* Trae had 6 dirty diapers and 5 naps yesterday....now he has a rash.
* We (finally!) booked airline tickets to Montana. They were up to $840.00 per ticket, and the prices dropped considerably yesterday. We leave July 3, and return July 11.
* Jason is out of town tonight. He gets to stay at his mom and dad's.
* Saturday morning Misty, Mom, and I are going to city wide garage sales in Hortonville. Then I'm shooting a wedding in the afternoon.
* Nikki & Tony get married one month from yesterday!
* I thought I had a lot to post, but obviously not.....


Elissa & Logan said...

MOntana?? Woohoo! To Kalispell? It'll be fun :) Logan's parents live up there...by Jasons grandparents.

Amber said...

We'll be there for a family reunion, but that starts the Monday after we arrive. Maybe we'll see you if you go to his parents for 4th or something...I guess there's a get together with some of the friends that we may be attending.

Melissa said...

Thanks Amber...bulleted blogs are so fun to read!

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