Snow?? Come on....

I woke up this morning to find a ridiculous amount of snow covering our freshly cut grass. I am in spring cleaning mode, and snow really messes with my mojo in the spring cleaning department. However, I started going through my cabinets, and I'm desperate to get everything back in it's place, so I must go on. This stay at home thing is suiting me well, I've baked homeade bread twice in the last week! I plan to go through the closets and get out all the winter stuff (since we shouldn't need it anymore) along with all my non-maternity things. We have meeting here Wednesday, and Bonita is staying for Thur. and Fri. nights, so the house should be sparkling. I think I may go shovel the snow off my yard, it's only like two acres. I suppose the snow will cover up the smell of the fresh cut grass to. I suppose why complain if we can't change it?

I made an observation on those of us who did the 50?'s thingy...almost everyone was wearing comfy clothes! I really don't see a point in getting all dressed unless I am going somewhere, seems that's how everyone feels. Oh, I also made this amazing (okay, it's not THAT amazing, but it was good) drink. 1 cup coffee, 3tsp Swiss Mocha coffee drink mix, 2 Liberal scoops of whipped cream. YUM!!
I suppose I may as well get to my chores...(sigh):)


Jeff & Aleigh said...

I agree!!! I'm SOOO sick of snow!!! How does it go from Hawaii weather to Alaska weather within a few days!!! UGH!!

Diane T. said...

Amen....everyone was complaining at our house this morning. Our kids sure had fun playing on Saturday.

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