Glacier Park, MT Friday, July 4, 2008

We went to Glacier Park on Friday. The park is really beautiful, it's hard to actually tell how awesome it is from the pictures. It took about 7-8 hours to drive to the top, eat lunch, and drive back down. We, of course, stopped to take pictures along the way.
***check out my photo journal for pictures of the scenery, I plan to post them sometime today. We'll see;)

I LOVE this picture of Elliot, it's just him.

Each of the kids got a bear from Jason's grandma and grandpa...Brookelyn kept hers pretty close. I love her messy hair in these pictures.

Elliot loved poking out through the sunroof and waving at people while we waited for the traffic to pass, as they are widening the road and it is one lane traffic in some spots. He was riding with Pam and Steve, so each time we got out, he'd tell us how many people waved to him.

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