I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of my shoulders. I didn't realize how much tension my job actually caused. I feel much better knowing I have 6 shifts, and then i'm all done. How liberating. I called my boss, Tom, and asked how he was doing... "I'm good. I got a really good job doing photography and that's what I love, so i'll be done when my scheduled shifts are over"....short and sweet and awkward, but maybe I can sleep tonight. It's a dreary day today and i'm craving chicken nuggets and fries from McDonalds. I have been having really intense cravings lately. Saturday night I woke up about 2a.m. and was craving Waffle Crisp. I had to talk myself out of it. I figure i've made it through 3 pregnancies w/out nighttime feeding, so why start now?? Here's to a good day, and some chicken nuggets and fries. I feel like crying i'm so relieved. Now I am crying.

Birthday Wishes fit for a princess....

Happy 27th Birthday Casey!!!
Love, The Rugrats xoxoxo

Happy 26th Birthday Auntie Misty!!!...on the 12th.
Love The Rugrats xoxoxo
p.s. We know you guys are a team, so we posted your birthday wishes together...it's not like we forgot or anything. Come to think of it, our mom has a terrible memory these days!
Hello All- Technically it's Monday. Heartburn and random thoughts are keeping me awake tonight and I read through earlier posts to pass the time. Seems that I have posted before when I couldn't sleep and thought I'd give it a try this morning. I noticed alot of spelling and grammatical errors which really bother me, but not bad enough to go through and pull them all back up to correct my mistakes:0)
Whats really on my mind?? I get to quit my job tomorrow, and I don't know how to put it in words for my boss...I had a small disagreement with another staff person a few weeks ago and I want to make sure he knows that's not why I'm leaving.
The baby has been moving like crazy and I think we've (I) decided to find out what we're having. We are having a hard time with names, so if we only have to agree on one, that makes it easier. April 30 is the ultrasound, so I'm anxiously waiting. I am in denial about the giving birth part....but let's be optimistic and shoot for no more than two hours! My legs have been falling asleep the last few days, I think it's my sciatic nerve, so I think I'll try to get into the chiro this week. Jason is out of town all week, so it may not happen, we'll see. I am starting to dry heave, so i'm hoping if I head to bed, i'll fall asleep and forgo the throw up dance. Night night....



I got my shoot schedule for this summer....and I am shooting enough weddings that it will allow me to quit at the group home! Can I get a YeeHaw? I am putting my notice in on Monday, and I plan on having Thursday, April 10 be my last day. This is huge for me, it will allow waaaay more time with the kids, as most weddings are Fri&Sat, and i've been working 3 days a week. The awesome thing is I will make more working less and be doing something I love. My sister will be happy, she's afraid for my life. Not really, but she claims the clients target pregnant women, so the sooner I get out of there the better. Jason and I are going out tonight, we don't really have an agenda, just want to get some space from the kids, or is it time with each other?? Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Trae's first haircut

All pooped out and ready for bed.
dimples, how cute!
They got in the spirit and the diaper came off.
gettin' jiggy with his bad self!
Viola! no more curls!
all done.
apparently he was getting impatient!
The first cut.
His adorable curls..i'm going to miss them.
Trae's hair before the cut
I finally broke down and agreed to cut Trae's hair. I had to cut a snarl out of it yesterday, and I figured there wasn't really any way i'd get him to sit still to comb out his hair:0) He did great, he wasn't scared of the scissors or anything. He did wiggle alot though! He decided to pull his diaper off and dance when it was all over, so he must have been waiting for this day his whole life!! I was a little sad, but he did look mighty handsome when he was done. Cross that off the ever shortening list of firsts:0(


It's A Girl!! A peek at Anya Lee

Looks like a baby girl for Misty and Casey...and another neice for us. Congrats, we can't wait to meet her!

uggg...how frustrating

I meant to post these pictures in my Bliss and Innocence Gallery blog, but I posted them in the wrong one. I posted other pics there, so feel free to check those out as well.



With nothin' but our slippers on...we never looked so beautiful, mommy as we do now, now that we're with you.
Elliot's before braces picture. He'll need them for 2-3 years, hopefully it will take care of his overbite.

Trae's new trick...opening the door into the garage. We have to lock it now...

