The last of it?

Brookelyn did he throwing up thing last night, so I'm crossing my fingers that we are done with it....I really don't want to get it. The kids seem to be feeling great, so I think we'll hang out here until this afternoon, and then to High Cliff and get some pictures. I have a few collage frames for our bedroom, and also a 11x14 frame for each of the kids for our room, so I'm really anxious to get the pictures and get them up.

I thought of an idea, but haven't tried it yet, but my back is peeling and it driving me crazy that I can't reach all the areas.....I think I'm going to use my lint roller!

****Edit: Brookelyn is still sick, and now Jason has it also. I really hope it passes me by....meeting is supposed to be here on Wednesday, but I think we'll pass and spare everyone our germs. Oh, and High Cliff is out.(pout)


Blech!! Possibly TMI..........

Trae had the diarrhea throughout the night.....Elliot threw up throughout the night. Needless to say, we canceled our plans to Nate & Marsha's. Jello water works wonders when they can't have dairy, fruit juice, or soft drinks. It stains them red though.

Each time Trae needs to be changed, he screams from a rash....as I walk with him toward the bedroom to change him he says "peas,peas,peas" and points back out to the living room. Poor baby knows whats coming.

So, my puking child decided to tie a pair of Brookelyn's tights to a hook on a shelf that holds(held) a reed diffuser that smells like banana palm, a vase with live bamboo, and an elephant statue that mom and dad brought back for me from Mexico. Brookelyn pulled on the tights, and lo and behold, down came the shelf. The only thing I cared about was the statue, which suffered minor damage, and the rest went into the garbage. My hands smell from cleaning up the oil from the diffuser, whcich was on that shelf because I hate the smell and I'm never really over there....I also have a thing with my hands smelling. I want to scream....but maybe it's my fault for putting live bamboo and a reed diffusser where my kids can get to them.


Photo Therapy...didn't clear the migraine, but made me forget it for awhile.

I love this shot...Trae peeks between his legs at me often, just never when I have my camera...I would love to get this shot when he's giving me a big, cheesy grin!

The kids and I went outside for some fresh air....I decided to grab my camera and snap a few pictures while we were out there. Eventually we had to come in because the mosquito's were atrocious. I made hair appointments for Jason and Elliot tonight. I forgot to mention Trae's haircut yesterday...I had to hold him down while he screamed bloody murder the whole time! Then we're going to watch my friends little boy play t-ball. I'm bummed because Elliot really wanted to join T-ball, but all the games were on Wednesday night. Hopefully the mosquito's don't eat us alive! Sam says they play rain or shine, and rain is in the forecast, so we may be in for a treat. We are going to Lake Michigan on Saturday with Nate & Marsha....I can't wait to get my camera out!

Little Bruiser

Trae's "spillproof" cup malfunctioned again. I asked him to wipe it up and he happily began wiping it up with a towel. He was bent over all the way, lost his balance, and smacked his little forehead right into the hardwood floor. Poor guy, his bruises were healing up from last week. This little man always has yellowing bruises on his forhead, and then newer ones starting. It was sweet of him to help...he is really proud of himself when he helps me out!


* Trae bit me on the bottom of my jaw last night in meeting. He pinched off a nerve that is now causing a migraine.
* My back is on the verge of going out.
* I got heartburn from brushing my teeth last night.
* Trae's ear drum is healed, but he still has a scratch in the ear canal, so I have to put 5 drops in twice a day. The great thing about the drops is he only has to lay on his side really still for 5 minutes. yea.
* I went to change Trae's dirty diaper this morning. When I pulled open the tab, diarrhea sprayed OUT of the diaper and onto my thigh.....and my bed. I am currently letting stain remover soak into my mattress, and I'm going to attempt to use a steamer I picked up at a garage sale last summer to clean it. The poor kid has had diarrhea for a week.
* Yesterday, Trae and I went to Muffins with Mom's at Elliot's school. Brookelyn stayed at grandma's because Trae and I both had doctors appointments. The muffins were really good, and it was fun to have breakfast with Elliot. Trae pooped through his pants though, so we had to rush out. Elliot was fine with that, then he could go out for recess longer.
* We are going to Nate and Marsha's this weekend to hang out. We are staying through meeting on Sunday, and then coming back in time for Misty's graduation party.
* We are so busy this summer my head is spinning.
* The baby's heart rate was 145, and the doctor said after one more appointment, he'll start seeing me more frequently. This pregnancy is flying by! 16 more weeks until we meet our baby boy. I made appointments up until September 15, she figured I wouldn't need anymore than that, we'll see.
* Trae has poop again.


