Have you ever wondered?

I was laying by Trae this afternoon while he was sleeping. He looked so peaceful and calm. I've been wondering lately, what do babies think of their lives? He is the third born child, born to a middle class family with a brother and sister. He lives in a place that is cold most of the year. I wonder, mostly, what does he think of his parents. We can't pick our parents...He seems to like me fine, honestly I am probably his favorite person at this juncture. What will he do with his life. Who will he marry, if he marries? What kind of job will he hold? I guess my job is to raise him the best I can, so that he does hold a job, and if he marries, he treats his wife with respect and love. I suppose, if I had to gaurantee anything for my kids, I would really want them to be a part of our religion and put God first. When I think of the responsibility of my influence on 4 lives, it really sobers me. I guess I'll be the best example I can be and let God take care of the rest. Oh, and I really hope they know how much their mom loved them, because I really, really do.

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Sam said...

It must be a mother instinct because I think about those things all the time. I am terrified that I am doing it wrong and worry what kind of person I am molding them into be through my parenting. I am constantly thinking about things like that all the time, ecspecially watching them sleep, there is just something about their little faces while they are sleeping, so innocent, I cannot even describe my love for them, its too powerful.

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