E-bay selling

I figured in my quest to combat the clutter, I would invite anyone who has sold things on e-bay to enlighten me on if it's worth it or just a big hassle. I figure it must be somewhat worth it, since everyone does it, but I want to make sure it's not more hassle than it's worth. The biggest pain is going to the post office to send it out. I'm not a big errands person, especially the post office. My other idea is to have a donation sale. I'd put everything out in my driveway, and people could make offers, that way I don't have to take the time to price everything, and people will buy more because they set the price! I hate all the leftovers after a garage sale, so then my plan is to have Fox Valley Thrift come pick up the excess. Garage sales are so much work....but i don't want this junk hogging all the space in my house. It's actually not "junk" but it's unused around here, and it would feel so great to have it gone. We have one area in our basemant that we could build a wall and make a huge storage area for everything (clothes, decorations, ect) and then we could let the kids down there. As it is, the kids go down and make a mess of the organized things, and we're back to square one. I am an organized person, but the more children we have and the more things that accumulate, the harder it is to STAY organized. So, heres to getting into organization mode and getting things manageable again. I will be having the "GREAT TOY GIVEAWAY" as we have enough for two dozen kids. I'll keep y'all posted in case your kids (or your husbands) need anything. I can't handle the toys anymore, and they never go at garage sales anyway. Plus, there are way to many to price them, it'd take me days.

Sorry to bore you guys, I use my blog as therapy, and it makes my game plans real if I put it down somewhere. If you see my husband, keep asking him if the basement is done yet. Hopefully so many people will ask him that he'll get sick of it and get the wall up. He is also the King of Pack Rats, and he never wants to get rid of anything. Ski tags included. That's whats great about memories, they don't take up floor space! Who knows, once the basement is clutter free, maybe I can set up my studio down there. And after that, i'd like a weight room/yago studio, scrapbooking room, 2bedrooms, bathroom, family room, game room, hmmm...I think that's it, I can't really think of anything else right now!

Have a great day!!


My Resolution......

is to get rid of all the clutter in my house, including the basement. I am one of those people who buys things that are unique, and saves them until I have a place for them. The NEW me is not going to buy things that just cause more clutter. I figure the less we have, the less the kids have to make a mess with! BRILLIANT!!! This shall happen before the new baby comes....and I also want to make a designated "play" area downstairs so that the toys aren't being strewn from one end the house to the other. That's one thing nice about a two story home, the kids can't drag everything out of their room as easily.

Elliot is home from school today. We had terrible weather last night, so school was cancelled. I can't believe how much louder it is around here with him home. It's nice for Brookelyn though, because she has someone to play with. They have been playing all morning long. I guess it's 1:15p.m. already, so they've been trashing the house all day. I got all the dishes done, and folded about 4 loads of laundry and am continuing to wash. ( we have at least 3 loads everyday) I am trying to catch up on things after the last two busy weeks.

Today, I heard Brookelyn say to Elliot " Elliot, look how big mommy's belly is..."
Elliot glances and then his eyes widen " WOW "
Brookelyn says " thats cuz theres a baby in there..."
At least I have an excuse...my belly isn't huge, but it is extended, and I am so nauseaus that I can't hold it in. It won't be long before I get the " when are you due " questions though. I haven't told people at work, but the way I was running into the bathroom every 10-15 min (literally) along with my rounder belly probably clued them in. I sensed one girl wanted to ask,but probably wanted to avoid it being awkward if I said " no, i'm just getting fat."


Can't keep a train of thought..here's the train wreck.

