I feel yucky, oh so yucky...

I feel yucky, oh so yucky....and nauseaus and coughing and lame.

I am sick of feeling like I could puke at any moment. I am sick of this annoying caugh i've had for a week. Oh, and i'm sick of not having a voice,or energy. If I could get rid of these migraines, life would be sweet. --end of rant--

Today, I am thankful that I am alive.

If spring would come and I could open up the windows and hear the birds singing, I think I would have more drive. All I feel like doing is sleeping. Obviously with a hacking cough and 2 kids home all day, i'm not getting the sleep my body keeps screaming that I NEED! I'm sick of the attitude. I shouldn't complain, my morning (all day) sickness is mild in comparison to my pregnancy with Trae. I just feel tired. I don't have enough energy for all the housework. I've been trying to throw in several loads of laundry a day and pick up as much as I can before I go into work. My husband has been great at helping out though. Thanks Babe!

I did something huge. Not really huge, but when I complete the job, it will be really huge....I bought everyone in our family 12 pairs of the same socks. I am going to be throwing out all the rest of our socks, (or donating them to goodwill where they can mate them) and we'll beable to mate them so much easier and I won't have to look at 2 big baskets of socks anymore. Want a confession? I completely mate the socks like, three times a year. The rest of the year, I mate whats washed and throw the rest in the sock basket. Most days, we dig to find our socks. That's what I love about summer, NO SOCKS!!

Tomorrow is my day. I am going to get more done than I did all week. I'll let you know how it goes.....


Family of Four


We finally got to meet the twins! Even cuter and sweeter than we expected. Here's a few photos from the shoot...boy is it a challenge to shoot twins. I had a blast! The pictures were taken on their actual due date. I had to work this weekend, so the kids and I went down Friday after school and spent the night. We left at 12:30 so I could get to work. Jason planned on going down Sunday afternoon, but they finished up the floors at around 3pm, so Jason and the kids & mom and dad headed back down to meet them.



Traeman burnt his hand on the oven yesterday. I made pizza for lunch, and as I was cutting it, Trae was playing in the drawer on the stove. He started to cry, and was pulling, trying to free his hand. When I got it out, there was a good size burn on it :( It was flat and hard from being held on the oven when he couldn't get it free. I felt sooo bad. Who'd have thought it woud be hot inside the drawer. I took him to his Pediatrician, and he said our biggest challenge will be keeping it covered this summer to avoid sunburn, as the new skin will be very sensitive. He acts like it doesn't really bother him. It blistered by the time we got to the doctor, and last night he pulled on of the blisters off...he has a thing with stuff on his hands. I think he thought it was a sticker. Oh, and all the kids hate the eye drops.


Elliot on the snowskate. Seems he's a natural.

Trae thinks he's really cool when he does this....

New tricks: Climbing off our bed on his own. He is really insistent on doing this himself, he's pretty independant for a 13month old who insists on nursing still.

Hilarious, and probably to much info....

I have to tell you my absolutely bizzare dream....Misty, Jason, and I were sitting around talking. Jason is wearing a navy blue shift dress and across from Misty with his knees to his chest, not covering his "parts." Misty, out of the blue, looks at his area, and then does a double take. She asks if he feels anything. He says no, and she tells him the baby is crowning. He has female parts! I stand up for a better look, and Sho nuf' there's the baby's head. He is sitting like a monkey...I hope you guys can picture this...I am cracking up as I remember it! So the baby's head comes out, nice and easy, and I help ease the rest of (our) baby out. He is absolutely huge, i'd guess 12lbs. Looks like the average 3month old. No contractions, no pushing, no pain. Which is the way it would have to be if the guys did it :0)

An update on me....I think i'm going to push off the Doula training stuff for awhile. I have been nauseaus pretty much all day, and have been getting migraines frequently. I just think that I have plenty on my plate at the moment....not complaining, it's a mom thing. Obviously, i'd be glad to attend birth's when I can, but i'm going to hold off on the training in Madison until after the baby is born and I get the 4-kid thing down. Actually, next winter would be the perfect time! I have been doing weddings, and have 4 on my schedule for March. The 14th, I am solo, and I can't wait! Should be a busy summer, Deb (photographer I shoot for) says I can't have this baby early. We'll see, the closest i've been to me due date is 8 days.

