By their Daddy's request...updated pictures of the twins!

These are the newest pictures of Ana & Olive....I will post the rest tomorrow, as it is quite a feat getting them to save and to download. Oh, the joys of dial-up! Imagine just how small they have to be to fit in one bouncy chair.


Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

They are so precious. I'll bet mommy and daddy are getting excited! Thank you so much for the pictures they are darling. Can't wait to see more!

Tim & Melissa said...

They look sooo snuggly! Are Nate and Marsha down there yet? I'd be headed on foot if I were them! :O) I'll anxiously await more pictures! And Nate and Marsha should start a blog of their own to keep us all updated!

Jeff & Aleigh said...

They are really precious!! I can't imagine 2 babies in 1 bouncy seat - wow!! I agree that Nate & Marsha should start their own blog!! :o)

ryibasFamily said...

very very cool. I need to call that guy and give him some congrats!

Ryan B.

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