It's a healthy baby.....

So we had the ultrasound this morning. The woman who starts the scan was training and we told her right away we wanted to know the sex. She said that if she could tell us for sure, she'd say, otherwise she'd get all the measurements and things she needed, and then the next tech could tell us for certain. We kept getting glimpses and I thought I could tell, but since the trained tech wasn't saying, I lay there on the table ready to combust with anticipation. Finally after 40 minutes, we got a VERY clear shot of the genitals, and she asked "So, would you like to know the gender of your baby?" Hello, uh, yea, any day now...."It's a boy" I said. He has a sizeable package for such a little peanut! I am so over the moon in love with the little guy, that it softens the blow of being wrong. I really hate to be wrong about things, and I hope the little man can forgive me for calling him "she" up until now. He looked perfect and was very cooperative with the tech's, each time they would say they needed a specific picture of something, he'd give them just that! His heart rate was 146BPM, and he weighs 11ounces. Brookelyn was happy, she didn't cry like the last time....he's really super cute, but my computer doesn't want to upload today, so no pictures, but tomorrow when my high speed is hooked up, I'll try to post pics. I can't wait to show him off.


Incompetence really irritates me.....

I wanted to post a belly picture in case anyone wanted to guess what the baby is, as tomorrow is our ultrasound. BUT, my computer is apparently incompetent, and "cannot display the web page" So feel free to guess, sorry I can't give you a visual. I did post a few weeks ago with belly pics, so feel free to go back....Let y'all know what we find out tomorrow!
I've been having second thoughts about the baby being a girl, but I'm not one to go against my first gut instinct. I guess we'll see, I can't wait!



Well, today proved productive. I got all the upper cabinets wiped out and re-organized, did about 5 loads of laundry, a load of dishes(and washed all large dishes)and got the lazy susan emptied, but not put back together yet. Needless to say, my heels and sciatic nerve are on fire, and I haven't yet showered. My plan is to get the lazy susan squared away, and do the silverware drawer in time for Jason to get home. Then I can shower and hopefully get to the library yet tonight. Oh, and I also got an order in for high speed Internet!! Will be all set up on the 1st, and will only cost $25 more per month. My life is about to change...it ain't never gonna be the same...I'll be living in a different world....! Guess I'll stop there, as I can't find rhyming words pertaining to high speed Internet for "when boy meets girrrlll." So, yea me, for accomplishing a lot today...and here's to tomorrow!(finishing the rest of the cabinets and starting on closets) I hope I can keep up the motivation:0)!

Snow?? Come on....

I woke up this morning to find a ridiculous amount of snow covering our freshly cut grass. I am in spring cleaning mode, and snow really messes with my mojo in the spring cleaning department. However, I started going through my cabinets, and I'm desperate to get everything back in it's place, so I must go on. This stay at home thing is suiting me well, I've baked homeade bread twice in the last week! I plan to go through the closets and get out all the winter stuff (since we shouldn't need it anymore) along with all my non-maternity things. We have meeting here Wednesday, and Bonita is staying for Thur. and Fri. nights, so the house should be sparkling. I think I may go shovel the snow off my yard, it's only like two acres. I suppose the snow will cover up the smell of the fresh cut grass to. I suppose why complain if we can't change it?

I made an observation on those of us who did the 50?'s thingy...almost everyone was wearing comfy clothes! I really don't see a point in getting all dressed unless I am going somewhere, seems that's how everyone feels. Oh, I also made this amazing (okay, it's not THAT amazing, but it was good) drink. 1 cup coffee, 3tsp Swiss Mocha coffee drink mix, 2 Liberal scoops of whipped cream. YUM!!
I suppose I may as well get to my chores...(sigh):)


Conversations with Trae

Trae: Ball?
Me: Mama?
Trae: Ball?
Me: Love you.
Trae: (hugs me)Ball?
Me: Love you...
Trae: (kisses me)Ball?
Me: No
Trae: (licks me)Ball?


Picture upload is fixed!..I guess I spoke to soon, it will only let me upload these for now. Enjoy.

You may not beleive it, but I was just like her when I was little, total tomboy.

The veiw.

Elliot caught the first fish...I think this is such an adorable picture of him. He is definitely a sportsman.

Trae wasn't impressed with the fish, it was opening and closing it's mouth. Trae was really good and sat in the stroller for a good 45 minutes. He played on the lawn mower and the Ranger for the remaining 15-20mins.

If you have a blog, consider yourself tagged....!

