In honor of Trae's birthday...a walk down memory lane.

Happy birthday, me sweet, adorable boy! I love you so much, and I can't wait to see what the year brings!

Trae learned to do "1" really quick! He just has to focus...!

The birthday boy this morning at breakfast. I think a magic switch has flipped because I have the cabinet under the sink tied shut with ribbon ( I have real cabinet locks, but we (he) haven't installed them yet after a year...) anyway, he has never untied them before. This morning he walked up and untied in seconds flat. I figured it was luck, retied it, and he walked right back up to it and untied it again. And then again! He sure is a sweetheart.

Trae in utero, 37 weeks

Trae in utero, 20 weeks. We found out we would have another son.

Just 4 hours before he was born. Apparently, pregnant women are delusional as they say, because I didn't think I was very big!

Being a mom makes me so happy. Trae Scott Baseman was born perfect on January 11,2007 @4:55p.m.


Burchibunch said...

Happy 1st Birthday Trae!! Hope you have a great 1st birthday....make a big mess of that cake:) Amber-might be time for another:)

Cole & Angie & Chloe said...

That year sure went by fast. Isn't it amazing how much they grow in such a short amount of time?! Hope you guys all have lots of fun today! :)

Matt, Ashley & Alexus said...

Happy 1st Birthday Trae!!
It sure makes a mommy want to cry when our babies grow up. It's SO hard to fathom where the time goes. You go to bed on night and they are tiny infants and we wake up the next morning and they are crawling, walking and so independent. I hope you have a GREAT first birthday Trae. I LOVE your cake, have LOTS of fun eating it. Or should I say smashing it. :D *Hugs*

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Happy First birthday to him!! He is such a cutie pie and has been since he was born!! :o)

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