28 weeks

Trae learned how to do pew...he's been quite the copycat lately and picked this up right away, as in my mom said "pew" and pinched her nose, and he immediately did the same.
New words: bike, duck, book, balloon, beast (wildebeest), Trae, milk, John Deere
Favorite words: me, mine, ball, ba (bottle, he shortened it. He hasn't had one for months but calls his cup his "ba" Jason tells him it's his cup)
He says everything with a German accent...milk = milque. I really think that he can say these words and I'm taking awhile to catch on because he'll say like 3-4 "new" words in one day.

*I forgot to post yesterday that my mom gave Elliot the keys to unlock the van since I was carrying Trae and the leftovers. He unlocked the door, and then while I was strapping Trae into his seat, he started it up. I was right there of course, and totally surprised. I explained that he can't do that until he can drive and his dad had a talk with him to.

*I forgot to add one detail to the constipation story...the lady that was constipated was a Walmart employee. Talk about professionalism.

*Trae's rash went away.

*Last night in meeting, we had some visitors. Trae sat down next to the man, and started to poke him. After a while, he started pinching him. The guy thought it was funny...I was in the bathroom so I didn't see it otherwise I'd have been horrified. Trae also threw his book and his cup, which is a totally new thing, and babbled on and on. Any ideas for keeping him occupied and quiet? If we bring a book, he talks about whatever's in the book. His favorite is a tractor book (thanks Lana) and my first 100 animals. But he talks about the tractors, ducks, dogs, and asks Brookelyn, "what's that?" "what's that?" over and over and over...


Diane T. said...

Looks like that baby is growing. You will have your share of boys just like we did. Hey, are Dale and I ever grateful we kept going. We are really enjoying the two little girls.

Shannon said...

first...awesome shirt!

second...we'r going through the horrible meeting stage with avrie right now. while i'd really like to get away from snacks....i feel like nolan is old enough that he doesn't need them anymore...food is really the only thing that works for her. she doesn't color for more than two seconds and she also has to talk about everything in books.

Heather said...

Yeah, Logan likes to throw his stuff too...and has started babbling or screaming when he gets mad...so food is the only way to keep him quiet! Good luck with Trae...not sure what to tell ya!:-)

Heather said...

Cute shirt, too, by the way!:-)

Amber said...

... I picked the shirt up at Oln Navy for $4. It's not maternity, I just bought a larger size. I got 2 others that are women in bikini's and go up the side of my belly!

Tim & Melissa said...

Sounds like Mr. Trae needs a busy book. I couldn't find one I liked (nor was I willing to fork over that much cash for any of them) so I got out my sewing machine, made many visits to Hobby Lobby and made the girls each their own busy books...and one each for my nieces and nephew when they were born. Those worked like a charm for the kids...zippers, pockets, mirrors, snaps, buttons, different textures, beads...sure kept their little hands busy! Megan and Madi STILL play with theirs. (not in meeting anymore)

Mishelle said...

Mom has made busy books like Melissa mentioned. She'd be glad to help you if you think it might be helpful.
It is a stage.. seems like a long one in going through it, but looking back, it doesn't seem so bad.
I hear good reports about your perseverance with your children.
Keep up the good work.

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