1. Where were you three hours ago? A potluck.
2. Who are you in love with? My husband, and I love my kids and family.
3. Have you ever eaten a crayon? I'm sure I have. I got one stuck one up my nose once to.
4. Is there anything pink w/in 10 feet of you? My coffee mug.
5. When was the last time you went to the mall? Wednesday.
6. Are you wearing socks? Never, unless I'm wearing tennis shoes or my boots. And never in bed.
7. Do you have a car worth over $2000? Yes, and a van.
8. When was the last time you drove out of town? Wednesday.
9. Have you been to the movies in the last five days? No
10. Are you hot? Temperature wise I'm actually okay now. I was froze at the potluck, so I am starting to thaw. Hot, hot? Let me know what you think...
11.What was the last thing you had to drink? I am drinking mocha now. I went grocery shopping and saw it, it's the powdered stuff. It made me think of my grandma...we always has it at her house while we played games.
12.What are you wearing? VS lounge pants, long sleeved tee, sweatshirt, underwear.
13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? The rain does it. Go green!
14. What was the last thing you ate? We ate at the potluck...veggie pizza, fruit and lettuce salad, my grandma's beans, broccoli & cauliflower salad, roll up thingy, roubarb dessert.
15. Where were you last week at this time? Shooting a wedding...the weather was much better...
16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? Yes. Maternity things.
17. When is the last time you ran? I have to run after Trae all the time. Most recently at the funeral I think.
18. What is the last sporting event you watched? The Super Bowl...I only enjoy live events though. Oh, and only if my team wins.
19. What is your favorite animal? Not much of an animal fan...I loved my dog enough to give him away. To a good home.
20. What is your dream vacation? Italy, hands down.
21. The last persons house you were in? My mom and dad's.
22. Worst injury you ever had? Ectopic pregnancy & postpartum hemorrhage.
23. Have you ever been in love? Yes, and I still am.
24. Do you miss anyone right now? All my girlfriends, I need a girls night out desperately. HINT HINT!
25. Last play you saw? Well, we saw stomp recently, I don't know if that qualifies?
26. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex? Well, I've been told it's my smile and my eyes....
27.What are your plans for tonight? I'll have to wait and see what type of mood strikes, probably sleeping.
28. Who is the last person you sent a face book message or comment? Face book doesn't apply, I don't even know what it is...I commented on Shannon's blog, congratulating her on having another boy.
29. What is the next trip you're going to take? Montana with the In-laws in July.
30. Have you ever gone to camp? Tree's for tomorrow. My dad chaperoned.
31. Were you an honor roll student? Yes.
32. What do you want to know about the future? If this baby is a boy or a girl!
33. Are you wearing any cologne or perfume? Yes, toning bust and neck serum...it smells awesome. I am out of my two fave perfumes right now, if anyone would like to alert my husband in time for mother's day...
34. Are you do sometime this year for a Dr's appointment? Yes, on Wednesday.
35. Where is your best friend? In the bathroom!
36. How is your best friend? Crabby today.
37. Do you have a tan? No.
38. What are you listening to right now? The voices in my head...
39. Do you collect anything? Shoes and hygiene products.
40. Who is the best gossip you know? It's family....
41. When was the last time you got stopped by the cops or picked up? Last year for a burned out tail light.
42. Ever drink soda from a straw? Only fountain soda, but I usually have tea.
43. What does your last text message say? Reservation Road is an excellent movie.
44. DO you like hot sauce? Not really. Mild is okay.
45. Last time you showered? This morning, it was lukewarm because I was last, as usual.
46. Do you need to do laundry? As usual, yes.
47. What is your heritage? French, Irish, & German, and a little Indian.
48. Are you some one's best friend? I hope so.
49. Are you rich? Nah...but my life is rich with the things that matter most.
50. What were you doing at 12a.m. last night? Battling heartburn.

Saturday Morning

I made homeade bread last night and re-warmed it for breakfast with homeade strawberry jam. Yum!

Brookelyn was trying to convince my mom that I wanted to name the baby Dweeb. Do I seem like that type of a person?!



This weather is a total downer. I had dreams of taking the kids for walks and playing out in the yard, and it just keeps raining. And raining...I also have a rickin' photo shoot I want to do with Trae, and I've waited 5 weeks! My dad's dog had puppies, and he has a John Deere tractor with a wagon. I want to take it down by the river across the road, and put Trae is little bibs and a hat, and put all the puppies in the trailer. It will be so precious if I get it done before they're all sold....I want to take the kids to the park on a sunny day and get updated pictures to. I suppose I have all summer for that.
I can barely contain my excitement about my impending ultrasound. I was thinking for some reason that it was next Tuesday, and then my dear sister, Misty, burst my bubble by telling me the 30th is on Wednesday. Good she did though, because I may have gone on Tuesday....Oh, and Brookelyn like Kitus (kite-us) for a boy. Hmm, I wonder if this child will produce grand kids,and what kind of names she'll bestow on them?


Elliot is being sassy....

Lately, whenever I ask Elliot to help out clearing the table or picking up his clothes, or picking up his toys, he tells me that he has to do EVERYTHING, and I don't do anything. We had this discussion about how he can help put his own things away, and how mommy does the cooking and the laundry and alot of other things. I also told him it is disrespectful to talk to your mom that way, and I didn't want to hear him say that to me anymore. So, tonight, him and Brookelyn made a snack of shredded wheat, and then graham crackers, which they dunk in water...?? Anyway, they made a sizable mess, and I asked them to clean it up because it was their mess. Elliot went into one, so I decided that he could do it by himself, and explained that because he was throwing a fit and telling me no, he now had to do it all by himself. You know, the whole cause and effect thing? He went into his little tirade about how I don't do anything, and he does EVERYTHING. He was yelling at me, and the kid must have guts because I got right in his face and told him I didn't want to hear him talk to me like that(I wasn't yelling) and he just repeated it again. He ended up with a tap on the mouth, as he just kept yelling over me, and then he said it one more time! I tapped his mouth again, not hard, but enough to make my point. Trae learned please,so the sweetness of that counter acts Elliot's rudeness, and hopefully we can get the politeness to stick and the rudeness to leave.

Trae's favorite word is "ball" which is also so sweet when he says it. If he wants to go outside, he stands by the door and says ball, because there are balls outside. If he wants a clementine, he stands by the refrigerator and says ball, because they look like little balls. He got 100 balls for his birthday, and he throws them over the gate by the basement stairs, and then stands there saying ball until one of the kids goes and gets some. Then one by one he throws them over again, watches them bounce all the way down, and begins again.