Weekend Pictures

Trae got into Brookelyn's markers.....

The is the arrangement Brookelyn made for me...I wish I could have dried it.

Trae played by this pump for about 1/2 hour....you have to pump it and then it's a water fountain. He was soaked and shivering, but he had a blast. The water was had a lot of Iron in it, gross.

Elliot & Brookelyn practicing...they took it really seriously.


weekend excitement.....

* I shot a wedding in Pembine, WI on Saturday. I cried twice(I;ve never cried during a shoot) once when the dad dedicated "I loved her First" during the ceremony....she didn't have a clue it was coming. I heard the first few bars and knew...then during the father/daughter dance they played "Daddy's Hands" Bruce(Deb's boyfriend) asked if I was okay, I looked like I was about to cry...and I lost it. I told him if I look like I'm going to, don't ask if I am or I will! I got a horrid sunburn on my neck and on my face.

* Trae threw up at breakfast this morning. I suggested that I stay home with him, but Jason said he was fine. He fell asleep 1/2 way through meeting, and then out a a deep sleep, threw up everywhere. Jason took him out, and I sat there wondering what to do next. The elder of our meeting got up to clean it up, ehich I would have done except I can't bend over well, so I'd have had to crawl on my hands and knees...luckliy he missed all the people, we were in the middle row facing a whole row of teenagers!
* Tomorrow is Nicole's rehearsal dinner...should be fun.


Thought this was cute....

Trae is watching daddy mow the lawn out our bedroom window. He keeps saying "pees, tratr,pees.." I took him out for a ride, but then he was scared. The kids got him down off the bed so he could play with them , and he threw a royal fit.

* I filled up the van today...$65!

I finally remembered....

I had all these things to post yesterday, but couldn't remember them when the time came....

*Elliot's class had to tell what they would do if they had 8 arms like an octopus, and then make a poster showing it. I asked Elliot what he'd do, since I couldn't make out what he had written. He replied "I'd clean my bedroom so fast!"

*On the way home from meeting last night, Elliot said something to Brookelyn(can't remember the specifics) Getting no response from her, he repeated himself. "I know Elliot, I heard you the first time!" was her response.

We had a great day visiting Jaime and her boys. We got to see their new place, which is really nice and beautifully landscaped. Her three boys, Brookleyn, and Trae got along nicely, and poor Elliot missed out on all the fun. Trae learned "mine,mine" I thought he was saying "mommom", because the first time he said it I was walking out of Jaime's place and I thought maybe he thought I was leaving him....I figured out what he really meant when Brookelyn was sharing her drink and told him no more.

One word??

No more than ONE

You Can Only Type One Word! Not as easy as you
might think. Copy or forward, change the answers to suit
you, and pass it on. (It's hard to only use one-word

1. Where is your cell phone? Counter
2. Your significant other? work
3. Your hair?soft
4. Your skin? hormonal
5. Your mother? home?
6. Your favorite thing? family
7. Your dream last night? weird
8. Your favorite drink? tea
9. Your dream/goal? fulfillment
10. The room you're in? living
11. Your ex? none
12. Your fear? death
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? studio
14. Where were you last night? meeting
15. What you're not? sarcastic!!:)
16. Muffins? lemonpoppyseed
17. One of your wish list items? thin
18. Where you grew up? Wisconsin
19. The last thing you did? eat
20. What are you wearing? clothes
21. Your TV? None
22. Your pet(s)? none
23. Your computer? laptop
24. Your life? Amazing
25. Your mood? tired
26. Missing someone? nah
27 Your car? dented
28. Something you're not wearing? contacts
29 Favorite Store? OldNavy
30. Your summer? busy
31. Like someone? Jason
32. Your favorite color? Brown
33. When is the last time you laughed? Today
34. Last time you cried? Monday
35. Who will/would re-post this? ?
36. Who's Answers are you anxious to see? everyone's


Bay Beach

This is Jeff, Emily's twin brother. SHe was pointing him out, but I had no clue who she meant until he looked at us straight on and I realized they look almost identical.

