Baby shower

I had to leave before they opened presents to shoot a wedding, so I haven't seen all the cute little girl things she got...soon though.

Trae fell asleep in the chair during lunch, apparently baby showers bore him.

My belly is about 4 inches bigger around than hers....

The cake was rainbow inside. The layers were pink, yellow, and purple with raspberry glaze.

Stolen from Amanda

Can you whistle? No

Scariest thrill ride you've been on? The green and blue one at Great America

Where is your favorite place on earth? Home

The last song you danced to? I'm not sure, probably a kids song

Ever had a stalker? Blog stalkers.

Do you own a bike, Rollerblades, or skates? yes!yes!yes!

Whats your schools mascot? A truck

Play any sports? yes, if I'm in the mood

Ever been to a concert? yes

Who did you last hang out with? family

How much is your car payment? If I told you, I'd have to shoot you

Favorite thing to do in the summer? Do things with the kids....zoo, parks, etc.

What about in the winter? sit in front of the fire

Something you hate to do? dishes

Last thing you looked at? hmmm, this is a hard one. Um, my computer screen.

Last thing you spilled? the beans...my guts....actually, my kids usually do the spilling, I just clean it up.

Who knows you best? Jason

Last time you were in a tanning bed? after Brookelyn was born. I don't use them anymore because I don't want to die of skin cancer and leave my kids motherless.

Who was the last person that messaged you? not sure

Last thing you put in your hair? ponytail

Do you own any Barbie's? technically they belong to my daughter...I was never a barbie fanatic.

Ever had a pogo stick? My mom never let us...we inherited on from Jason's family, but we threw it out last week when we cleaned the garage, they're just not safe.

What year did you discover MySpace? I don't do MySpace

What credit cards do you have? what, are you writing a book?

How many kids do you have or want to have? 4

What did you do today? helped my dad load a dresser in his truck, read my Bible, brushed my teeth, fed my kids, got dressed, blogged, ate breakfast, drank my coffee.

What do you do when you are upset? Vent

Are you keeping a secret from someone close? No

Have you ever led someone on? I hope not, but guys always think you want them and if they find out you don't then you led them on....even if it was in their head.

Do you like to swim? Yes, but only in a pool, no lakes for this girl.

What's the last thing you drank? Coffee, 1/2 caff...

What would be the best gift ever? A trip to Italy

Do you prefer to talk on the phone or text? phone, it's more personal and takes less time.

Do you believe in global warming? probably

What is your favorite farm animal? lambs.

Which celebrity would you like to swap lives with? I don't think I'm celebrity material

Are you bringing sexy back? pregnant sexy....hmm. Some women are, I'm not one of them. Cute pregnant? I guess that be more me.

How many best friends do you have? One

What was/is your favorite subject in school? photography and art

Do you sing in the shower? sometimes

Who do you plan on voting for? Let me call my dad, I'm not sure yet....

What are your thoughts on animal testing? Why test on an animal, when we're human?

Are you photogenic? rarely, I hate most pictures of myself.

What are your favorite outdoor activities? walking, rollerblading, swimming

Do you believe in aliens? No

Do you wish on shooting stars? yes, but it doesn't work...

Where were you born? Clintonville, WI

Favorite smell? Babies and sweaty men.

What noise do you currently hear? The fan


Happy Birthday to me

I changed Trae's diaper yesterday and distracted him with a hanger...he laid there playing on the floor for about 5 min., but of course got up after I took the picture.

Trae loves frosting.

We decided he'd had enough frosting, so he began to pout. Pouting, along with this new screech, is his new ploy to get his way. It doesn't work, so I hope it stops soon.

My mom stopped by with a cake yesterday...I even blew out fake candles just for the kids. We have a lot going on today (baby shower, shooting wedding) so we just had cake after lunch.



Since he is really claustrophobic, he took the first picture with his arms around them, and then went into this pose all on his own. I love the crossed ankles.

