Traeman burnt his hand on the oven yesterday. I made pizza for lunch, and as I was cutting it, Trae was playing in the drawer on the stove. He started to cry, and was pulling, trying to free his hand. When I got it out, there was a good size burn on it :( It was flat and hard from being held on the oven when he couldn't get it free. I felt sooo bad. Who'd have thought it woud be hot inside the drawer. I took him to his Pediatrician, and he said our biggest challenge will be keeping it covered this summer to avoid sunburn, as the new skin will be very sensitive. He acts like it doesn't really bother him. It blistered by the time we got to the doctor, and last night he pulled on of the blisters off...he has a thing with stuff on his hands. I think he thought it was a sticker. Oh, and all the kids hate the eye drops.


Heather T said...

OWIE! Poor Trae...hope it heals really fast...and good luck this summer! Hard to keep kids outta the sun when they're outside...poor little fella!

Jeff & Aleigh said...

OUCH!!! That sounds so painful!! I think burns are one of the worst things to overcome. I hope he doesn't have too hard a time with it!

Angie said...

Aww poor little guy. :( Hope it heals quickly!

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