Oh, and we have pink eye!!!!


The snow is getting old......

This is our car....and the big snow drift against the garage door.

It has been snowing all day. Meeting was cancelled this morning, we had sleeting and rain first and then it started to snow. Gospel meeting was cancelled this afternoon. This is Jason shoveling with the kids. These big fluffy snowflakes fell all day. Jason tried going into town for milk, but got out of the driveway and stuck in the road. The plows haven't been through all day, so I don't think Jason will be working tomorrow. Elliot tried out the snowskate, and had a blast. I am inside staying cozy, so no pictures of that.


They got Em'

Nate & Marsha got the babies.....thry're cute and tiny!!! Glad everything went well. I'll post pics when we get them!

I love babies in onesies...and sleepers! The kids were making a bed on the floor, so this is Trae using Brookelyn's pillow as a pillow, and Elliot's pillow case for a blanket. He would rub his face into the pillow, and then sit up and do this for me. He's so cute!!

Brookelyn decided to make muffins...in the living room. I noticed her reflection in my computer screen and asked her what she was doing. "making sommmfinng, it's this" She holds up an empty muffin mix package. I asked what was in it..."Water" The mix actually calls for 1/2c. 2% milk, and she had added about 1 1/2c of water! Of course the mess all over the table and rug was "Trae!"


Remember the days when we had something that we were really looking forward to coming up and we were counting down, only 5 more days...only 4 more days....Now it seems like before I can even anticipate something happening, it's here and gone before I can even blink.

I can't wait :
* To feel the baby move and kick
* For Marsha to call and say the got the girls, and are headed back to the motel
* For Jason to get home from work
* Until our house is all finished
* Until i'm passed the morning sickness phase
* Convention time
* For Mom & Dad to get home

I decided I do enough griping and complaining for all of us, so i'm going to try to post one thing i'm thankful for everyday.

Today I am thankful for the health of my family. Last night I was listening to a radio-a-thon for St. Judes Children's Hospital and it made me really appreciate that my children are healthy.

I had my hair trimmed at the mall last night. It was $2 extra to get a shampoo, but I splurged and it felt sooo good. Sometimes it doesn't take much to give yourself a boost.

Pretend I had posted last week that we had a mouse in our house......

WE GOT THE MOUSE!!! Jason was taking a load of clothes out of the washer,and after he got them out, there at the bottom lay a drown mouse! Not bloody or mangled, just drowned. He of course took out the mouse and threw the clothes back in for a re-wash. I am glad thats over. I always knew the day would come because we have them running around our yard all summer long. I actually think Trae is trying to feed them, he is always throwing feed over the highchair...Marsha if you are reading this, it is safe here. We kill all the mice, snakes,and spiders before you come. We call in a swat team just for you.

I made a really cute heart cookie and a little heart cookie, but the kids mutilated it before I got a picture. We ended up going out for Chinese and then took the kids to the mall to play in the play area. I needed to get some maternity clothes..I am shooting a wedding on Saturday, and the pants I wore to the (outdoor) wedding on Wednesday were on the verge of snug and got uncomfortable after awhile. It was at The Chapel in the Woods in Waupaca, and only the Bride, Groom, 2 photographers, 2 winesses, and the Priest were there. It was cute, but it was also very COLD. Apparently the preacher didn't think so because his sermon lasted at least 20 minutes. Anyway, I got some good deals at Kohl's, they have 60-70% off all their clearance stuff.


More big news....

Elliot is getting married tomorrow to a girl named Megan, "one of the triplets." He and Brookelyn set about getting everything ready, he even got all dressed up. I thought it was cute until I over heard him telling her that he and Megan were going to "sleep naked" together. In his room, with the door shut. I promise you we don't sleep naked around here...I am going to pass this one off to his Dad, and let Jason tell him why we don't sleep naked with girls. Although, he planned on this AFTER they were married...I sat him on me lap and read him a book this afternoon before nap. My is he getting tall. I suppose, before I know he'll really be getting married and "sleeping naked" with his wife. I'm gonna go put my pillow over my head now.

