Oh, & one more thing...

We moved Trae's crib out of our room, (I know, it's about time) and we put him down in there after we rock him to sleep, but usually he ends up in our bed by 2a.m. Last night, he was in our bed when I got home around 11:15, so I put him in his crib. He slept there until 5:30a.m.!!! When he sleeps by me, he started this new thing where he wraps his arms around me neck as tight as they go and has them all wrapped up in my hair. Then he nuzzles his face into my neck. I feel like he's not getting enough air, but when I try to pull back some, he grabs my hair and pulls my head right back where it was. So my my neck is out, and I don't sleep good when he's in there because i'm worried he can't breathe and he pulls my hair when he starts to wake up. My boys have always had a thing for hair, and since he ditched his Nuk, thats his comfort thing. So hopefully he'll start sleeping like last night, every night. That would be a good thing.


ShareandRemember said...

Brett always loved playing with hair too and still does. If his hair is long he twirls it on top. Good thing he's not a girl or it would be really tangled! Hope Trae sleeps well for you. You'll both sleep better if he's in his own bed & soon he will be used to it.

Lindsay said...

yeah, no prob! london's a great name... we don't mind if you use it! we have no problem with that sort of thing... and we don't hold a copyright on it or anything :)hope jason likes it too... names are so hard sometimes! good luck!

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