Trae and the "be-be's" He was up when we got home at 10:45...the girls were asleep, and he kept looking in the pack-n-play, pointing at them, and saying "be-be's"

Brookelyn and Ana

Olive's super cute, super heartbreaking lip curl.
*Last night we went out to the comedy club with a few friends...I won 20 tickets. It was a good time once we got past the first 3 acts...
*Tonight I am going over to Misty's to paint Anya's nursery. She'll be here really soon.
*I decided in the heat of the moment that I am going to be induced as soon as my doctor will do it. It is to hot, and plus, I want to go to Marion convention. Since I'm always early, it may not happen but for now, that's my intention.
*I broke down and used Tums powder packs. They are really chalky, which I hate, so I avoid them. I had heartburn for 2 days and then had jalapenos with my nachos at the comedy club. I took 2 and it worked like a charm!
*Tomorrow is Misty's shower....I also have to shoot a wedding. A ritzy one, the reception is at the Paper Valley.
*We bought chain link fencing (craigslist again) I am paranoid since we have a pond, so I hope to have it up soon. We've actually had chain link bought and in our garage for about 2 years....this came with 4 gates and top rail, so I'm hoping since it's all here, we'll get it up.



28 weeks

Trae learned how to do pew...he's been quite the copycat lately and picked this up right away, as in my mom said "pew" and pinched her nose, and he immediately did the same.
New words: bike, duck, book, balloon, beast (wildebeest), Trae, milk, John Deere
Favorite words: me, mine, ball, ba (bottle, he shortened it. He hasn't had one for months but calls his cup his "ba" Jason tells him it's his cup)
He says everything with a German accent...milk = milque. I really think that he can say these words and I'm taking awhile to catch on because he'll say like 3-4 "new" words in one day.

*I forgot to post yesterday that my mom gave Elliot the keys to unlock the van since I was carrying Trae and the leftovers. He unlocked the door, and then while I was strapping Trae into his seat, he started it up. I was right there of course, and totally surprised. I explained that he can't do that until he can drive and his dad had a talk with him to.

*I forgot to add one detail to the constipation story...the lady that was constipated was a Walmart employee. Talk about professionalism.

*Trae's rash went away.

*Last night in meeting, we had some visitors. Trae sat down next to the man, and started to poke him. After a while, he started pinching him. The guy thought it was funny...I was in the bathroom so I didn't see it otherwise I'd have been horrified. Trae also threw his book and his cup, which is a totally new thing, and babbled on and on. Any ideas for keeping him occupied and quiet? If we bring a book, he talks about whatever's in the book. His favorite is a tractor book (thanks Lana) and my first 100 animals. But he talks about the tractors, ducks, dogs, and asks Brookelyn, "what's that?" "what's that?" over and over and over...


89 Degrees....it's definitely summer

Heat rash??......

I'm hoping. This rash appeared under his chin, under his arms, and all down his back. We've got him running around in his birthday suit...

Trae's shoe of choice this morning
Trae wanted to go outside so bad...these are two different pairs of shoes, and the one is on the wrong foot.

silly goose

piggy tails scream summer time.

Brookelyn "reading" her Bible this morning
I had my glucose test today, and then we ran a bunch of errands to get things for Misty's shower this weekend. I also got stain for Elliot's bed and our trim. I was in the bathroom at Walmart(to much iced tea at lunch) and these two ladies were talking about how constipated the one was. So far she's tried prunes, raisins, and fiber. She also tried Fiber One bars, but they only made her gassy! Since I heard her life story on her bowels, I figured there's no shame in sharing with the rest of the world. Luckily the doctor cleared me to fly since we leave for Montana next Thursday morning, and I already bought my ticket. I've gained more weight with this pregnancy than I did with the last two, so I'm a little down about that. My doctor said I was on the lower end with my last two, and he's not worried as I have about 10more pounds that I can gain and still be in the healthy range for weight gain. I am retaining a lot of water these days with the heat and finally broke down and turned our air on.