Today we went shopping with Misty, she wanted to find a dress for Nicole's wedding. She got the same as me, which is super cute. She had a doctors appointment to, so it worked out well. I found some great deals at Goodwill on maternity clothes, I found some really comfy dresses for summer. I also bought some light clothes for shooting weddings, as I roasted on Saturday. I figured I'd recap my day as I was posting anyway, but what I really wanted to post about:

We arrived back at about 4:20p.m. At 4:30p.m. the neighbor kids showed up. They came over last night and played on the Barbie Jeep and Gator, the kids had fun. The one kid, Danny, is like 15. The other one is 5, his name is Cole. There is also Carly, who is like 8 or 9. So, Cole knocks on our door, and when I answer, they are around the front of the house waiting for me to talk to them. Cole demands to drive "the cars" while Danny looks at the ground. I tell Cole that we are getting ready to leave, and the batteries are charging from last night, but he's welcome to play with Brookelyn on the swing set. (my mom picked Elliot up from school) He says no, he wants to drive the cars. I explain again, and he says "we can't drive them cuz there not charged, and I wanna drive them" He finally agrees to play on the swing set, and they play there for about 1/2 hr. I was walking around the yard with Trae, and I see them go into the garage, Danny on the lookout, and Cole trying to get the Barbie Jeep out quick. I tell Danny that my husband is on his way home and then we are leaving, so please tell him not to take out the jeep. He looks at the ground and mumbles "what?" I say it again, and he ignores me, so I tell Cole that we aren't getting the jeep out because we are getting ready to leave. He crosses his arms aver his chest and says "I'm never gonna be able to come here again." I told him he is welcome to come play again, but we are leaving blah....blah...same thing I've been saying about the jeep. Danny tells him "not to be like that" and he says "I can't play here ever again, you don't even like me anymore!" Uhhh, you're right you ungrateful brat, I don't. Actually, I do like you, but I don't like your attitude. Or the fact that you'll be watching our house all summer, so when we come home, you can come over and demand to take our cars for a spin. So off they went, him pouting and crying.

I must note that this Danny is odd. While we were building our house, he would sit in our ditch and spy on us through the weeds, which made me uncomfortable. I would go invite him to hang out, and he would just get up and run off. One time after we had moved in, I noticed he was by our pond. I walked out there and asked him not to play by our pond (or on our land w/out asking for that matter)because we didn't want anyone getting hurt, and he turned around and looked into the weeds, and then took off running without saying anything. He was telling me today that Cloe's dad pulled him out of school because people pick ed on him to much and called him names. I asked if they were going to home school him then, and he said "No, he's just keepin him out, he's just done." I was like "well, he can't not go to school, I mean there's like laws that say they have to go" and he says "well, legally, he can drop out at 16....." Ohhh...okay, that make sense. Carly and Cole are brother and sister, and they live with their grandma, who is Danny's mom. The dad probably just doesn't want to get the kid ready for school. I'm not sure what the deal is, because up until now, only Carly lived there. I'm guessing he's mine for the summer, and I'm glad the kids made friends with him. I do feel sorry for the kid, he looks like he's about 3, but he's 5. As long as they stay out of my house while I'm gone, I figure a little friendship never hurt anyone. It's hard to beleive that a five year old has to "drop out" because he's being teased, so I'm glad my kids get along with him.
Tonight during meeting, Trae was a total crab. Very fitting...he wore a shirt today that said crab cake...anyway we were out for the majority of the meeting. When the last hymn began, I said "let's go by dad" Trae would start to follow, and as soon as I stopped to make sure he was coming, he'd flop down on the floor and throw a fit. no crying or anything, just rolling around on the floor like he was about to go into one. Finally, after 3 times, I walked into meeting without him and he stood by the table and cried. We were at mom and dad's, so it's not like it was an unfamiliar place. He thinks I'm wrapped around his finger, bot did I show him;0)



I've been trying to post pic's all day...still gives me an error code. Anywho, my daughter saw an ambulance today, and asked where that "wambulance" was going. I asked her what she said, to make sure I heard her right, and she said it again. When the kids whine, we tell them we're going to call the "wambulance"!!
Trae bit me in the shin today. I jumped, and he started laughing hysterically. I would post a picture, but I can't, because my computer is dumb.


Kids are funny....

Last night as we were getting ready to leave mom and dad's, Elliot and Brookelyn were arguing over who got the middle seat. Elliot was telling her that he was going to make a sign saying " Elliot sits here." She said " No Elliot, that's not the situation..." When I got into the van, she was crying, and I asked her what was wrong. She was trying to get it out, and he's like " Mom, here's the issue. I'm makin' a sign that this is Elliot's seat.....blah blah...and she's trying to talk over him and give her side of the "situation" while doing lip-ups.
Today, I was going through the pictures of the wedding I shot on Sat., and Brookelyn was watching. There was a shot of the miniature brides shoes and bouquet, and Brookelyn asked if I liked her shoes. I replied "yeah, there pretty cute." She goes "yeah, I think they're kinda dorky too." It's almost like she thought I really didn't like them, but didn't want to tell her, so she was letting me know her opinion.
She wants to name the baby Martha for a girl.
Oh, and one last one. Today, her and Trae and I were sitting on the couch, and she goes " Mom, how come Trae's such a short (pause) chubby guy?" ;)

I've tried to post pictures 3 times today, and to no avail...will try again tomorrow.

Weekend haze

We had a very busy weekend. On Saturday, I shot a wedding, which was a total blast...the couple was very cooperative. We went to Lawrence Chapel and got some awesome shots. They arrived via Harley to their reception at the Le Meridian, and pulled right into the hall on them. Talk about a grand entrance. We got some awesome shots there to. They were great, and they said they'll recommend us, Yea!!
On Sunday, we had lunch at mom and dad's, and then took nice long naps. It felt great. For supper, we packed sandwiches and went to the boat landing across the road for a picnic and some fishing. The kids had a blast, Elliot especially. We don't think Brookelyn will be much of a fisher woman, but she had fun getting muddy and playing on the Ranger. At one point, Elliot wasn't watching his pole, and before we knew it, the pole was being dragged into the river! It was hilarious to watch my dad throw down his pole, leap over Brookelyn's pole, and grab Elliot's pole just in the nick of time. Mom and I couldn't stop laughing, and of course he's like "what?" Overall, we had 6 fish on, but only actually got two reeled in...My computer isn't letting me upload pictures, so I'll try again later.


