasn't a national idol. Anyhow, we got it all straightened out. The last feature of the night, after all the crashes and clean ups, was the figure eight races. As you can imagine, I got very vocal about how idiotic these guys were, speeding toward each other and narrowly missing each other in the middle. Jason was a huge fan, and since no one died there that night I guess I'll admit I enjoyed it somewhat, but I think it's sort of a stupid thing to do. Like why would you purposely drive your car towards someone else's car at high speed and hope you don't crash? What's wrong with a nice sport like, say, volleyball? We left there around 10:30pm, and I had to endure the driving of my wannabee racecar driver husband. We reached 82mph on 441 (it's 65mph) and he decided he should slow down. Good thing to because about a mile up the road was a cop, just waiting for all the men to come home from the races jacked up on adrenaline from watching all the guys get aggressive with each other on the track. We went way to fast (for my liking, he said we were fine) around corners, waited way to long to slow down for stop lights, and went way to fast for speed limits. I finally had to tell him that this night was not going to end with the big bang he was hoping for if he continued this because he was ruining it our night. He shaped right up. We got home and all the kids were in bed. We wished my mom and dad a safe drive home and thanked them for watching the kids. As they were heading out, Trae started crying. Go figure.
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