Super Hot Princesses

My son is home today because it's Martin Luther King day. I was on the phone when he came out in Brookelyn's clothes, and she in his! The photo shoot didn't go well, as Trae was NOT in the mood and cried the entire time......maybe next time. These pictures sure turned out great of the self-proclaimed "Super Hot Princesses" Please do not tell my husband or my dad on me for taking & GASP!! posting these pic's (what happens when he's 16? He'll be sooo embarrassed!) They get really dramatic. Anyway, here are my super hot princesses, it was to cute not to post. Check out the ear flaps...Elliot had to make hair! He taped paper into the inside of the hat. He spins around like it's noone's business too!


Jeff & Aleigh said...

HAHAHA!!! That's hilarious!!! It took me awhile to realize the first one was Elliot!!

Heather said...

So THIS is what Elliot was wearing when you were talking to me! Too funny! Very cute....and who cares when he's 16!(we all have pics we were embarrassed about) When he's 45(or even 25...) he'll laugh!:-)

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