I've been trying to download pictures, but my computer is malfunctioning...this is my last try. If it puts up a code instead of a picture, i'm done.

Last week I spent two days with the twins. These moms of twins who say it's so hard must be off their rockers:o) It was pretty well non-stop, with one baby needing attention at all times, so its a good thing I didn't have my 3 on top of them. It was fun though and I tried to get pictures, but Ana & Olive didn't wholly cooperate. Marsha caled and asked if I was hoping for twins this time. Nope, I can't imagine twins on top of the three I have...although if the wanted to give Ana & Olive away, I couldn't pass them up. Nate and Marsha have taken to parenthood nicely, and their girls a re very lucky!

I came home on Thursday at 11pm, and Jason was putting a coat of paint on our bedroom. Thanks, Babe! It is very bright during the day which I like, and then very mellow green at night. I bought a bedspread in Sheboygan, but once I got it home, I realized that it was way to muted for the paint color. I exchanged it for a different one, but I had to run all over Appleton Friday night to find one that would coordinate. When the room is complete, i'll post pictures.

Saturday morning we woke up and it was freezing in our house....we had been in denial about the propane issue, and couldn't bring ourselves to face if we were getting low or not, so we didn't go out to check it. Instead, we ran out on a weekend, and had to either wait until Monday, or pay the $75 fee to have them come out. The propane itself was $1.95 a gallon, so we opted to stay at mom and dads for the weekend and this morning the propane guy came, so were in heat again.

Mom and Dads dog had puppies on Thursday, so the kids enjoyed playing with them. She had 6, 5 boys and a girl...the runt died. Broookelyn said sigh...5 boys and only 1 girl..sigh. Elliot said 5 boys and only one girl!! They came home early from Grandma Pam's because she ended up having to work almost the entire time they were there. Jason went up Saturday afternoon and brought them back, and I was glad to have them home. I'm one of those moms who worries the entire time my kids are away, so I was much less stressed when I knew they were home. I'm sure Trae would have had a tough time, and with Pam working, that would have left Aaron and Kimber with two rambunctious kids, and one homesick little boy. My nerves would have been shot. It sounds like they had a great time.

My computer "cannot display the webpage" so pictures will wait for another day.

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