Fond Du Lac Aquatic Center

I jumped ship on the house cleaning idea when my friend called and invited us to go swimming with her and her 3 kids. The kids cleaned their rooms first, and I got the house somewhat picked up. The kids had a blast swimming and playing in the sandbox. Then we headed to her house so they could play some more and ordered pizza for supper. Jason was finishing his side job, so it worked out good. The kids snuck a jar of peanut butter downstairs to the play room...Trae came up covered in it. I gave him a bath, and before I knew it, he was covered again! I don't know if it was the chlorine or the peanut butter, but he woke up puking this morning....smelled like peanut butter! He's been dry heaving on and off and the peanut butter is out and it smells like good old puke. All he wants to do is sit on my lap and twirl my hair...he slept until 9:30 (he went back to sleep after being sick) and I'm hoping he'll go back to sleep soon so I can get something done.

playing in the sand area

the kids enjoying an ice cream treat


Busy Weekend

*Got the garage all cleaned...just in time to fill it up with the trim for our house. It's embarrassing to admot that we've never parked a vehicle in our garage. I didn't take before or after pic's, but it's a huge improvement. Once all the beds are stained/painted and the trim is done we'll beable to park in there!
*Hung up hooks in the garage for shovels ect. and bought shelving for all the odds & ends things that were sitting around.
*Stained most of Elliot's bed. I ran out of stain and plan to pick it up when I go into town on Wed. I am looking to re-paint the boys room, and looking for suggestions. It's brown now, but I want to freshen it up a bit. The decor is log cabin/deer heads/turkeys, so suggestions please!
*Went back to Old Navy to exchange the dress I bought for pictures....they didn't have the next size. It fit everywhere but the chest....hello, you'd think they'd consider that. I went into Motherhood, thinking they'd have something, and since all they do is maternity maybe they'd ahve a better fit. I found on shirt after looking and then going through the whole mall and settling....just to find out it's the wrong color orange. I may look online.
*Got lots of laundry washed, but not folded or put away...that's on my to-do list.
*Like I said, we got our trim. The sky was blue and sunny, but it decided to downpour....Jason and I started unloading it off the trailer as fast as we could. Our garage floor gets so slippery when it's wet, and I almost wiped out three times. It took about 5 minutes for us to get it all, and as soon as it was all in the garage, the rain stopped. It didn't rain for the rest of the day. Needless to say, I was very frustrated because the first words out of Jason's mouth were "this sucks, now it's all gotta be sanded down..." It only took us 2 1/2 years to FINALLY get the trim, and now we add another (huge) step to the process. Jason about ripped his nipple off in the process of unloading the trim. After my getting all frustrated, he says we MIGHT have to re-sand it all...sigh.
*I mowed part of the lawn. The tire went flat, so that needs to be replaced before I can finish that job.

My house is now trashed from ignoring to get other things done outside, so I get to tackle that now. I have a ton of things that I want to get done before the baby comes so we'll see how long this energy lasts. Jason is (or better be) finishing up his side job tonight. It is taking an entire night longer than planned, and I know after fighting all day with the kids to clean their rooms and tackling the house I am going to be miserable by the time he gets home. I suppose if I know that, I could do something to prevent it...I get so frustrated lately because Elliot and Brookleyn fight all day, the house is much messier now that Elliot's home, Brookelyn doesn't want to help with anything like she used to when Elliot was in school, they both tattle constantly, and they both maul Trae until he's crabby and wants to sit on my lap all day, preventing me from getting anything done. We still got the whiny thing going on...Mom-a, Brookelyn-a won't-a blahblahblah...and Brookelyn has started crying about everything! This morning, for instance, I thought she was hurt or something, she was crying so hard. She finally sobbed out that Elliot took the last spoon...it's like PMS, but really, really early. We need to get a routine established, and then we'll leave for Montana and come home and they'll be totally thrown off again.
I decided to wait until Aug. 30 to have my garage sale. My mom will be gone when I'd planned to have, and I'd have to do it only thur & Fri because we have a birthday party on that Sat. (don't worry Melissa, you can go through the clothes that weekend still)

Elliot's bed after I re-stained it. I was really happy with the result...Jason liked it better the other way.

Elliot's bed before I re-stained it.

He is really into ice lately. It will occupy him the entire time we're at the mall if need be...he went for bigger and better chunks, as he had free range of the cooler.

We went to a surprise birthday party for Adam last night after gospel meeting. Trae wanted to play with a balloon, and it was filled with helium, so I came up with this idea. He reminded me of a bike with a flag.