My mom and dad called from Mexico this morning. It's about 80 there and sunny with a breeze. I told them to be prepared because the weather here sucks! I was talking to my mom, and she told me to tell the kids she missed them. I said Brookelyn really missed her to, this morning Brookelyn asked what day was it. I told her Thursday. She asked what day is it tomorrow? Friday. Then she got all teary and asked " when's it Saturday? I really miss grandma." Complete with a curled lip and alligator tears. My mom starts crying and says " well I really miss her too!" AWW!

Nate & Marsha fly out at 5pm tonight. They should be getting the girls tomorrow morning if everything goes as planned. They'll be in Georgia for about a week, waiting for the papers to be sent to Wisconsin and processed. I cannot wait to meet Olive and Ana, and hold them. I tell ya, I am not good with waiting...

No school!

Elliot doesn't have school today. We got about 4inches of snow, but our road doesn't really get plowed, so all the packed snow underneath has turned to ice. I go past our driveway everytime. Anyway, I really wish I had known sooner. I had Elliot out waiting for the bus at 7:32a.m. It usually comes between 7:33a.m. and 7:50a.m. On cold, below freezing days, closer to 7:50, but the hag doesn't wait, just whizzes by if he's not out there right away. So I watch out the window and he waits by the door so he's not so cold. Today, he came back in at 7:45 bacause he had to go #2. I was like, " hurry up buddy, hurry hurry" because it's a huge pain to get Trae out of bed and everyone bundled up to take him the 1.8miles to school. So, he made it and ran back out there...then I heard the missed call beep on Jason's phone. I checked my phone first, which had two missed calls, but was still on silent after it rang during meeting last night. It dawned on me then that there probably wasn't school. I called to Elliot to come back in, theres no school. "Yes there is, my teacher said." "Elliot, there's to much snow, they called it off." Sigh. "aaww" I know, who wants to hang out with their mom and little brother and sister all day? So, probably what I hoped to accomplish today and what actually gets accomplished will be two different things, but i'll get to hang out with my buddy today.

Happy Valentines Day!
I got jason a card that says "Happy Valentines Day! on the outside. On the inside it says " I love you...despite what my mood swings may indicate." Perfect.

Well, I had planned on a little family Valentines party, so I best get to work on that...hope everyone has a great day!



Meet "Obnoxious Barbie" who trills a tune about poetry, and other things you can't understand with just the push of her gaudy necklace. Trae loves her though. He brings her to you so you can make her sing, and then takes her back and twirls her in a circle. It's his favorite game right now. SOOO cute, and saves the dolls life...

The heart shaped pancakes Daddy made last night while Mommy was sick with a migraine. They tasted great going down. Coming back up, not so much...

Trae found trouble today....him and Brookelyn were in her room playing and all of the sudden, I heard him shreiking. I thought it sounded like he had gotten hurt, and when he came around the corner, this is what he looked like. Of course, he's not bleeding...he was chewing on a marker (1st pic) & I took it away, (2nd&3rd pics)
I tried to lay Trae down in his crib for his nap without rocking him. He cried immediately,and was screaming bloody murder 8 minutes into it. I couldn't handle it, so I picked him up, kicking and screaming. He sighed, and then began sobbing. For 10 minutes, just sitting in my lap, looking up into my face and sobbing. I decided that he'll go to sleep on his own eventually, my other kids did. Is it detrimental for kids to be rocked to sleep as long as they want to, and if the mommy wants to? I imagine he'll give it up by the time he's 16!



We are planning a Baby Greet for March 8 from 11a.m.-2 p.m. at our house. I will send formal invites for family, but anyone who would like to meet Ana & Olive ( and meet their cute mom and dad..!) is welcome to drop by. (provided you're healthy!) No need to R.S.V.P.


By their Daddy's request...updated pictures of the twins!

These are the newest pictures of Ana & Olive....I will post the rest tomorrow, as it is quite a feat getting them to save and to download. Oh, the joys of dial-up! Imagine just how small they have to be to fit in one bouncy chair.

Meet Ana & Olive!