Okay, so the picture of Trae shows up on my post in code, but when I publish the post, and then veiw my blog, it shows up! Problem solved. After downloading it 4 separate times. Which only takes 15-20 minutes each time. Cute though. I love this hat, and he loves this step ladder, so I got him to stand still long enough to take the shot. Actually, I think this is the last of, say, nine that I took.

I am attempting to post pictures again...lets see if it works this time!

Nicole and I went to Appleton last night. She had to search for dresses for her bridesmaids, I had to go grocery shopping. We also scoped out some wedding rings, as they are going Saturday, and she wanted to get an idea in her head of what she wanted. She ended up putting 2 rings on hold,(one for him, and one for her) so it may be a short trip for them. We ate at Perkins and ended at Woodmans. The only thing I have to show for my effort is a bunch of groceries to haul in and put away at 11pm.

By the way, I read Dulcie's book, It Takes Moxie, and I loved it. I read it in a day, so make sure y'all check it out. Her pen name is Delia DeLeest.

Trae has been mixing the following combination lately....
1 Naked little boy...he takes his diaper off every chance he gets &...
When he stayed at Mom's while I was at Nate and Marsha's, he got his diaper off and went running through the house...run-squat&poop-run. My mom was chasing him, trying to get the situation under control, after it was all said and done, he had pooped 3 times!

Yesterday, the kids got spring fever and played outside, since Elliot had off school. Brookelyn ran into the house and said "Mom, some bad guys stopped and said...' I rushed outside because Elliot was still out there. I told him to get in the house NOW just in time to see 4 kids pedaling away on their bikes. I had seen this group of kids up the road a bit earlier on my way home, and thought to myself "I wonder what kind of trouble their getting into" because they looked all guilty when I drove by. Anyway, after I had the kids in the house, Brookelyn elaborated that the kids had stopped and asked them if they wanted to smoke a cigarette. They said "No thanks" and then the kids told Elliot he should start his sister on fire. I was blown away...first of all I thought they were safe in the yard, not that I don't check on them periodically, but it makes me irate that I have to worry now that these punks will be around here harrassing my kids. Secondly, it is just sad that they would even have the idea to start a little girl on fire. The one kid Elliot recognized and he rides his bus, which means he's in 5th grade or lower. If I see these kids again, I plan to intimidate them by telling them the next time I see them around, I will contact the police. I may even snap a picture of them, that way they'll make sure to steer clear of my house. I explained to the kids that if anyone ever comes by the house to run in as fast as they can until we can find out who it is. I also told them to never ever smoke, which they adamantly stated they never would.


I've been trying to download pictures, but my computer is malfunctioning...this is my last try. If it puts up a code instead of a picture, i'm done.

Last week I spent two days with the twins. These moms of twins who say it's so hard must be off their rockers:o) It was pretty well non-stop, with one baby needing attention at all times, so its a good thing I didn't have my 3 on top of them. It was fun though and I tried to get pictures, but Ana & Olive didn't wholly cooperate. Marsha caled and asked if I was hoping for twins this time. Nope, I can't imagine twins on top of the three I have...although if the wanted to give Ana & Olive away, I couldn't pass them up. Nate and Marsha have taken to parenthood nicely, and their girls a re very lucky!

I came home on Thursday at 11pm, and Jason was putting a coat of paint on our bedroom. Thanks, Babe! It is very bright during the day which I like, and then very mellow green at night. I bought a bedspread in Sheboygan, but once I got it home, I realized that it was way to muted for the paint color. I exchanged it for a different one, but I had to run all over Appleton Friday night to find one that would coordinate. When the room is complete, i'll post pictures.

Saturday morning we woke up and it was freezing in our house....we had been in denial about the propane issue, and couldn't bring ourselves to face if we were getting low or not, so we didn't go out to check it. Instead, we ran out on a weekend, and had to either wait until Monday, or pay the $75 fee to have them come out. The propane itself was $1.95 a gallon, so we opted to stay at mom and dads for the weekend and this morning the propane guy came, so were in heat again.