Canoe (tr)Dip

My dad, Jason, Elliot, and Brookelyn decided to take a canoe ride and see if they could catch some fish....The last thing I said when I dropped them off at the boat landing? "Don't let them fall in." My Dad said if they did, they'd make sure and save them. Call it mother's intuition.
Elliot comes running into the house and yells that he's soaked, they tipped over, and Brookelyn was stuck under the boat. She coughed REALLY hard. My Dad was standing outside the door, telling Elliot to get back outside so he didn't get the floor wet. I really think he wanted to spare us the juicy details. Anyway, Brookelyn says she's never going canoeing again, which may ring true. We took a canoe trip when I was around 6-7, and my little sister, Nicole was pinned under the canoe. We couldn't find her for a bit, and I was really scared. I haven't set foot in a canoe since. Luckily everyone was fine. Brookelyn lost one really cute shoe, and Jason and Dad's cell phones are trashed. It's very ironic that Jason never seems to have his phone when it's convenient, but the time that it isn't convenient, he had it.

Changing Table!!

This is the peice of furniture I picked up yesterday...I decided it will make a nice dressing table until the little guy get bigger. I can store all the diapers and wipes in the area below. It needs to be dusted, but that's about it.



We made a trip into the mall today and met up with Marsha, Kimber, and the girls. I bought a pair of shorts to wear as pj's in MT. We headed over to Old Navy and bought all 5 of the kids matching outfits(our 3, their 2) because we are getting family pic's done out there. This is what we came up with for our kids...Ana and Olive got matching dresses with the same colors and kind of a paisley print. Oh, and I picked up a dress...the last maternity dress I am buying!

I also stopped at a rummage sale and bought a distressed black cabinet for our room, for $35. I loaded it up myself, but I'm opting to wait until Jason gets home to unload it. Maybe I'll post a pic later.

Our to-do list for this weekend:

*clean out the garage
*set up Elliot's new bed. Also sort through and organize his closet/dresser.
*paint Brookelyn's bedroom set.
*clean out the van


Bikini Wash

...you all had to egg me on, dintcha? I took a moment after reading the comments from my earlier post to hop into my bikini and clean my van. Do I think I looked good? Nope. But the whole way through I giggled to myself at the insane thing I was doing for all my neighbors to see. One lady drove by twice, but she didn't give me a second glance, so I think she just forgot something in town. The neighbors across the road both left, but didn't wave. Not sure if that was because I was camouflaging everything but my head behind my van, or if they were disgusted and pretending they didn't see me...oh well, I feel liberated, and I hereby challenge anyone with body issues(trust me, I am usually guarded when I feel insecure) to put on a swimsuit they wouldn't normally wear, and go clean their vehicle in the driveway. All you competitive folk go, and post about how it made you feel when you finished. I feel great, and I'm posting this still wearing this ridiculous suit which I can't even see the bottoms of over my belly, but I'm glad I did it. I think we reject ourselves more than others do. The neighbors probably didn't care that I was washing my van in a bikini when I'm 7 months pregnant, but I still hurried and got a lump in my throat each time someone drove by, expecting a point and a laugh....a moo. So while I'm not confident enough to post pictures for all to see, I will tell you what I did, eventhough it makes my seem crazy. And I'll take not commenting as a sign you think I'm insane. Ready girls...Go....you'll feel better when your done.


Not much to report, but I do have this for you:

At some point on Tuesday, a flock of birds flew over my van and had bowel movements simultaneously. I may have to get into my bikini for a scrubbin...or drive to the car wash, I haven't decided yet.



We have been talking about selling Jason's dirt bike for years. He rides it like, twice a year. Finally, I put it on craigslist. Last night this guy called at 9:30pm, and wanted to come look. He said he wanted it so much that he wanted to come last night, and he could only get $200 out of the ATM, but he'd write a check for the rest and then leave his drivers license here until the check cleared. He finally showed up at 11:30pm and then Jason gave it to him for $50 less than what we were asking. We had another guy offer us that same amount in cash, so I was irritated that I now have to deal with making sure this check doesn't bounce(they ended up giving us over 1/2 in cash, and his girlfriend wrote out a check for the rest) And, he didn't get their drivers license. Argh...rant over.
Craigslist has become my friend. I've sold enough stuff recently to cover the second installment of our taxes...yea)just what I wanted to do with the money. SO my plan is to keep listing stuff that's just been sitting around collecting dust/taking up space.