Ana Wilhelmina 5lbs 11oz 19 inches
(Marsha's late grandmothers middle name is Wilhelmina)

Olive Jean 6lbs 11oz 19inches

(birth mom is Willie Jean)



I am having trouble sleeping tonight due to a pesky cyst on my ovary that is horrendously painful. I figure rather than lay in bed and dwell on it, i'd spend some quality time with my laptop....
Today, Brookelyn had many cute things to say. For instance:
I repeated the Draino test to see if the result was the same( i'm back to being sure it's a girl, I even prayed tonight that God woould protect "her" and then caught myself...) Anyhow, I came out of the bathroom with the pee which smells terrible ( it's not me, it's the mixture of Draino and pee) and Brookelyn said " So, does it smell like a girl or a boy?" I never do this test until I have a "feeling" what the baby is. For some reason it gives me great pleasure to be able to guess...both times it came back girl. This test has been spot on for all 3 of my kids, but others (like Jaime, who now has 3boys...) thought they were having one sex, and ended up with the other. Supposedly, it's more accurate the earlier you do it.

Another example: She was trying to tell Elliot something and he wasn't paying attention. She started out " Elliot, your a bad mann...mannn...um" Bad manners? I said. "yeah, because he's rude cause he's not listening." Later on (5mins) With confidence she goes " Elliot, your a bad manager! You're bein' rude!"

And my final story: I told her as I was rushing around trying to get things all set for meeting mind you, that my parents would be in Mexico for about 10 days. Fast forward to after meeting: She apparently doubted my story and asked my mom because she comes up and says "Mom, your wrong because you said Grandma is goin' to Mexico for 10 days but she's not, she's goin' for only 7." " So yer wrong" Just like that. My mom says she takes after me, and now that she brings it up, I remember being scolded for correcting my mom ( and Grandma) alot as a kid.

Traeman has been throwing tantrums that are OFF THE CHARTS!!! I am really hoping that when his tooth comes in they will disappear, but at his last chech-up the doctor mentioned ignoring tantrums so.....
He doesn't allow you to ignore them. He sits at your feet and flings himself at you. Today, he would flop forward, banging his head into my shins (yes, this hurt us both) and then sit up and do it again. Other times, he'll grab my hair or pinch or bite....he hates to be told no. He has started to do lip ups even when we say calmly "No." We need to stop this behavior IN ITS TRACKS! Just kidding, i'm not that harsh, but I suppose every parent fears their child growing into a monster during the really trying times. He's a sweet kid, he just has a molar coming in, which i'm sure hurts like crazy.

Elliot was Citizen of the Week at school. They choose a kid from each class each week. He has been talking the last several weeks about how this Ale (pronounced like Ally, he corrected me) was always the Citizen. I guess he got the award for showing excellent Body Basics. I had to ask him what Body Basics were: hands to yourself, eyes on the taecher, inside voice, good listener. He's adorable when he rattles them off, because he stands straight up like a soldier with his hands to his side. I suspect this is how they do it when they recite them at school. So, i'm proud of him, and he's proud of himself. He showed his picture with all the other "Citizens" to everyone after meeting.

I suppose to not leave anyone out, i'll mention quickly that the baby's heartrate was 146bpm, and s/he is 1cm long. Remind me again why my clothes are getting tight....oh, I must have shrunk them. Silly me!

Drum Roll Please.......

If everything goes as planned, Nate & Marsha will be welcoming their new twin daughters, who were born February 2. They weighed 5lbs 11oz and 6lbs 11oz, and are healthy. They will be picking them up from Georgia, and plan to leave on the 15th, and expect to be down there a week or more. They couldn't refuse when they were offered twin babies, but they were only expecting one baby sometime between now and July. The nursery is all painted and the floors were re-done last weekend, but is empty except for about 10 outfits.....anything anyone has pertaining to twin girls that they don't need or want would be greatly appreciated. They haven't decided on names, as a matter of fact, they didn't even have one girl name picked out let alone two! We are very excited to be uncle and auntie and can't wait to meet these girls. They will be so loved around here. So here's to everything going as planned, and the twins arriving home happy and healthy!

Congrats Nate & Marsha, we're here for you!!!....and we love these little girls already. You'll be great. Love, Jason & Amber

Official due date....