Mom and Dads dog had puppies on Thursday, so the kids enjoyed playing with them. She had 6, 5 boys and a girl...the runt died. Broookelyn said sigh...5 boys and only 1 girl..sigh. Elliot said 5 boys and only one girl!! They came home early from Grandma Pam's because she ended up having to work almost the entire time they were there. Jason went up Saturday afternoon and brought them back, and I was glad to have them home. I'm one of those moms who worries the entire time my kids are away, so I was much less stressed when I knew they were home. I'm sure Trae would have had a tough time, and with Pam working, that would have left Aaron and Kimber with two rambunctious kids, and one homesick little boy. My nerves would have been shot. It sounds like they had a great time.

My computer "cannot display the webpage" so pictures will wait for another day.


Maybe I should....take a shower, or go to Appleton, or do laundry.
I love....My husband, my children, my family, and handbags.
People would say that i'm....impatient, results oriented, compassionate.
I don't understand....politics, and I don't care to.
When I wake up in the morning....i'm usually still exhausted.
I lost....some pictures from our Lamaze class where Jason had to wear the Preggo belly. The same roll of film had pictures of my belly after my sister drew on it and we added wigs. I still hope I find them someday, we were in the process of moving when I lost them.
Life is....flying by.
My past is....sweet, I don't really have any regrets.
I get annoyed when....people smack when they eat, interrupt me when i'm talking, go behind my back and give my kids things I just said they couldn't have,abuse my things when they're in my home, and when people add things into a story to make it more dramatic than it actually was.
Parties are.... fun, but alot of work.
I wish I had...a personal chef and a housekeeper. Not a nanny, I love taking care of my kids.
Dogs are....great for someone else. I have a thing that I HAVE to wash my hands if one touches me, so I don't really like to pet them.
Cats are....no comment.
Tomorrow i'll be....downloading pictures from the last week and working.
I have low tolerance for....abortion.
I am totally terrified of....out living my kids, or missing out on their lives if something happened to me.
I wonder....what my life would be like if I was still single.
Never in my life have I....mud wrestled, but I think it'd be fun.
High school was....fun.
When i'm nervous....I tug my right ear, but I make it seem like i'm just itching it.
One time at a family gathering....everyone was working on a puzzle all afternoon. I wasn't because i'm to impatient, but I got the last peice (I fought for it) and finished it.
Take my advice....if you don't have a passion for something, get one. It's amazing the things you ca do when you really love what you're doing.
Making my bed....is not on my list of priorities.
I am almost always....in a hurry. Scratch that, I am ALWAYS in a hurry.
I'm addicted to....photography

My computer is not letting me choose my font, which makes me sad.


Well, Traesyn has adapted to his new home well. He has 5 other dogs to play with. This lady rescues mistreated dogs, so some of them will go once she can place them. She is keeping Treasyn, and if Nikki & Tony can take him when they move, then he'll be headed to California. The kids haven't made a peep about missing him, and when we suggested they say goodbye, Brookelyn said "I already did" and Elliot brings him by the collar and says " here ya go!" I was having second thoughts about getting rid of the family pet, but I think we're all coping magnificently, and it will be nice not to have to find a dog sitter everytime we go somewhere.

We went to see STOMP last night and really enjoyed ourselves. Heather and Justin watched the kids, and Heather called shorly after meeting to say Trae was having a hard time. He cried alot throughout the night, but they made it. I felt bad, and probably would have went by him if I hadn't paid $44 for my ticket, and then an extra $9 on top of that to "prebook" my seat. It was a great show, and I had a headache when we left.

I work tonight and tomorrow, and then I am headed down to Nate and Marsha's to bond with the neices. Pam is taking Elliot and Brookelyn back to her place Wed-Sun, and i'll be watching the girls Thurs & Fri. Trae is staying with mom...I don't think i'd fare well with a 14 month old and 2 month old twins. Pam wanted to take him, but he's only been away from home 1 night ever, and he's been having a hard time lately with people other than me and mom and Jason. I figure if he's having issues I can get him w/in an hour and a half. I'm sure he'd be homesick, and being 4 hours from home for 5 days would stress him and I both.