I have a shoot this morning at 10, the problem is I haven't heard from the lady and I have no directions. I'm hoping she's just waiting until 8 am to call, because if I take the kids to my mom's this early and don't hear from her, I'll hesitate to re-book. She doesn't seem like that though. I don't have her #, stupid me I didn't save it in my phone, and the rest of our contact was by e-mail. I hope it works out...she has a 9 month old, and they're always a blast to photograph.

I finally heard beck from the girl with the camera, but I think it's some type of a scam. The post has been removed, but she e-mailed me this morning saying she's in the UK for her school and has the gear with her. " if your still interested in the sale, drop me a line and maybe we can work something out. So drop me a lien if your up for grabbs!" Hmm, I'm betting she'll want me to send her a check. I requested more info, and told her I'd have to see the gear first, but I'm definitely not sending any money. The gear will have to be in my hands before I give her a cent.


That's Mr. Attitude to you, Mom!

Flowers from Brookelyn

Breakfast this morning.

Trae has a major attitude lately. He started a new thing where he head butts me when he's upset, usually in the nose or collar bone. The other night he was doing it, hopped off my lap, and smacked his nose right down on the coffee table. Last night, he threw a major fit because he was playing with the pens below. He was pointing at the rocker and saying please, so I assumed he wanted me to rock him. Then he started pointing to the pen, which was near a notebook, so I assumed that he wanted to sit on my lap in the rocker and color. NOT so! He melted into a heap on the floor and screamed for 5 minutes and then gathered his things and came up on my lap. Each time I'd try to color, he'd screech at me, so I finally just let him do his thing. What he wanted and did do for about 10 minutes, was put the pen in the spiral binding of the notebook, and take it back out again. I was trying to re-post Jason's dirt bike on Craigslist, so I carried him over to the computer and thought he could sit on my lap and play with the pen. He sat on my lap for a few minutes, and kept dropping the pen cap....and each time he had to get down and get it, then crawl back up on my lap. Well, he found another pen...same color and everything. He was trying to hold the notebook and one pen, and put the other pen in the binding. He continued dropping the caps to said pens. Oh, and when he'd drop them, he couldn't find them because they match our floor really well, so I had to find them. Finally he got frustrated and sat in my lap sobbing and talking about it to me. I felt bad because he was so frustrated and I know that feeling well. He started throwing an actual fit about something and wouldn't stop, so I put him in his crib. He decided to head butt that, and then stick his fingers down his throat. He puked all over the place three times, and came out with a bruised up head.

Brookleyn during her nap yesterday.

All the other Stuff:
* The lady that sold me Brookelyn's bedroom set e-mailed me yesterday and offered to sell me the remaining pieces....a nightstand, dresser, and hutch, all painted in the paint that I bought for the rest....for $75.

* I found a Canon 20D camera with 4lenses, a battery pack, flash, and a few other extras...for $700. A very great deal, but she won't get back to me. One of the lenses sells for $1650.00, and the Camera itself sells for $600. The camera will be Jason's, along with two of the lenses, and the rest for me. Jason is doing a side job now, and we sold some things on craigslist, so it's an okay time to spend the money, and would be a phenomenal deal.

* Mom and Dad want to take Elliot along on their fishing trip in July, and then when they go before school starts again, they'll take Brookelyn. Erica wants to go see a glass blower, so they're thinking WI Dells or something.

* Jason and I(meaning me) are going to plan a weekend getaway before #4 is born, which is in less than 14(12!) weeks. Something simple and cheap, and relaxing.

* Trae made a connection yesterday...He was waiting to get his diaper on after a shower, and peed on the floor. He looks down at the puddle, to his peepee, and then back down and chuckled. Hopefully he'll be interested in potty training soon.


Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!! Love, Elliot, Brookelyn, Trae, and baby! XOXOX
...and all the other father's out there!

Whirlwind Weekend

100% daddy's boy!!....wink, wink;)

Trae on the ride home.

Ana has grown also, but not quite as fast as Olive. Shw also had stranger anxity, but when I held her, all she did was grin and laugh. You'd think I'd have gotten pictures, but by the time I got out my camera, she was hot and tired and had no smiles for me. I'm sure she was chuckling inside knowing full well she was about to spit up all over me...she does it everytime I hold her!

