Most annoying april fools joke ever...

Amber, your hairs on fire!!APRIL FOOLS!!!
(10min later...) Amber, your hairs on fire!!APRIL FOOLS!!!
(20 min later...) Amber, your hairs on fire!! APRIL FOOLS!!! Get my drift??
This went on all night tonight, with two separate clients trying to "fool" me.
One shift down, Five to go. My boss said if the photography doesn't work out, definitely give them a call. The photography will work out. Period. I am not going back to that place, I can't, I won't!! (said with much drama for effect)
I am feeling much more myself today. I realized when I read through some of my older lighthearted posts, that i'd become a different person. I was getting crabby and boring and you guys probably didn't even want to bother with my blog. I felt trapped or clausterphobic or something. I felt like I never had time for anything and I am (still) so exhausted. I mentioned to my sister that I think my morning(night) sickness was actually letting up...knock on wood. Tonight, I had to throw up in a coffee mug on the way home again, so obviously I spoke to soon. Good thing my husband leaves his mug in the van. I suppose blogging after work, which i've recently been doing because I haven't been able to sleep, is not helping the exhaustion issue...my Sciatic nerve is on my last nerve, my legs have been going numb at night, so that's been an issue along with heartburn. I feel like I may have to throw up again soon, but if I lay down now, I may be able to avoid it. Goodnight!


Lindsay said...

and another point goes to the inventor of the coffee mug for unknowingly creating the world's handiest pregnant woman's barf-bag... hope you start feeling better soon! :)

Brian, Erin, Connor & Ty said...

Wow - so sorry you're still stuck w/ all the pukey pregnancy stuff! Seems like around 3 months I start feeling better so I'll wish that your way! Oh and congratulations on quitting your job - you have done awesome to stick it out this far. Happy picture taking : )

Lindsay said...

oh, and just to let you know, your posts are still interesting! group home work in particular seems to have the 'draggy' effect... it does wear you down. but just in case you were wondering, we still like reading your blog!! hi to the family for us... :)

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