Meet "Obnoxious Barbie" who trills a tune about poetry, and other things you can't understand with just the push of her gaudy necklace. Trae loves her though. He brings her to you so you can make her sing, and then takes her back and twirls her in a circle. It's his favorite game right now. SOOO cute, and saves the dolls life...

The heart shaped pancakes Daddy made last night while Mommy was sick with a migraine. They tasted great going down. Coming back up, not so much...

Trae found trouble today....him and Brookelyn were in her room playing and all of the sudden, I heard him shreiking. I thought it sounded like he had gotten hurt, and when he came around the corner, this is what he looked like. Of course, he's not bleeding...he was chewing on a marker (1st pic) & I took it away, (2nd&3rd pics)
I tried to lay Trae down in his crib for his nap without rocking him. He cried immediately,and was screaming bloody murder 8 minutes into it. I couldn't handle it, so I picked him up, kicking and screaming. He sighed, and then began sobbing. For 10 minutes, just sitting in my lap, looking up into my face and sobbing. I decided that he'll go to sleep on his own eventually, my other kids did. Is it detrimental for kids to be rocked to sleep as long as they want to, and if the mommy wants to? I imagine he'll give it up by the time he's 16!


Jeff & Aleigh said...

I hope you're feeling better today!!! *HUGS*

Shannon said...

i'm a firm believer in rocking my kids to sleep. my oldest outgrew it at 18 months and recently decided he liked it again at 3 1/2.
my youngest is getting fiesty and i usually put her down awake and she whines a bit and then falls asleep...she's 18 months.

a lady in a public restroom told me once to never miss an opportunity to rock my children because they grow up way too fast.

Cole & Angie & Chloe said...

Detrimental...no, probably not. I just know that self soothing is a skill that they need to learn. That is what helped me do it...I told myself I was teaching her a skill. :)
But of course, the mommy knows best so you need to do what's right for you guys! And the screaming thing...I set a time limit for myself when we started. Anything past 30 minutes, I told myself I could go in there and pick her up. That helped ME. I wasn't about to leave her any longer than that. I never needed to wait a full 30 minutes though, she was always zonked before that!

NanaK said...

Amber, you rock him all you want---before you know it he will decide he doesn't want to. Absolutely not detrimental---I rocked our kids long past some people thought they shouldn't be rocked. You're the mommy and your instincts are your best guide! You have a sweet family!

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