Kathy [see Elliot's future wife...]

I asked Elliot who the prettiest lady in the world was. He used to say either me or grandma. Last night he said "um, the girl you have on your computer," though he couldn't remember her name. I asked if she was even prettier than me and he said "well, she has a better swimmin suit!" I asked what he liked about it and he explained he liked the polka dots and that its red and white...my dad figures he just can't pinpoint what it is about Kathy he likes, but he knows he likes something...I knew this was coming but 5 1/2yrs old? Come on!


Heather said...

Whoa....yeah, 5 1/2 is a little young! Good luck with that!! Maybe he'll forget all about Kathy in the next few weeks....and then hide all the other magazines so he doesn't find a new one!!:-)

Heather said...

Oh yeah....and why DON'T you have a swimming suit like that???:-)

Mrnak Monkeys said...

At least the kid's got dreams!!! At 5 1/2, it's just another cute thing for the baby book (if you're still doing those!!!!) You'll just have to tell him that Kathy is already married! Megan has already said she's marrying her little buddy, Bretton....and that was at 2 1/2 years old! (but then again, he's not a half naked model!!)

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