* I am so glad I didn't have twins. I had Elliot, Gabe, & Emily. Gabe doesn't listen. He's also crude and obnoxious...making gestures to kiss his butt, or up yours! Emily made me sad. She kept calling me mom, which Elliot didn't accept, but she would look at me like I was her whole world. At one point she commented that she wanted a Sea Gull to bite her because "she wants to die"....said flat and without emotion.
* I'm not a Tilt-A-Whirl girl anymore. I only went on because Emily was too short to go on without an adult, and the first time the boys went, she got teary on me. I felt bad, and agreed to go the next time so she could go, since it's her favorite ride. We went after lunch....our car was spinning like crazy, I was getting really dizzy, and Elliot was yelling "It's baby kicking time!!" Don't ask, I have no idea.
* Bird poop on another mom's shirt...I don't think she knew it was there. I wasn't up to being like "Hi, I'm Elliot's mom, nice to meet you....do you know a gull pooed on your sleeve?" So I didn't mention it.
* A girl about 10 walked by with her mom, and then turned around and threw her sweatshirt at her mom. Her mom stopped and told her to come pick it up. She turns around, glaring, then stomps over, and says "FINE, BUT I'M NOT GOING!!!" Mom replies "going where?" "HOME" The way I see it, if you go on a field trip and the bus is leaving, you best be on it honey. She walked away(this is in a playground area with a bunch of little kids) kicking wood chips up for all she was worth...at her mom, at other kids. I'd love to see the teenage years, as the mom had only that one response, to make her pick up her own coat.
* We were waiting in line for the boats, and this little boy(2-3) is begging and crying at the lady to let him on. He is all alone, but she refuses because he doesn't have a ticket. He falls at her feet, and continues crying and pleading with her. Another mom from another school asks if he's with me, and I assumed he was with her. After figuring out that he is with no one and lost, we ask the girl at the boats who he's with. She says she doesn't know, he just keeps begging for a ride, but doesn't have a ticket...he's been doing this for like 10-15 minutes. My first thought was "why are you not trying to find who this kid belongs to? Why not get him on the boats regardless if he has a ticket or not so that he doesn't wander further, in hopes someone will come looking for the kid? Why not find someone else who can help this boy find his party? Apparently none of that crossed her mind, and she just kept encouraging him to go find his mom and ask her for a ticket. I ask where I can go to have someone announce that BusyBee Daycare out of Shawano, WI has lost one of their children. She says if I go look for someone in a dark blue polo shirt or maybe a light blue sweatshirt, maybe they could help? Oh yeah, she was that clueless. The other mom spotted a group that were all wearing yellow shirts, but she had just put her kid on a ride, so I gathered my group, and before heading off, told the girl to make sure he stays there until someone comes for him. I spotted his group and was going to alert them of the missing boy.(the other mom gave him a ticket so he could ride the ride) I walked up to the daycare group, who were having lunch at a picnic table. "Do you realize your missing a kid?" I say. "no, we have sixteen....12345678910111213141516....I have 16 on my list. Two other teachers go to the boats after I explain that's where I left him and how I made the lady keep him there until the could fetch him. The 4 teachers are asking each other who could be missing, they have 16, and there's 16 on the list! I tell them "well, he's wearing your shirt and he's all alone, I suppose you should go check and see" They actually only had 15 kids at the table, despite counting like, 4 times. I stayed nearby to see what happened when they returned. The two teachers walk up and one says "she gave him a ticket for the boats! Can you believe that? He asks for a ticket and she just gives him one....?!" Well, I didn't give him the ticket, but I thought it was ridiculous that she was faulting me for giving him a ticket when they had lost him and didn't even realize it. There were 4 teachers, 16 kids. Simple math gets you 4 kids per teacher....every time I saw the group that day, I counted to make sure they had 16. I'm so fortunate not to have to put my kids in daycare.


Trae's new words....

Jason was brushing his teeth before meeting tonight, I was lying on the bed talking to him. Trae toddled up and said "toothpaste?...Please!" Sooo cute. Then in meeting, he was looking at a book with babies in it. You could lift the flaps to see the baby's eyes, nose, ect. He was lifing the flap and saying "peek!"


I had a woodtick on my sleeve just now...crawling along like no ones business. I haven't even been outside today, so now I feel like curling into a ball because who knows how many woodticks are running free-range through my house? I thought about a walk today after Elliot gets off the bus, he has 1/2 day, but now I'm scared...

Trae's new lovey

This is the hairpeice I picked up last night for $9.98....I put it in Trae's hands when I got home(he was already asleep, daddy put the kids to bed while I was out shopping with the girls...)This is what it looked like this morning. He slept well though, and so did I!

