Baby stats....

I had my 32 week visit today. I am measuring 33 weeks, so I'm hoping I'm not in for a huge baby. I guess that's only 4 days ahead of what I am....his heartbeat was 138. At my next visit they are going to do blood work to make sure I'm not anemic, and then the visit after that they start checking me for dilation and effacement. Seems to have flown by, this pregnancy, and I guess delivery will be here before I know it. This morning I woke up to a horrible dream that Trae had cancer. I hate dreams like that that are so real and you can't shake the feeling of something being terribly wrong all day. I got a call from a friend with some news that totally blew me away and have had a hard time processing it. It's been a really weird day, and really makes me appreciate the health of my kids and the life we've got.

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