No school!

Elliot doesn't have school today. We got about 4inches of snow, but our road doesn't really get plowed, so all the packed snow underneath has turned to ice. I go past our driveway everytime. Anyway, I really wish I had known sooner. I had Elliot out waiting for the bus at 7:32a.m. It usually comes between 7:33a.m. and 7:50a.m. On cold, below freezing days, closer to 7:50, but the hag doesn't wait, just whizzes by if he's not out there right away. So I watch out the window and he waits by the door so he's not so cold. Today, he came back in at 7:45 bacause he had to go #2. I was like, " hurry up buddy, hurry hurry" because it's a huge pain to get Trae out of bed and everyone bundled up to take him the 1.8miles to school. So, he made it and ran back out there...then I heard the missed call beep on Jason's phone. I checked my phone first, which had two missed calls, but was still on silent after it rang during meeting last night. It dawned on me then that there probably wasn't school. I called to Elliot to come back in, theres no school. "Yes there is, my teacher said." "Elliot, there's to much snow, they called it off." Sigh. "aaww" I know, who wants to hang out with their mom and little brother and sister all day? So, probably what I hoped to accomplish today and what actually gets accomplished will be two different things, but i'll get to hang out with my buddy today.

Happy Valentines Day!
I got jason a card that says "Happy Valentines Day! on the outside. On the inside it says " I love you...despite what my mood swings may indicate." Perfect.

Well, I had planned on a little family Valentines party, so I best get to work on that...hope everyone has a great day!


DSBRansom said...

Have a great day! Love the card you got, I could have gotten that one for Damon. LOL We've having a nice dinner & relaxing night here too.

Heather said...

Have a fun little valentine's party! Elliot must like school to be disappointed that it was called off!! That was the ONLY time I liked school....SNOW DAYS!:-)

Tim & Melissa said...

Hehehe, cute card....would've been perfect on our end, too!

Andy, Jessica & Ayla said...

Have a fun party!!!!!

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope you all enjoyed your day together!! :o)

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