brookelyn's cute.

Brookelyn was playing meeting all by herself this morning. This was the opening hymn: 296

All my second graders call me ruuude, and they call my ugggweee! All my second graders call me rude, no they dooon't, they steal things from me.e.ee. Then they go to the principals office...but I don't because I don't be naughty at schoo.ooo.ooool.

Her testimony: You can't be a knight unless you have a barn that can have horses. and you have a horse. and you can win the championship. and all because of god, and god, and lord.

So, an update: Deb doesn't have enough work to keep us both busy until June....but I am going to start getting paid now for the weddings I shoot with her!! YEAH!! I am shooting my first solo wedding next Friday. It is in the couples home, and after the ceremony the bride is cooking a home made Italian meal for all the guests. She really wants me to stay, and didn't have to ask twice, because Italian is my favorite!


Heather said...

Too funny! Go Brookelyn...I don't remember those being the words to 296, but whatever works!:-) Glad to hear you'll be getting paid for weddings you shoot with Deb...that will be great!

Tim & Melissa said...

What a little honey!

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Brookelyn is SO adorable!! How awesome that you'll get paid for your weddings you shoot!! That's GREAT!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Cute Cute.

To bad about not being enough work yet... at least you're going to see some $$ though. That's real good!

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