I figured I better post today because I may not get the chance for awhile. My week is swamped. I have to meet with Deb to go over my pictures before work tonight, and then tomorrow we have meeting here. Thursday I work, Friday i'm shooting another wedding, Saturday is the Baby Greet, Sunday I work, again. Deb's secretary quit last week, and she hinted at having me come in to help out, and even said "we're gonna get you out of the group home" so i'm going to bring it up today and see what she says. The thing is that the other secretary worked 9-2 every week day, and i'm not up for that. She needs alot of help on digital art, so i'm hoping I can work something out where I can do that from home and go in to the studio a couple days a week. It would totally make my day if she said yes, and I could go put in my notice. I am fed up at the group home, to say the least. I hope everyone has a great week, if I can't find the time to post again, i'll catch you up next week.


Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

Good Luck Amber. I hope everything works out for you. I would say your week is busy! Have a great weekend! Give the babies hugs for us, Sorry we can't make it.

Heather said...

Good luck with the job!! That would be really cool if she'd let you do that. Keep us posted! Have a good week & hope to see you Sat!=)

Lindsay said...

trust me when i say, if you have an opportunity to get otta the g/h, DO IT!!!! if photography is making you happier, go w/ that... we think you'd do great! anyway, have a great weekend, tell everyone hi!

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