Olive is getting so big...she started with the sreanger anxiety and did a sweet little lip curl when I picked her up. I meant to get a picture, but by the time I got my camera out, she knew me better, and was fine with me holding her. To bad, because it was adorable.

We ended up at Steve and Pam's Saturday night. Cole and Diane Waldo, some friends that used to live in Ladysmith were visiting at their place. We had known and kinda frogot that they were coming this weekend, but then they called Saturday morning to remind us. We made quick plans and decided Jason would go up ahead of me, and I'd shoot the wedding (in Green Bay) and then ride up eith Nate and Marsha. Nate ran a race and had his company picnic, and they went right through Green Bay, so it worked great. Jason and the kids got up there aroud 6:30pm, we got there around 10pm. We stayed for a potluck after meeting, and then headed back home. Short and sweet. The kids are probably exhausted, I am also, but for some reason I've been up since 6am, and they're all sound asleep! I had peace and quiet to read my Bible, which is a luxury around here. Mom and Dad are coming home tonight, and hopefully stop by to gather their dogs on the way through. I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet!

Apparently, we're a little slow on the uptake.....we were asking Trae where his nose, eyes, ears, ect. were last night. He know his nose, eyes, ears, toes, belly, hair, mouth, and teeth(which he chomps together to indicate where they are!) He can say belly, eyes, ears, and nose. Hello.


The Casey

This ones for you, Misty.


Well, I met Jason in Appleton and we talk a walk down College Ave. and shot some pictures of the kids. He is at the Mackville tractor pulls with Elliot and Brookelyn now...I decided to pass and grocery shop instead. Apparently Friday is grocery day for 90% of Appleton because the place was packed! I started having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, so I'm leaving the hauling in of the groceries for Jason. I am exhausted and I have to shoot a wedding tomorrow, so I'll be in bed long before they get home.


Fun Fact:

My parents dogs bark all day and all night!

Foaming at the mouth

Oh. My. Word. You would not believe how much Elliot and Brookelyn fight. This morning they were all geared up for a game of hide and seek. Brookelyn comes to me to tattle for the 27th time today, telling me that her and Elliot were going to play hide and seek, but he said he gets to hide every time, and she has to find him, because he thought it up. He says no, he gets to hide FIRST because he thought it up. She says he already hid, and he says no he didn't. She says she's not playing because he aways gets to hide first. He says, again, that he thought it up. He tries to talk her into playing and she says "NO". He gives up, and she says "are you going to still play Elliot?" He says no, and she says, "well I am....." She was trying to get him to let her go first by saying she wasn't playing, but he didn't bite, and they ended up not playing. It is storming yet again, so sending them outside to play is out. No matter if they go to bed at 7:30pm or 10pm they still get up at 6:30am. I am so tired today, and for some reason they shut all the lights off, so we're sitting in the dark with the rain on the roof top, and it is putting. me. to. sleep.....ZZZZZZ. Trae actually fell asleep in my lap while I typed this far, so my plan is to try to get the other two to take an early nap, and then I can sleep. It really is the perfect day for it. I have a meeting with Deb tonight to go over set up for a new lighting system I'm to use Saturday at the wedding I'm shooting solo, so I need to be well rested! Now that I rationalized it in my head, I should be able to sleep peacefully.

New words: baby, fish, and um. As in "what do you say?" "Uum, please!" he using uum at the beginning of most sentences. Oh, and he copies Erica's goat, so last night in meeting while he was looking in his animal book, he bleated like a goat in a really high pitched voice....considering there were only 12 people in our meeting last night, he decided to take part!

AS soon as I publish this post, I'll remember a few other things I wanted to say.

....like that I had a wood tick crawling on me the other day, and now I keep dreaming that they are actually embedded in my skin. I also had a dream last night where I was standing on the edge of a bridge and thinking I should jump. Then once I realized the dying part, I decided I better not, and turned around and walked back. The really odd thing is that usually in my dreams I'm afraid of heights like I am in real life, but this was really high, like 200 feet, and I wasn't afraid at all.


More words....

Today Trae's "spillproof" cup leaked again....on my kitchen floor. Trae was running to the door to greet Jason and noticed the milk on the floor when he rounded the corner. He stopped, pointed, and said "oooh, milk!" just like that. I really need to start using my video camera so I remember how cute they are when they talk!