We had another ultrasound this morning and my official due date is September 20,2008. It should be very close to Brookelyn's birthday, as she was due the 23rd, and born on the 9th.

Trae spent his first night away from home last night. I slept amazing....to bad I had to be up at 7am to get ready for the ultrasound. He isn't as clingy as usual, I wonder if he's angry with me for leaving him? Maybe his molar came through, he's had one that is so swollen it had a blood blister on it. It's been that way for about a week, so he's been a bit crabby.

I am exhausted, after all it is 11:35am. I worked last night, so I really didn't go overboard on the sleep. We have meeting here tonight, but I think I may be able to grab a nap this afternoon.

I have some other amazing news, but I can't post it yet....



Remove things from your life that don't enrich it. Include people. We have dozens of relationships, why waste time nurturing something that's purely onesided? It's not how many "friends" we have, it's the quality of our friends.


I splurged on this Sweet Pea laundry soap and stain remover. We went to Sheboygan to Nate & Marsha's (Jason's brother & Sister in law) where the guys laid, sanded, and finished 2 rooms of hardwood, and us girls ( & Trae) went down to the river front to shop in all the boutiques. All of them were over priced. I saw several gorgeous baby blankets, all nice and soft. $68. I also found a vintage style trench coat that was distressed and orange and absolutely something that I would have loved to have. It was marked down to $58, but the lady said she'd go $48. I almost got it, but decided it wouldn't fit long, and I didn't want to spend that much on a coat i'd have to wait a year and a half to wear. Remember that I am a second hand shopper, so $48 isn't bad unless you're used to spending $9. Actually, I bought a coat at Steve & Barry's for $9, but it's not orange:( This is cute orange, and almost irresistible.) So, I bought this detergent at a cute little store called Nest. It's by Caldrea, and it smells heavenly. I also got some dish soap that is Basil Blue Sage scent, and the sales lady claims once you use the stuff, you'll never go back. All are made with essential oils, and since I have an addiction to buying soaps and shampoos that SMELL GOOD, I decided to only buy things I love, rather than spending $10 on something that smells okay, i'd rather pay $18 for something that makes me happy when I use it. I guess sometimes it's the simple things. This shall be my Sheboygan Splurge. I really like it, and I think i'll keep using it. I also got some erbaorganics products on sale at Target. I got baby shampoo for $3.18, mommy-to-be foot and leg refresher for $6 and some mommy-to-be milk and oat bath for $9.44. They smell great and off set the cost of the other stuff...I decided that I need to start taking baths again and take care of myself in general. I did great when I was expecting Trae, and it's been downhill from there.

I had to tell you guys that i've been having the oddest preggo dreams, which isn't something new for me, but it's still very strange to wake up from a dream that you took a drag off of a cigarette, and then realize " hello. you're pregnant, what are you doing. Ah, you don't even smoke..." I'm pretty sure had someone been around, they would have heard me "take a hit" and I remember thinking, "hmm, not bad, I expected to at least cough." I would have in real life. I know because one time when we were little, me and my sister and the boys my mom babysat for got a cig and a lighter. We went out back and tried to smoke, but before any of us could take a drag, my mom came out to see what we were up to. We threw the cigarrette into the neighbors yard ( there was snow) and ran. My mom found it anyhow, and then later that night when my dad came home, they made us take a drag. It was so nasty, and I coughed until I puked. I haven't wanted to smoke since, really makes peer pressure a breeze.... Anyway, I have several memorable dreams per night, and some of them are so real, I wake up and wonder if it really happened, or if I dreamt it.

I figured i'd throw in this tidbit. I've been calling the baby he, and was drawn to boy things in all the stores, almost like I knew the baby was a boy. Is it because Trae is a boy and i'm used to it, or that I am indeed having a boy? I still am going to go with my first gut feeling and say girl. I remember this wishy washy stuff with Brookelyn, so i'll go with that, and if it's a boy, I may just have all the baby girl stuff in his dresser....I secretly hope that the ultrasound tech blurts what the baby is. I know Jason will tell me no when I ask if we can please find out, as I tried that with Brookelyn. She wouldn't cooperate, so there was no blurting, even the tech had no idea. She's still pretty stubborn.....
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