Today we met Marsha and the girls at the outlet mall in Oshkosh. I found a lot of deals on things for the kids, and found the most gorgeous dress for Nicole's wedding. I had bought one several months ago, and then I found a really cute one at Old Navy, so I got that one too. When I walked into Motherhood, I saw this dress that was super cute, but I didn't like the price tag...I ended up trying it on and it was so perfect for a beach wedding that I had to buy it. We grabbed lunch at Taco Bell, and headed home in time for Elliot to get off the bus. Trae was especially great today, he just vegged out in the stroller while we shopped. He finally cut both of his bottom molars, and I think the ear infection is clearing up, so I have my happy boy back again!
Nicole and I went into Wittenburg to meet with her florist, who ended up not being there. Her husband was, and he said we'd "probably want to come back again when she was here..." I told him the problem with that was we drove an hour to meet with her, and he said "I thought you came from Clintonville" I asked him for directions from Clintonville, but we actually came from Manawa. We ended up picking out the flowers and I took pictures on my camera phone so when I call her, I know what I'm talking about. Nicole doesn't deal with people, so I am...Tony met us there to help with the flower selections, and we went to check out Mission Lake where they're getting married. We came back here and threw together a wedding invitation...I had taken a silhouette shot a few weeks ago that we are using for the invitation, so they decided on a time and I did up a sample on photoshop for their approval before I print them.
Steve stopped by to pick up a buffet that we sold them, and played baseball with the kids for a few minutes...Elliot is getting really good at hitting the ball! He would hit it and then Steve would run for it while Elliot ran the "bases" The circle of bases got smaller and smaller since they weren't marked with anything. He had a blast, and wants to start a team.


Crazy day

Brookelyn has a double ear infection. She complained of ear pain this a.m. and said if I called the doctor then, she could go in and find out what was wrong with her ear, we could come back home, and I could take her to school.(today was the kindergarten eval) She did well I guess, they have to score the evaluation, and then they'll send me an official report. They couldn't beleive that she had no problem with me leaving and coming back later to get her. They even invited her to have recess with Elliot! They said when Elliot saw her he got all excited and said "My sisters here!!" Then he walked down the hall with his arm around her telling everyone " this is my sister, Brookelyn." Apparently, the pain wasn't to bed, she was in a really giggly mood all day. I heard her laughing hysterically and when I went to see what it was all about, Trae had a sippy cup top by the handles and was tryin gto drink out of it, but it wasn't even attached to a cup! She thought that was really funny, and when she was trying to tell me about it, she just kept cracking up. Then, in the doctor's office, he was pretending her belly button was a door bell, and she would throw her head back and laugh everytime he'd "ring" it. It was great to see her in a good mood, despite being sick.

On another note, I finally got into the herb store in town and had an oil customized to help with my sciatic nerve pain. My right leg has been pretty well numb the last week during the night. Kind of an odd sensation when you crawl out of bed half asleep to pee and your leg is numb...anyway, for anyone interested, they used castor oil as a carrier oil, which is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory and then added almond, geranium, lemon, ginger, and frankincense. I plan to try it tonight, and I'll let you know how it works. additoinally, I bought some Bija healing tea, Double ginger...mmmm. Should help with the morning sickness and heartburn. I will have to call tomorrow and make sure that the castor oil in it isn't enough to induce labor, if it can induce it by being absorbed rather than ingested.

It is kind of a dull, sad day today, but when I open my doors, I can hear the frogs singing and see the ducks on the pond and the crains in the field and I know spring is here. I am feeling so free and happy these days, and I've discovered again what I love about my husband. It's fun to be togethere as a family without the work thing looming over my head, and I'm so glad it's working out. I get to get my creative juices flowing Saturday, as I have a wedding, so I'm really stoked, it will be a nice break, and I'll be home to tuck my kids into bed WITH my husband.

Thoughts on Labor

*I know I can get through it...but for some reason, I am really scared this time.
*I am hoping that the baby is face down, because Brookelyn and Trae were both face up, and that causes back labor. Which is not pretty. I dilated to 4 with both of them and then in one contraction the baby turned and was born. I figure if the baby is face down, my labor should be short and sweet. The pain was all in my back, it wasn't the oushing or dilating that really hurt, but since I really didn't push, that would make sense.
*I hope the baby comes early again. I am due September 20th, but that is a Marion convention time, and I'd really lik eto be there. If I haven't had the baby yet, I assume I will go into labor at convention, so I can't go. My labors are short 7hrs, 4hrs,4hrs so if the labor goes as I'm hoping 1 1/2 hrs, I won't make the hospital. Trae was the closest to his due date at 8 days early, so i don't think I have to worry.
*I know that when it's all over, it won't matter the pain i had to go through, so I'm trying not to stress to much!


Today we enjoyed our special meeting and then went to mom and dads for a visit with John, Sally, and Kids. Elliot and Landon got along great, and Trae really likes Addie. Tomorrow,I am taking Brookelyn into the school to be evaluated for kindergarten. She misses the cut-off by 8 days, so they want to test her and if she ends up in the top 98th percentile, then she can go to kindergarten in the fall. I know academically, she is ready, but they also evaluate their emotional readiness, so we shall see. I don't want her to go if she's not ready, but she really wants to go to school, and she can write and add and do everything Elliot can at the end of kindergarten. I guess we'll see what they have to say and go from there.