Things that make you think.....

The Proust Questionnaire

I stole this from Alaina.

The Proust Questionnaire has its origins in a parlor game popularized (though not devised) by Marcel Proust, the French essayist and novelist, who believed that, in answering these questions, an individual reveals his or her true nature. Here is the basic Proust Questionnaire.

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Being with my family.

What is your greatest fear? Losing my husband or kids.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Impatience

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Incompetence

Which living person do you most admire? My Dad and the workers

What is your greatest extravagance? Salon Shampoo

What is your current state of mind? Irritable

What do you consider the most overrated virtue? Popularity

On what occasion do you lie? To spare feelings, but I try to suggest another option and soften the blow, as in..."well that's cute, but this one flatters you more..."

What do you most dislike about your appearance? Weight

Which living person do you most despise? Well, that's not nice.

What is the quality you most like in a man? Honesty

What is the quality you most like in a woman? Genuine

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? "Like"

What or who is the greatest love of your life? My kids and Husband

When and where were you happiest? When I first started dating my husband.

Which talent would you most like to have? Computer skills.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? My weight. Or the fact that I'm so caught up in being thin.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? 4 kids by the time I'm 25.

If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be? Person. I'd come back to my kids and be their mom again.

Where would you most like to live? Somewhere warm, but since our family is here, that's where we choose to stay.

What is your most treasured possession? My camera and my scrapbooks and pictures.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Being all alone. I can't really imagine not ever having kids either...I think it would get boring only worrying about ourselves and no one to come home for the holidays. It's not for me, obviously.

What is your favorite occupation? Photographer, hands down.

What is your most marked characteristic? Sarcasm and impatience.

What do you most value in your friends? Loyalty

Who are your favorite writers? I don't have a favorite. I read all types of books.

Who is your hero of fiction? Hmm, I haven't a clue.

Which historical figure do you most identify with? Martin Luther King...as in I have a lot of dreams and want to make a difference in the world.

Who are your heroes in real life? My Mom and Dad.

What are your favorite names? Elliot, Brookleyn, Trae, and Cash.

What is it that you most dislike? Dishonesty and ungratefullness.

What is your greatest regret? Not getting into photography sooner. I was scared to put so much money out for my camera, but I could've skipped the group home phase if I wasn't so chicken.

How would you like to die? I'm afraid of dying....I guess surrounded by my family at an old age.

What is your motto? Give it all you've got....no sense doing something that you're not going to give your best at.

Bedroom Set

This is th steal we got for $75! I guess I forgot to take a picture of the chair, but it matches the set...

My parents dropped their dogs off last night because they are going up to Iron Bridge, Canada. I decided last night that I am going to move the kids bedtime from 7:30pm to 9pm so that they sleep longer. The were getting up at 7am on school days, but now that school is out, they get up at 6:30am. This morning they got up at that time after going to bed at 9:30-10 begging me to get up and go feed the dogs. They were really convincing, they said Erica SAID they have to be fed early in the morning. Trae was still asleep, an I sent them back to bed several times, but they came back and I finally got a phone call, so I got up.....and discovered they had eaten my entire chocolate stash. (a small stash...I bought 3 KitKats last night, and my mom bought a 6 pack of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups last night). I would have liked one of each anyway. Oh, and my biggest issue is that they bounce off the walls from morning till night as it is, so we really want to start out our day on a sugar high? I think not.

About 2 months ago (or more!) we bought closet doors for the kids and french doors for our bathroom. In the picture of the bed you can see them still standing behind it in the garage. Anyway, yesterday Elliot found Jason's old skateboard and decided to skate by the door, grab the plastic on it, and pull the door down on himself. not cool. I decided to light a fire under Jason's but to get the door in now, after all we paid over $500 for the french doors alone. Not a cheap thing to replace. Oh, and Jason said I can't paint the bedroom set, so he'll be doing that to. We are spray painting it, so the fumes would be pretty bad, so I guess I'll let him do it. We listed his dirt bike on craigslist yesterday, and I recieved 3 e-mails last night. I responded to them all, and so far haven't heard back from anyone, but cross your fingers for us! It will feel good to get some things done. Jason picked up a side job, so hopefully he's efficient and we can pick up some extra cash and not have him gone to much.
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