*****A note about the hair...Trae looks at me like I'm nuts when I give it to him, but I think it will pass in the night when he's not fully awake!



* Elliot and Brookelyn Both told me w/in the last week that they want to be "fatogafers" I support that. Brookelyn says she's going to have 2 jobs, a photographer and going to college!

* This morning Brookelyn asked me if someday we could "go an get all da penguins and bring 'em to are pond so they don't be code cuz they live in code places and our pond is warm?"

* Jason may be coming home tonight....something about needing the equipment for a job back here. He'll probably have to go back tomorrow though.

* We are going to visit Treasyn tonight.(our dog) We were coming home the other day and Jason pointed out a Boxer "like Treasyn" Brookelyn teared up right away and said how much she missed him. When we pulled into our driveway, Brookelyn said "Mom, Elliot's crying" I looked, and his lipped was curled, but he was trying sooo hard not to cry. When I asked what was wrong, he broke into sobs, and said "I MISS TREASYN!" Poor kids....we aren't getting him back though. It took them this long to insist on visiting, so we'll just keep this up. It is soooo nice not to have to worry about finding a place for him when we go away.

* I wish the weather would stop being wishy-washy and warm up already....I love not having to find socks and coats for all the kids.

*Trae learned how to kiss with his mouth closed in the last week. Today, I was talking to a friend, and he kept kissing me on the lips with his cute little mouth. He even makes the little kiss sound. I wish I could bottle them for when he outgrows me...


6 Random things about me......

1. I am deathly afraid of wood ticks and leeches.
2. I don't like to swim in lakes, ponds, rivers....we have a pond and no one has ever swam in it.
3. I've recently had a longing to move to Colorado. Obviously it's my hormones.
4. Speaking of those, I have been really emotional lately. I'm not one to show my emotion despite being pregnant, but I was telling a story and broke into tears. To be fair, Marsha and I were talking about how hard Pam seemed to be taking Kimber's graduation. We were talking about a song that Miley Cyrus did with her dad, and then I had to go and bring up the song "I loved her first" My friend had this for the father/daughter dance at her wedding, and each time I heard it after she played it for me, I'd sob.(if I was alone, I was pregnant with Trae at the time...) I asked her is I had told her the story about what Jason said when we found out we were having another boy and Brookelyn would be our only daughter. *I broke down here* Then when I got my bearings, I finished the story. He said that if we only had one daughter, he'd only have to give one away. He had tears in his eyes, but of course won't admit it. I thought it was sweet and I'm looking forward to special outings with her....
5. I can get off on a tangent.
6. I really appreciate it when I hear from someone I haven't heard from in awhile...I try to keep up with everyone, and it feels good when someone seeks me out.
Here are some more pictures of our weekend....I forget to mention that Trae got a hold of a stray q-tip and put it in his ear. He screamed, and when I pulled it out, it had a tiny amout of blood on it. That was Thursday night, and he was fine. Friday, he woke up with blood pooled in his ear. I called his pediatrician, and they recommended that he be seen. I took him to an Urgent Care in Eau Claire,ct and they said it was scabbed in there, so they really couldn't tell if he had perforated his ear drum or just scratched it. He did have an ear infection in the other ear, which I suspect never cleared up when he had it a month ago. Probably the reason for the poor sleep....he never had a fever though, so I thought if he did have an infection yet, he'd get a fever. He is sleeping better now he's on antibiotics, and that made 3 trips into the ER or Urgent Care for the week. So far, no more problems with his ear, but I have to take him in when the antibiotics are done to make sure it healed properly. I don't know what the next child is in for, Trae gets hurt more than any of the other kids, but it does seem to get worse with each child. Hmm, is it that the parents get less paranoid or the other kids teach the little ones dangerous things?? I don't know...most people comment on my being over protective, but each time someone gets hurt I feel like an inadequate parent.

Glamour shots

The whole lot of us...

My cute little neices
**This was the right way before I posted it...I do know how to rotate photos:0)

Grandma & Grandpa Dykstra

Nate, Marsha, & girls

Our family

Brookelyn, Ana, Trae, Elliot, Olive




a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_BpJyDadrpr8/SDEFSoIBn_I/AAAAAAAAAqc/NWkaELm0-WA/s1600-h/IMG_9937.JPG">
Mom, Dad, and Misty

Casey and Misty

The Graduate II

Guess who?? Kimber and I!