Dr. Appointment

I went into the doctor today for a routine check-up, for anyone interested in stats: The baby's heartbeat was 140-148BPM I saw the nurse practitioner because my doc was on vacation. The baby was moving around a lot, so I don't know if that was accurate...my last appointment the heart rate was 165BPM,and the time before that it was 175BPM. She says she thinks its a boy "just because" I guess I wouldn't be to surprised either. This is usually how it goes, I start doubting my "feeling" right before my ultrasound As long as s/he is healthy, we're happy. I also do a lot of stressing right beforehand....on the "up" side, I gained another 3lbs. I was reading in Fit Pregnancy while I was there that belly dancing can help ease the pain of labor. I guess it can't hurt anything. I plan to do this along with Yoga, and hopefully it will help. My guess is it is still going to hurt ALOT, but at least I am in better shape when I'm done.

Just like Daddy

Trae had to take care of his whiskers this morning. It was cute until he started to lick it, then it was just gross. I was envisioning a bloody tongue...!

I don't like to brag, but...

Jason was making comments last night suggesting that I am a wimp. I challenged him to a sit-up contest, which he declined at first saying " I don't want you to hurt the baby" I insisted the baby would be fine, and said if he's going to talk smack, we'll work it out on the sit-up floor. We used to have these contests when we were dating, I always won. To make the story short, I won again, at 4+ months pregnant. I'd tell you the score, (I only won by 1)but that would make us both look like wimps...but my stomach muscles aren't any worse for the wear this morning, I thought I'd be hobbling around. My tailbone, however, is throbbing from laying on the hard floor. It was worth it though, I get a little competitive sometimes:0)


Have you ever wondered?

I was laying by Trae this afternoon while he was sleeping. He looked so peaceful and calm. I've been wondering lately, what do babies think of their lives? He is the third born child, born to a middle class family with a brother and sister. He lives in a place that is cold most of the year. I wonder, mostly, what does he think of his parents. We can't pick our parents...He seems to like me fine, honestly I am probably his favorite person at this juncture. What will he do with his life. Who will he marry, if he marries? What kind of job will he hold? I guess my job is to raise him the best I can, so that he does hold a job, and if he marries, he treats his wife with respect and love. I suppose, if I had to gaurantee anything for my kids, I would really want them to be a part of our religion and put God first. When I think of the responsibility of my influence on 4 lives, it really sobers me. I guess I'll be the best example I can be and let God take care of the rest. Oh, and I really hope they know how much their mom loved them, because I really, really do.
Brookelyn picked out a name for a boy: Prince Charming!



Here are the pictures of the kids all ready for special meeting...Trae had a blast taking the pictures. He was happy-go-lucky;0) The first meeting was a little rough, Trae didn't want to sit and really wanted to go down all the dark halls, which I didn't really want to do because I wanted to be able to find my way back! Jason finally got him to sleep, and he slept the rest of the meeting. We figured out that he has a molar coming in that must really be bugging him because when we put Oragel on it, it alters his mood dramatically. Between that and Tylenol, he did okay. The second meeting, he fell asleep about 20 min. in, and slept the entire meeting. I was sooo tired when we got home, so Jason watched the kids, and I took a nap.I don't even remember falling asleep, it must have been instant. On days like today, I wonder what we'll do next year with 4 kids...but a family with 8 kids was sitting a few rows ahead of us and they seemed fine. We did decide we're not doing that though! So far, everyone is rooting for a girl. "It's like, well, either would be nice, but I hope it's a girl" Elliot and Brookelyn were having the arguement the other day. He tried telling her the baby was a boy, and she yelled " you don't know that, and you can't know that 'till the baby is born!" Or April 30, whichever comes first. I'm looking forward to it alot, and I think it will be nice to be prepared for whatever is coming. If it's a girl, all we need to do is wash up the clothes. If it's a boy, we need to figure out when we can build a room in the basement, because I don't think three boys will fit in one room. A boy would be nice, though because he would be really close in age to Trae. I will be shocked if it's a boy though, I really feel like it's a girl.

The kids are currently playing hide-and-seek. Jason is hiding in the closet. They both checked there together, and neither one spotted him. He is not covered up or anything, which just goes to show how well kids look for things:0) They decided 24 was a good number to count to...! Trae even has the hang of it, he's looking behind the toilet and everything for daddy.


17 weeks

Trae trying on my glasses...he gets a hold of them every chance he can!

17weeks today...this is the dress I'm wearing to mtg tomorrow, and probably the outfit I'll end up wearing to special mtg on Wed. Check out the new paint color. jason finished painting this afternoon, so we ended up heading into town for groceries instead of swimming. I ended up with 2, yes 2 cold sores. They are huge and itchy, but I got a Lysine treatment and they started to dry up already. If you look close you can see them in the pics;$

uggg!!!!! More snow.........

It's no wonder we're all feeling crabby and depressed. It's been raining or sleeting for the last 3-4 days. I woke up this morning and looked out my window to our yard covered in white. I am so sick of the snow, I just want spring to be here.
Jason is painting the bathroom today...finally. He started the bedroom a few weeks ago, and then was out of town for 2 weeks. The weekend between, he went shooting at the range,which was okay because it was for charity, but after not seeing him for a week, it irritated me that he went the whole day and I had to work the whole weekend. Then he was out of town 2 more days the next week. It will be nice to have it done though, I hate sitting in the middle of projects. We may go swimming tonight, we'll see. Tomorrow is special meeting, so we'll want the kids in bed early. Trae was a bear last night. The kids and I went to mom and dad's to visit with a friend we haven't seen in awhile. He threw a fit almost the entire time we were there...he'd calm down and then forget that he was over it, and start up all over again. He has an ear infection and a cough, and he sounds like a teapot when he breathes, so I imagine he's miserable. I'm exhausted from the past week of having a crabby child and no husband to take over. I got a cold sore last night. I've had one for my last three doctor's visits. I usually get them when I'm stressed. Oh, and it's in the same spot as the last two, and it feels like 3-4 blisters, so it should be a doozy. I will post belly pic's soon....


