I am having trouble sleeping tonight due to a pesky cyst on my ovary that is horrendously painful. I figure rather than lay in bed and dwell on it, i'd spend some quality time with my laptop....
Today, Brookelyn had many cute things to say. For instance:
I repeated the Draino test to see if the result was the same( i'm back to being sure it's a girl, I even prayed tonight that God woould protect "her" and then caught myself...) Anyhow, I came out of the bathroom with the pee which smells terrible ( it's not me, it's the mixture of Draino and pee) and Brookelyn said " So, does it smell like a girl or a boy?" I never do this test until I have a "feeling" what the baby is. For some reason it gives me great pleasure to be able to guess...both times it came back girl. This test has been spot on for all 3 of my kids, but others (like Jaime, who now has 3boys...) thought they were having one sex, and ended up with the other. Supposedly, it's more accurate the earlier you do it.

Another example: She was trying to tell Elliot something and he wasn't paying attention. She started out " Elliot, your a bad mann...mannn...um" Bad manners? I said. "yeah, because he's rude cause he's not listening." Later on (5mins) With confidence she goes " Elliot, your a bad manager! You're bein' rude!"

And my final story: I told her as I was rushing around trying to get things all set for meeting mind you, that my parents would be in Mexico for about 10 days. Fast forward to after meeting: She apparently doubted my story and asked my mom because she comes up and says "Mom, your wrong because you said Grandma is goin' to Mexico for 10 days but she's not, she's goin' for only 7." " So yer wrong" Just like that. My mom says she takes after me, and now that she brings it up, I remember being scolded for correcting my mom ( and Grandma) alot as a kid.

Traeman has been throwing tantrums that are OFF THE CHARTS!!! I am really hoping that when his tooth comes in they will disappear, but at his last chech-up the doctor mentioned ignoring tantrums so.....
He doesn't allow you to ignore them. He sits at your feet and flings himself at you. Today, he would flop forward, banging his head into my shins (yes, this hurt us both) and then sit up and do it again. Other times, he'll grab my hair or pinch or bite....he hates to be told no. He has started to do lip ups even when we say calmly "No." We need to stop this behavior IN ITS TRACKS! Just kidding, i'm not that harsh, but I suppose every parent fears their child growing into a monster during the really trying times. He's a sweet kid, he just has a molar coming in, which i'm sure hurts like crazy.

Elliot was Citizen of the Week at school. They choose a kid from each class each week. He has been talking the last several weeks about how this Ale (pronounced like Ally, he corrected me) was always the Citizen. I guess he got the award for showing excellent Body Basics. I had to ask him what Body Basics were: hands to yourself, eyes on the taecher, inside voice, good listener. He's adorable when he rattles them off, because he stands straight up like a soldier with his hands to his side. I suspect this is how they do it when they recite them at school. So, i'm proud of him, and he's proud of himself. He showed his picture with all the other "Citizens" to everyone after meeting.

I suppose to not leave anyone out, i'll mention quickly that the baby's heartrate was 146bpm, and s/he is 1cm long. Remind me again why my clothes are getting tight....oh, I must have shrunk them. Silly me!


Heather said...

Sounds pretty entertaining around there!:-) Hope Trae gets his molar soon....maybe that's why Logan's so fussy....hmmm...probably not a molar!:-) Awww...I love the baby's heartbeat! Sounds like Brookelyn will keep everyone honest around there...too funny!! And good job to Elliot on his Citizen award!:-)

Shannon said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one leaving my pants unzipped!! i'm pretty horrified that i'm only 9-ish weeks and showing!

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