Kimber and Marsha

This was a self portrait...it was supposed to be Kimber and I, but this is how it ended up. Sweet, huh?

The whole bunch of 'em

Kimber and all her bro's...I suppose this will be Brookelyn someday.

The Graduate
I am awake with a stuffy head and sinus headache, so I figure to pass the time I would re-cap my long weekend. Marsha and I and the kids headed up to Steve and Pam's Thursday night. We helped with getting the house ready for Kimberly's graduation...I guess I watched the kids and did center pieces, Marsha and Pam cleaned. The graduation was at 8pm, and afterwards we headed back to Steve and Pam's to do pictures. We headed home about 10:30p.m. We got to see Pam's parents who came from Montana, and we'll be flying there in July to return the visit.
Saturday I woke up sicker than the past two days(I had a really bad cough and cold, and a hard time catching my breath) and headed out to shoot a wedding in Green Bay. The wedding was fine, barring a few glitches, the main one being that I couldn't breathe. After the wedding was all said and done, I headed directly into the ER, because the issue with my breathing got progressivly worse throughout the day. I ended up with a diagnosis of Asthma and allergies, and a breathing treatment. I felt better after about 1/2 hour after the treatment, and then woke up this morning with a migraine/sinus headache. We went to mtg, and then headed into Oshkosh to see Misty graduate with her LPN degree. We are proud of both of them. Kimber is headed off to Mancato to become a pilot, and Misty is going back for her RN degree soon. Both graduated with high honors. We went back to mom and dad's for supper and ice cream to celebrate, and a round of "what should Jason and Amber name the baby" Some suggestions: Hugh, Orion, Oliver, Violet,(I know, a girl's name right? Everyone apparently kept forgetting it was a BOY!!)Heath, Victor, Fick, Matt, Perry, & Ray, to name a few. Sadly, none of these are even considerations, and we didn't get any new possibilities for his name. I guess we'll call him baby....

Jason is headed out of town, possibly all week.........I'll post more pic's tomorrow I'm going to try the sleeping thing again!



I put a pillow in Trae's crib last night and Viola!....he slept in his own bed until 4:30a.m......He's old enough for a pillow, right? He uses it in our bed. I have been trying to get him to rub his own hair, and it's cut down a lot....I even checked into getting one of those hair pieces at the mall. They had one with braids and a few tufts of hair for around a bun for $25, and a long wispy one for $35, but it had rods up the center and I knew that wouldn't fly. I plan to have a security object all ready for this new little guy, so I don't have to go through this again. Although then I think that he will be my last baby and I know that will be hard for me, so I'll probably want to let him do the hair thing, it's soooo sweet at first. I am planning on a garage sale soon, I think it's going to be hard also. I haven't really gotten rid of any baby things, but the girl clothes can go, and some of the boy stuff since "he'll" be in a different season from the other boys. Anywhoo....

Marsha & I are headed up to Pam & Steve's with all the kids tonight. Jason and Nate will follow tomorrow after Jason finishes up work for the week. Kimberly graduates tomorrow night at 8p.m. I have to shoot a wedding about an hour away on Saturday @ 11:30 (start time), so we'll be heading back Friday night afterwards. Looking forward to seeing Jason's Grandma & Grandpa Dykstra, they haven't met Trae yet. Sunday Misty graduates with her LPN degree, so we'll be in Oshkosh for that on Sunday. I am so proud of her, she finished in a year, and soon we'll get to meet baby Anya! I suppose I should get to packing, it's quite a feat for the 5 of us. Can't imagine convention this year, I think we'll have to force him out if he doesn't come out on his own, but packing is going to be a monster with a newborn and the rest of my brood! Really hoping to make it there, and I really don't want to travel to far with a newborn, so I'm crossing my fingers he'll make his appearance before then;0)

Have a great weekend everyone, you probably won't hear from me again until Monday.


Would you rather.....

I thought this would be fun, it's from the game "Would you rather"....
Would you rather:

Eat a can of cat food -or- eat 7 whole lemons (seeds, pulp, juice, and rind)? eat the lemons, have you ever smelled a cat?

Have one child who is totally out of control -or- 9 children who are well behaved angels? 9 angels, I couldn't stop at one...

Have an attractive spouse with a hideously annoying laugh -or- an attractive spouse who is a really bad dresser? The bad dresser, because I could take over. I pick out his clothes anyway...

