Maybe I should....take a shower, or go to Appleton, or do laundry.
I love....My husband, my children, my family, and handbags.
People would say that i'm....impatient, results oriented, compassionate.
I don't understand....politics, and I don't care to.
When I wake up in the morning....i'm usually still exhausted.
I lost....some pictures from our Lamaze class where Jason had to wear the Preggo belly. The same roll of film had pictures of my belly after my sister drew on it and we added wigs. I still hope I find them someday, we were in the process of moving when I lost them.
Life is....flying by.
My past is....sweet, I don't really have any regrets.
I get annoyed when....people smack when they eat, interrupt me when i'm talking, go behind my back and give my kids things I just said they couldn't have,abuse my things when they're in my home, and when people add things into a story to make it more dramatic than it actually was.
Parties are.... fun, but alot of work.
I wish I had...a personal chef and a housekeeper. Not a nanny, I love taking care of my kids.
Dogs are....great for someone else. I have a thing that I HAVE to wash my hands if one touches me, so I don't really like to pet them.
Cats are....no comment.
Tomorrow i'll be....downloading pictures from the last week and working.
I have low tolerance for....abortion.
I am totally terrified of....out living my kids, or missing out on their lives if something happened to me.
I wonder....what my life would be like if I was still single.
Never in my life have I....mud wrestled, but I think it'd be fun.
High school was....fun.
When i'm nervous....I tug my right ear, but I make it seem like i'm just itching it.
One time at a family gathering....everyone was working on a puzzle all afternoon. I wasn't because i'm to impatient, but I got the last peice (I fought for it) and finished it.
Take my advice....if you don't have a passion for something, get one. It's amazing the things you ca do when you really love what you're doing.
Making my bed....is not on my list of priorities.
I am almost always....in a hurry. Scratch that, I am ALWAYS in a hurry.
I'm addicted to....photography

My computer is not letting me choose my font, which makes me sad.


Heather T said...

I hear ya on the waking up still exhausted thing....do you think it could have something to do with being pregnant?:-)

Anonymous said...

So you're still feeling crummy? That bites.

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