I love babies in onesies...and sleepers! The kids were making a bed on the floor, so this is Trae using Brookelyn's pillow as a pillow, and Elliot's pillow case for a blanket. He would rub his face into the pillow, and then sit up and do this for me. He's so cute!!

Brookelyn decided to make muffins...in the living room. I noticed her reflection in my computer screen and asked her what she was doing. "making sommmfinng, it's this" She holds up an empty muffin mix package. I asked what was in it..."Water" The mix actually calls for 1/2c. 2% milk, and she had added about 1 1/2c of water! Of course the mess all over the table and rug was "Trae!"

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Cheri said...

Forgive me for making a comment that has nothing to do with this blog. It seems every time I go to leave a comment, i get interupted! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I soo hope to get a suprise baby someday...and hopefully its the one after Farron says we're done! One the subject of weaning. I started cutting back his feedings when he was maybe 14 months, and let him decide when he was done at night. At 17 months he decided he was finished, all he wants now is a little snuggle and to be put in his own bed. Do whatever feels right for you!!!

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