Good Riddance....Warning: lots of ***** in this post. If you thinkthat may offend you, please skip reading my post for today.

So, last night was my last night. At the start of my shift, my boss came up and asked if I had decided to stay on yet. He's hilarious. The house I worked at has a lot of severe mental illness as opposed to mild MR, alcohol abuse and things we have at the other homes. The people there are really sick, and the hard part is that they don't think they are so they rant and rave and their moods are up and down all night. There is one client who is especially rude there,a big Lady that could throw me over her shoulder if she wanted. She is a slob, and when I ask her to clean up after herself, she gets angry and refuses. We have to dole out her cigarettes, so she asked for one and I handed her the baggie, which she dropped. She asks me to pick it up. I hesitate, thinking "why should I?" I pick it up for her and she demands a lighter, which she can't have on her own. I tell her I need it back then and she yanks it out of my hand. I told her she didn't need to have such an attitude, which I think shocked her because everyone is afraid of her.(including me) She goes to the door and stands in the doorway, blocking it so another client and I can't get out while she wraps her blanket around herself. The other client says, "uu, we can't get out because some one's blocking the door." Like hint hint, move...she stays where she is, so he pushes past her and calls her an a-hole. He is small, but she must be afraid of him because instead of hitting or pushing him back, she goes into a tirade that makes no sense. She never makes sense, especially when she's mad. I stand there watching them all smoke and argue, hoping that no one throws a punch, bites, or kicks. Luckily it's my last day, so if I don't intervene, I won't be in to much trouble. It was pouring and windy,and the sirens in town were going off. I thought to myself, " what am I doing here inhaling these nasty cigarettes with people who are so delusional and sick, they could kill me and not think twice?" The smoking bit comes with the job...I try to have someone else do it if they can, so I don't have to expose my baby to the smoke. Don't get me wrong, I feel for these people and have compassion, but just realized this isn't the best place to be with 3 kids and a husband at home and a baby on the way. I really tried not to think about it to much while I was working there, but it's always in the back of your head that they could snap at any moment. Like what if they got ahold of a knife and hacke dsomeone to bits? What if they commit suicide and you are the one to find them?
Things calmed down, and I was sitting reading a book. It was after the 8pm med pass, and most everyone was in their rooms and occupied. There were 2 clients in the living room watching a movie, and I hear the one ( 20 year old w/brain function of a 5 yr old, with hormones surging through his body) start cat calling at the TV, and the other client ( older gentleman, Mild MR, behavior issues) says this is gross,I don't want to watch this. I investigate to see whats on, because we have rules about what can be watched in the common areas of the home. I discover that it is essentially pornography, and ask the client to turn it off. He starts yelling and cussing, saying Tom says he can watch it. Tom is my boss, and we have strict rules about anything with sex being watched in common areas. They can watch it in their room, just not where it makes everyone (like me) uncomfortable. He continued to argue, so I ejected the tape, which he yanked out of my hand and says he's putting back in. If I wrote all the expletives he spat out, your ears would sting for a week. He continued to argue with me, the other client saying it's gross anyway, and another male client(50's, severe schizo, who has a thing for me, and both my sister's) steps in to "protect" me. The other staff was downstairs doing additional meds, and didn't come up until I told her if she didn't, I was calling Tom. (The Boss) The reason I was going to call him is because the unruly client got major upset, getting within inches of my face spitting and yelling and cussing. I stood in front of the VCR, and told him I could unplug it if that's what he wanted, but we are not watching those types of movies in the living room. He is escalating, but I am not backing down. I am not afraid of this particular client, he is a compulsive liar,and talks big, but the second you threaten to call Tom, he backs down. He is up in my face and starts pointing at my face with the tape I removed for him. He gets closer,and I back up, but I'm up against the TV stand and can't go further. He was so close and is just itching to hit me with the tape, and gets so close that I duck to miss it. I really get upset,and tell him to back off now, and if he so much as touches me with the tape I will call the cops and press charges.( and I would have) Of course he backs off, but continues yelling and cursing at me. The schizo client (pardon me, I can't use their names) is rambling at my ear and telling him that he better back off and you can't hurt women, if you do your a coward, god loves you, do the right thing...........................................................................................and on and on and on...the other staff comes up to see what the problem is and agrees with me (told ya so;) and he says if she calls back-up he'll kick their ***and if they call Tom, he'll kick Tom's *** and then he'll kick her *** for calling them. He was going to kick my *** for taking his movie out, and if we called Tom right now, we'd find out that this was all clear with Tom, and he could do whatever he wants in this house. We had to call back-up twice because he just wouldn't calm down, but the back-up guy that was on is lazy and talked to him on the phone the first time, and said he'd send Tom over the second time. Tom never showed up. He calmed down after about an hour and fifteen. He tries to convince the other client to come up to his room to watch the movie, which he declines because he doesn't want to watch it, it's gross. Probably also has to do with the fact that it's with another guy, and that guy comes onto him sometimes, which is why they can't be in his room together. He may make him do something he doesn't want to. So, the unruly client is going to have me "laid off" like he did last time when I was being a *****!! I wanted to tell him so bad it was my last night anyway and I was GLAD, but if the schizo client heard he'd obsess all night about my leaving him. He always makes comments to me when I tell him no about going for a walk or tell him he can't just yank other peoples smokes out of their mouth and finish them, you know major things like that, he'll say "if that's the way you go about starting a relationship, you wrong. I'm a good guy, your not going to find a boyfriend like that...and on...and on...and on......." When I remind him that I'm married, and where not "together" he says "just drop it, I don't wanna talk about it" Wow, I laugh as I remember these things, but they are just exhausting and irritating to listen to day after day. So, I say good riddance to that job, someone else can step in where I left off and take the abuse for while. I've had enough to last a lifetime.


