So in typical pregnant Amber fashion, I have 8 weeks until my due date, and the insomnia has officially started! I finally got to bed around midnight last night, the night before it was 1am, but then I had to get back up to pee 148 times between then and when my kids got up at around 7:30. Anyway, last night I got to bed at midnight and only had to use the bathroom about 4 times, which was a big improvement. But then Brookelyn came in our room 4 times to say her belly hurt and she didn't have to go to the bathroom either. I told her to lay on her belly and try to go potty....probably a lot of jumbly stuff to, as I was dead tired. Trae woke up crabby and wanted to sit on my lap for breakfast, but I was eating oatmeal and I didn't want it spilled on his lap, or mine. Finally it cooled enough, so I got him up on my lap. About 3 seconds later, I feel a wet trickle down my leg....hmmm. Well, I guess I forgot to change his diaper right away, and he peed on me the second I lifted him on my lap! In case anyone cares, I have been absolutely starving lately. I try to eat something light, especially at night, hence the fudge ice cream topping I had last night while I couldn't sleep!
We have meeting here tonight, so I need to vacuum, dust, mop, etc....so I guess i'll get to that now.


Melissa said...

Are you pregnant, by any chance??

Dirty White boy said...

I woke up feeling like crud, and then I read your blog and you made me see that I didnt have it that bad, and it totally rocks to NOT have a uterus. Thank you (and God )for the enlightenment.(and the no unterus)

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