Without ever being able to wash them, be forced to forever use the same bath towel
-or- sleep in the same sheets? Use the bath towel, at least I've just gotten clean!

Publicly mud wrestle your spouse -or- a stranger? My spouse, I actually would really like to mud wrestle some day, but not in public.

Wake up one day and not recognize your friends and family -or- wake up one day and have them not recognize you? It would brake my heart if my kids didn't recognize me...

Have very, very smelly underarm sweat -or- non-odorous underarm sweat that nonetheless causes terrible stains on all your clothes? Well, I wouldn't want to smell, and I have the stains in my clothes, but not to this extreme already, so I'd choose the stains. Besides, I'd just have to get new clothes often.

Have one thick, furry eyebrow across your entire forehead -or- and inordinate amount of ear and nose hair that cannot be removed? I guess I'll spring for the uni-brow.

Have all your friends be smarter than you -or- have all your friends be much better looking than you? I guess I really wouldn't want to be the dumb or ugly girl, but if I HAD to choose, I'd rather be the dumb girl.

As a 25 year old, forget your entire childhood up to age 15 -or- lose your memory of the last 5 years? I'd rather forget my childhood, than forget my kids childhood.

As a groom, forget the ring -or- be one hour late for your wedding? Forget the ring, I'm sure someone has one we could borrow. Besides, if I was the bride and the groom was late, there probably wouldn't be a wedding.(excluding emergencies of course)

Be offensive -or- incredibly passive? Offensive, I cannot imagine not having an opinion...

Share your home with 6 90 year old men and 6 90 year old women -or- 2 ostriches? The 12 old people, old people are sweet and birds are not.

Get free gas for your car or the next 5 years -or- be exempt from speeding tickets for the rest of your life? I'd take the gas, if I ended up with a ticket, what I save on gas would pay for it.

Have the power to read minds -or- the power to make anyone fall in love with you? Read minds, no contest. at least you'd know what the other person thinks about you before wasting time trying to make them fall for you!

Spend every minute for the rest of your life indoors -or- outdoors? Tough call, but I'd say indoors, I can't take sleeping in the cold, rain, sleet, hail, snow, thunder, lightning....

Hand upside down suspended from the Eiffel Tower by a nylon cord -or- be strapped to the wing of a flying airplane with only duct tape? I hate both options, but I'd choose the Eiffel Tower because I'd move less, and at least I could hold on to it. Actually, I'd probably die of fright either way, heights freak me out.

Be 6 feet tall and ugly -or- 3 feet tall and beautiful? 3 feet tall and beautiful, like a fairy.

Be stranded on an island for 2 years with 20 friends -or- with a group of 20 famous people of your choosing? Friends, famous people are over-rated.

Be stuck in a warm, dark place -or- a cold, light place? Warm and dark.

Have a photo place always lose your photos -or- have the airlines always lose your luggage? Always lose my luggage, you can't get memories back.

This n that.....

I thought this outfit was especially cute...got 2 compliments on it at meeting! 20weeks....

My Mother's Day gift from Elliot...it says "My mom is beautiful. I love her because she gives me kisses when I go to school." They made us a candle holder, and the tea light inside has a heart on it. It smells really good. I also got 2 bags and a box of chocolate, and Ralph Lauren Blue perfume. It was a really good day. We had lunch at Mom and Dad's with a lot of the family.

Brookelyn's eye today
I went to Walgreen's last night and spent 1 1/2 hours going through pictures on Cd's to print them off. I really enjoyed it, some were from when we built our house, and the kids were so little. I was looking forward to getting the pictures, I haven't got around to going back to print pictures, and back then I didn't have the time to sit in Walmart editing them to be printed. Anyway, their machine malfunctioned and deleted my order, so it was a dramatic waste of time....
Brookelyn's eye is doing well, I ended up taking her to the ER, because when I called the nurse to see if we needed to be icing it, she asked if her pupils were the same size, which they weren't. She could, however, look up, down, right, & left, and her eye wasn't blood sot and didn't hurt unless she pressed on it. ( she pressed on it all day, and it totally gave me the willies....) They insisted I rush her into the ER, as she could have something more serious. We waited for 2hrs, and they said since she could look up, down, right , & left, and her eye wasn't blood shot, and it didn't hurt unless she pressed on it, that it wasn't anything to worry about and she would just bruise, which is really normal. (sorry for the extreme run-on...)
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