Brookelyn is such a girl....

I was rushing to get the kids ready for gospel meeting because I'm going it alone-Jason's out of town. Brookelyn keeps asking what color tights she should wear, pink or brown. I finally answer pink, and without missing a beat she goes, "I'll go brown."
I ended up ready early and Trae looked so cute I decided on a quick photo op. He didn't cooperate well here, and when I had everyone loaded in the van, I noticed it was only 6:50p.m. So I ran back in for my camera, and we stopped by the park for some more pictures. He really doesn't like to have his picture taken, and I got some really cute sober pictures, but not many smiling ones. Once I get them all edited, I will post them, along with the pictures of him with the puppies, and maybe a few of Nicole's bridal shower....

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