On Sat., Mom and I went in and ordered the trim for our house! Mom, Dad, Jason, and I went into Appleton Sat. night and we bought all the remaining doors ( french doors for our master bath, closet doors for all bedrooms) and paint for our room. I finally got Jason talked into letting me change it. Our room is going to be Crown of Laurel (bright olive) and the master bath is going to be Baked Bean ( rusty red brown!) I will post pictures when it's done, but I don't have an estimated time of completion because I am so busy. We also bought these really neat (mock) ceiling tiles to put behind the sink in the master bath to protect the wall from water. We had supper at Tumbleweed, and called it a night. Erica held down the fort for us which was awesome. My dad and Jason sealed their floors Sat, so the kids thought it was neat to have grandma and grandpa spend the night for two nights.

The wedding I did on my own Fri. went great. I wasn't nervous at all which really helped and the couple was great. Sorry I can't post any pictures, they belong to my boss so I can't post them anywhere. She does have some of my work on her website though.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow.

Have a great week!!


Purebred Boxer free to good home.

Treasyn needs a new home. Nicole and Tony were going to take him, but are afraid that they'll have trouble finding a place that takes pets. A girl Nikki works with will take him Friday if no one else does, but I kind of wanted someone who the kids could visit from time to time. He's a great dog, but I can't handle 4 kids plus a dog. I f anyone wants him or knows someone who does, let me know by Friday.


Baby Greet Pictures

Rochelle posing for my dad to get a "tough" picture. Pretty cute.

Connor says "mom says it's a boy...but I want a girl!"


I think Adrianna & Rochelle would adjust nicely to a new brother or sister! ;)


brookelyn's cute.

Brookelyn was playing meeting all by herself this morning. This was the opening hymn: 296

All my second graders call me ruuude, and they call my ugggweee! All my second graders call me rude, no they dooon't, they steal things from me.e.ee. Then they go to the principals office...but I don't because I don't be naughty at schoo.ooo.ooool.

Her testimony: You can't be a knight unless you have a barn that can have horses. and you have a horse. and you can win the championship. and all because of god, and god, and lord.

So, an update: Deb doesn't have enough work to keep us both busy until June....but I am going to start getting paid now for the weddings I shoot with her!! YEAH!! I am shooting my first solo wedding next Friday. It is in the couples home, and after the ceremony the bride is cooking a home made Italian meal for all the guests. She really wants me to stay, and didn't have to ask twice, because Italian is my favorite!


I figured I better post today because I may not get the chance for awhile. My week is swamped. I have to meet with Deb to go over my pictures before work tonight, and then tomorrow we have meeting here. Thursday I work, Friday i'm shooting another wedding, Saturday is the Baby Greet, Sunday I work, again. Deb's secretary quit last week, and she hinted at having me come in to help out, and even said "we're gonna get you out of the group home" so i'm going to bring it up today and see what she says. The thing is that the other secretary worked 9-2 every week day, and i'm not up for that. She needs alot of help on digital art, so i'm hoping I can work something out where I can do that from home and go in to the studio a couple days a week. It would totally make my day if she said yes, and I could go put in my notice. I am fed up at the group home, to say the least. I hope everyone has a great week, if I can't find the time to post again, i'll catch you up next week.


Mission Accomplished

So, yesterday went better than I expected. I did 3 loads of laundry, got all those socks out of the house, did the dishes, cleaned the laundry room (mostly), got toy bins up from the basement for the kids rooms, and picked up the things that were out of place. Boy that felt good. I picked Elliot up from school, and headed into Appleton for some shopping. We went to goodwill first ( 2 maternity tops, $3.99 each) I know, not that great of a deal...then we went to the mall and had Panda Express for supper. We headed to the play area to wait for Jason to come collect the kids so I could do the rest of the shopping on my own. I went to Motherhood, Target, JCP, The Children's Place, Gymboree, Old Navy, Plato's Closet, Home Concepts, Gordmans, Hobby Lobby, Target Again, and Walmart. I found the cutest tie for Elliot at TCP, so then I proceeded to look until I found matching outfits for all the kids and I've got picture ideas in my head. Thank Goodness Old Navy was having a sale! I got groceries, a book shelf that we REALLY needed, picture frames, and a few odds and ends for the baby greet. I shopped for 6 hours. My feet and back were aching by 8, and then I realized I didn't get a nap in, so that was why.

I am shooting a wedding today, so I must go get ready. Wish me luck! Have a great day.
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