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1. I can spread my toes really far apart....Jason and lots of other people seem to think this is a talent because they can't do it. I can also bend my fingers back really far.
2. My mom's friend called me Amber Du-Wop when I was younger.
3. I never wear panty hose. Ever.
4. I wish I had a personal masseuse. Oh, and a personal chef.
5. My feet are aching and swollen. Come to think of it, my whole body feels swollen and all my maternity capri's that I wear to shoot weddings are cutting off my circulation. So that means I have to get some that aren't under-the-belly fit, because I have weddings the next 5 weekends. Oh, and one more circulation thing...the under wire in my (to small) bra was digging into my armpit and my arm has been numb for about 2 hours. My girls grew in the last weeks, but don't worry, I bought a bigger bra tonight.
6. I've realized lately that loud noise REALLY bothers me. I just cringe...
7. I can read lips very well.

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Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

I don't blame you about the nylons! I never wear them either, but thats really cool that you can read lips! Thanks for tagging me! :D

P.S. Do we get a sneak peak at Misty's photo shoot?

Amber said...

***Casey is doing the photoshop honors on her photos...once they are done, I will post them.

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