From the lips of babe(s)

Today, I got Brookelyn some dolls for her dollhouse. We were trying to come up with names for them. We had the parents, and two little girls. We named the parents Brian and Monica, and the littlest girl Adrianna. Last week, Brookelyn saw the Burchill family picture and was asking me what the girls names were. She wanted her name to be Adrianna...We named the other girl Madeline. I suggested Seattle at one point and she said " No, Se-rattle is a place" I asked her how she knew that and she said " because nate and Marsha go there!" (they used to live there) My mom had gotten her a notebook, and on the front she had written Belliot. I asked her why she writes Belliot on everything (a combination of B for Brookelyn and Elliot, which she can write perfectly) and she said " because I want to change my name to Belliot because I can't spell it." I laughed a good hard laugh...
I think i'll hit the hay, I finally managed some sleep by 1am last night and its been steady all day! I'm out, night y'all.


Burchibunch said...

Aww how cute! Adriana would be honored to have a doll named after her...maybe someday when we visit she can even play dolls with brookelyn!

Mrnak Monkeys said...

What a little smarty pants! I think Brookelyn needs a little sister to play dolls with!!

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