Elliot's report card

Elliot's report card came yesterday. I am going to brag about my favorite part...he is advanced in art and music!! I love that he is advanced in the creative areas:0) He did make some good leaps in his reading, but the teacher says " he needs to concentrate on good listening skills, because he is having issues demonstrating appropriate behavior in the classroom." Or something along that line. They have this system at his school where they have a stoplight and all the kids start out the day on green. If they miss-behave, they get moved to yellow and red. If they get moved to yellow or red, they get a note sent home and their parent has to sign that they read the note. Elliot got on yellow once THIS YEAR for running and getting finger paint on another child's shirt. So if he's been acting up in class, why hasn't he been moved to yellow and/or a note sent home about his behavior? I'll have to make a call to school and see why they haven't brought this up except leaving a scribble on his report card about it. In the meantime, I read what the teacher wrote to Elliot, and he hung his head and said he'd be good from now on. It frustrates me because Elliot was coming home a few weeks ago, saying he was being put "on the wall" at recess. He came home a few times in one week saying this, so I called to talk to the principal, and asked if he was having problems behaving, and she said not that she was aware of, but she'd check into it and get back to me. I never got a call back, so I assumed everything was fine. The only teacher that didn't write that he was well behaved and a good listener was his homeroom teacher, but if that's the case, don't you think she would call me? Anyway, I'm proud that he is doing well, but frustrated that I haven't heard about this before. So I'll stop venting now, and call the school to see what's up.
This morning when I went to get Elliot up, he wasn't in his bed. I looked under the covers and in Brookelyn's room, but I couldn't find him. I started calling his name, thinking to myself that maybe someone came in to our house during the night and took him. Or what if he wandered off to play outside and someone took him? Obviously, this isn't typical, but neither is Elliot not being in his bed at 7a.m. When I started calling his name, he crawled out from under the bed skirt on Trae's crib. Apparently, he slept there all night. Hmm. Well, it got my heart pounding, so at least I was awake.
Trae said "please" once, and did "ruff, ruff" once. Maybe a fluke? He is officially off his bottle, but according to my mom, he NEEDS it and cries and begs for it when I'm gone...apparently she told Jason she thinks we should leave him on the bottle until I'm done working:0) Tonight is my last night, but he's not had a bottle in over a week, and we're not giving him one tonight.

*just an update...I called Elliot's teacher and asked for specifics on his behavior so that we can work on the problems at home. She thought it was worth a mention because at the beginning of the year he was such a good boy, and now he "sometimes gets distracted by the naughty kids" so she has to remind him to "ignore the bad behavior, and choose the good." Not that I'm demeriting(if that's a word) her point, but I get distracted by unruly adults, so unless he's actually participating, it seems unfair to note it, especially without an explanation. She seemed very surprised I called, but did say she appreciated my concern, and if she has any issues, she'll note them in his agenda from now on so we can work together to keep him one of the "good" kids. She asked me if I had any idea why he started out so "good" and now he's "being influenced by the bad" and I said that school in general has taught him a lot of things that are not accepted in our home, especially the rough housing. I told her that he got a lot more aggressive and I understand where he gets it because I've been on the playground with him and the kids tackle and throw balls at each other and wrestle, and the aids don't say anything about it. I'm glad it's straightened out, and I can work with Elliot on these things, because he is a good kid, and I want him to do well in school and not be in the "bad" club. I realize all the "good" and "bad" is probably annoying, it annoyed me the way his teacher kept saying it, and I had to write it out for you guys for the full affect. Choose the good, not the bad. I guess I'll have to get used to that sentiment, since that's what they use in school...:0)

Happy Birthday Mommy!!! Love Adrianna & Rochelle xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Daddy too!

We want a baby for your birthday...we're not picky. Boy or girl will do, but we'd really like twins!! See how good we'd be with them? We love you lots mommy, and hope you have a wonderful day. Your Girls, xoxo


Sick little boy...

Traeman has an ear infection. The first one...poor little guy woke up with a fever this morning and looked completely miserable. I took him in because he hasn't been himself for the past couple of days,and when he spiked a fever, I knew something was up. They also drew blood to check his iron because he's been licking and chewing on my parents stone fireplace. The doctor is checking just to be sure it's not Pica, a disease where they either have anemia or elevated iron levels that makes them crave things like mortar and rocks and other non-food items. I assume it's just for attention, since every time we hear his teeth scrape across the rocks we tell him to STOP!! and he just laughs. It really bothers my dad, and Trae will go up to the fireplace and look back to make sure we're watching, and then inch closer and closer and then bite the rock. It gives me the willies. Anyway, we're ruling the Pica thing out to be on the safe side. Oh, and the point of all that was to tell the story of them getting the blood for the iron test....
As soon as they touched him to put the band around his arm, he started getting fussy and looking at me like "why are these people touching me, and you're just letting them?" I had to hold him down, not my forte. He screamed and then screamed bloody murder when they put the needle in. He was shaking his head no, and i'm going "what does the doggy say Ruff, ruff....I'm sorry honey, mommy's sorry." After 60-90 seconds, (an eternity for babies and needle phobics) the nurse proclaims "Oh, oops I blew it, I had it and it just stopped..." Not a drop of blood in the syringe. So we switch sides and Finnegan began again. Trae obviously freaked out when they came at him with the arm thingy and started screaming. The second time was like 20 seconds and filled a full vial so I don't know what the nurse was doing the first time when it took an eternity. Mean old witch. So, after the blood was drawn and we were waiting for her to figure out how to put on a bandaid, we cried.
I had to get something to wear for special meeting, so we met Heather and Logan at the mall. Trae was a little angel, and just vegged out in the stroller while we shopped. I didn't buy anything there except lunch, so we (me and the kids) headed to Old Navy. We struck out there for me, but got some good deals on things for the kids, especially Trae. I ran into Gordman's, the only other place I could think of that sells maternity clothes, and found a Motherhood Maternity dress there. They have things that are in the store a few bucks cheaper, so it's probably sewn crooked or something, but the mission was accomplished. They also had great deals on books, so we picked out a few for the kids for meeting.
The line for the pharmacy was a mile and a half long, but once we got that taken care of, we picked Elliot up from school and headed home. Yea!! Trae is a bear now that we're home so i'm staying home from bible study, so hopefully he'll be feeling much better by Sunday.


Oh, & one more thing...

We moved Trae's crib out of our room, (I know, it's about time) and we put him down in there after we rock him to sleep, but usually he ends up in our bed by 2a.m. Last night, he was in our bed when I got home around 11:15, so I put him in his crib. He slept there until 5:30a.m.!!! When he sleeps by me, he started this new thing where he wraps his arms around me neck as tight as they go and has them all wrapped up in my hair. Then he nuzzles his face into my neck. I feel like he's not getting enough air, but when I try to pull back some, he grabs my hair and pulls my head right back where it was. So my my neck is out, and I don't sleep good when he's in there because i'm worried he can't breathe and he pulls my hair when he starts to wake up. My boys have always had a thing for hair, and since he ditched his Nuk, thats his comfort thing. So hopefully he'll start sleeping like last night, every night. That would be a good thing.


I had an entire post disappear this morning, got frustrated and gave up. I was having technical difficulty typing and had to keep correcting my mistakes, so hopefully this will be a better posting experience:0)

Jason is out of town until at least Wed, so i'm here all by my lonesome. We thought the dryer was broken as it was making a very disturbing noise, but after taking it apart, Jason discovered an allen wrench and a nail. I can't imagine life without a washer and dryer...I got alot of wash done today.
Last night when I got home from work it was raining softly and the frogs were singing like mad. I thought of the first night we spent here. The frogs were singing so loud and it immediatly felt like home. We lived in a neighborhood while we were building our house that was alive at night. People squealing tires and yelling at each other, dogs barking. We even watched our neighbor from the other side of the duplex get arrested. I feel safe here all the time, but it does get long when you've got three kids demanding food & drink & stories & clothes & baths & food & drink & oh, yeah tattling. That is the most frustrating thing. This to shall pass.
Brookleyn and I were eating lunch the other day ( grill cheese & tomoto soup which is irrelevant to the story) and she says totally out of the blue," wouldn't you be so mad if your tractor talked?" I looked at her and said,"what now?" "Well, wouldn't you be really mad if you had a tractor and it talked? I'd be really mad." "I don't get it, who has a tractor that talks?" "Well, Bob the Builder has a talking tractor." Then she continued eating her lunch.
Trae's new thing is standing by the door and saying "go buh-bye?" He says it really soft and sweet compared to his usual aggressive way of asking for things. He also takes his diaper off when he wets it or dirties it. People keep saying it's a great time to potty train him, and I have put him on the potty, but I really don't know how to go about training a 15 month old to use the potty. Our pediatrician we had with the other kids said not to even try before age two, but it would be sweet to have him out of diapers before the baby comes. I'm sure he'll lose interest if we actually wanted him to do it. If anyone has ideas or info, i'd love to hear it. It could be like the "good ole' days" where kids were potty trained by their first birthday!
So, speaking of the baby, we are having an atrocious time with names. It's not that we don't have names that we like, it's just that we have names that we each like but none we both like. Which is as good a reason as any to ask for name suggestions again. I got a weak response last time because no one wanted to share "all their good names" but if you could just list names you heard. Aleigh did this once with one of her friends and they decided on Trae Elliot! So, the more names the better, and if we use someone's suggestion, I will buy you coffee!
Elliot is pooping in the kids bathroom right now, and Brookelyn is pooping in our bathroom right now. The both have the doors open, and they are yelling back and forth to each other. Hmmm...elimination bonding. I think we need to crack down on the closing the door rule.
Well, I like to keep it short and sweet, so tata for now!
I hope it works this time...!


Most annoying april fools joke ever...

Amber, your hairs on fire!!APRIL FOOLS!!!
(10min later...) Amber, your hairs on fire!!APRIL FOOLS!!!
(20 min later...) Amber, your hairs on fire!! APRIL FOOLS!!! Get my drift??
This went on all night tonight, with two separate clients trying to "fool" me.
One shift down, Five to go. My boss said if the photography doesn't work out, definitely give them a call. The photography will work out. Period. I am not going back to that place, I can't, I won't!! (said with much drama for effect)
I am feeling much more myself today. I realized when I read through some of my older lighthearted posts, that i'd become a different person. I was getting crabby and boring and you guys probably didn't even want to bother with my blog. I felt trapped or clausterphobic or something. I felt like I never had time for anything and I am (still) so exhausted. I mentioned to my sister that I think my morning(night) sickness was actually letting up...knock on wood. Tonight, I had to throw up in a coffee mug on the way home again, so obviously I spoke to soon. Good thing my husband leaves his mug in the van. I suppose blogging after work, which i've recently been doing because I haven't been able to sleep, is not helping the exhaustion issue...my Sciatic nerve is on my last nerve, my legs have been going numb at night, so that's been an issue along with heartburn. I feel like I may have to throw up again soon, but if I lay down now, I may be able to avoid it. Goodnight!
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