I went into Barnes &Noble last night with Nicole to scope out wedding magazines. I decided to check out the baby books while I was there. I ended up getting an adorable book, Eric Carle's Very Special Baby Journal. There's an envelope inside for hospital bracelets and other keepsakes, which is what sold me on it. For those of you thinking it's "bad luck" to buy things for the baby this early on, i'm not the superstitious type, and I just pray everything goes good with the pregnancy. I also figure that telling people as soon as I find out hopefully means more prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy. If we lost the baby, I wouldn't want to ignore the fact that we had been pregnant, and it's not like we'd pretend we never were expecting. I can't keep secrets well, and the telltale bump, especially the fourth time around would've clued y'all in anyway. The Wed. I found out, I was wondering why my jean skirt was snug, i'd actually lost 2lbs...also morning sickness hits early with me. I don't know why I feel the need to justify this to you guys, I know you weren't judging me anyway :)I scoped out an adorable blanket when baby gift shopping for my friend at Baby's R Us, that my child shall have. It's brown and aqua, so it'll go for either sex. I am a baby blanket junkie! I also picked up a pregnancy journal. I decided to document this pregnancy, as we plan on it being our last. I am over the unexpected pregnancy bit. This was a great surprise, but hopefully no more like it....i'd have a dozen of I could support them, but four's a good number for us! :)

I have to work tonight at a house that the sickness is primarily manipulation and lies. Just kidding, mental disorders, split personalities, and alchoholic, but they all lie and manipulate to their hearts content, and have no remorse. They also steal. You have to lock up your food and drink or they'll take it and eat/drink it. Wow. I have only worked this house 3 times in the 7 months i've worked there. NOT looking forward to it....were expecting an ice storm, so i'm wondering how i'm going to get home after work. A very bad place to get snowed in.

Brookelyn is coughing again. Trae is still teething. He screamed the entire way home from Appleton last night.(45 min)

We're headed to Nate & Marsha's to do their floors this weekend. Should be a good time.

I have to tell you guys how much a 12month well baby visit costs: $528.54 Thankfully our insurance picks these up, even without the deductable being paid....

Before I reveal what I think the baby is I want to say this. A boy would be nice because Trae and the new baby would be close in age to snowboard, skate, play cars, get into trouble ect. together. A girl would be nice because i'd be due around the same time Brookelyn was born (within weeks, couldn't have planned that better!) so all the clothes would be the right season. Also, then we could have two kids in each room. But we could also make a room in the basement. In other words, WE HAVE NO PREFERENCE what this child is..........................................................................................................................................................
...........................................................................................................................but I think it's a girl!



The nausea has set in...and so has the mind numbing tiredness. I know it's not at it's worst, which is hard to believe. I'm so busy that when I finally sit down and think that I have a baby growing inside me, I get excited all over again.

Elliot wants a boy and he wants to name him Beavis Baseman John. He figures we'll have one more boy, and then two girls after that, so we have 3 of each! Beavis was the name Elliot and Brookelyn picked out for Trae (suggested by their dad..) Brookelyn told the nurse that his name was Trae aaand Beavis! Elliot is Elliot John Baseman. It won't be Beavis...

Brookelyn wants a girl and wants to name her Kenya. That is the name of her African baby.

Mom called today to tell me that last night when my Dad and Brookelyn were looking at an SCI magazine (he quizes her on African animals) there was a Gemsbok with messed up horns. She took a good look at it and asked "What's wrong with that thing?" My dad said his horns got messed up when they grew in. Brookelyn went to turn the page, then glanced back at the Gemsbok and said "I wouldn't even eat that thing." She's a funny girl...

Trae is still cutting teeth, and watch out because he'll bite anything and it hurts! He's been very vocal and aggressive today, so his teeth must be really bugging him.

We'll take any name suggestions...we'd love to hear 'em. I don't think we're going to find out what we're having. My dad "bet" me I couldn't wait, purposely because if you tell me I can't do something, I will do it. It's going to be hard though. I think I have a hunch of what the baby is, but when I decide for sure, maybe i'll post!


Big News

So, Jason and I had a talk on Sunday night about when to add to our family. We decided that we would start trying in March. Very exciting, the only hesitation I had was the possibility of having difficulty again, which is alot of stress that I am not sure I have the energy for. I put a call into our fertility specialist on Tuesday to pick her brain and see if she thought I was ovulating (yes) and how fast endometriosis grows back (hard to tell, different for everyone) I told her we'd try for a few months, and if we didn't have any luck, she'd be hearing from me.

On wednesday, I received some tea that is supposed to help you lose weight. As I was reading through the direction and thinking about the exercise that goes with the diet, it occured to me that I haven't had a cycle in awhile. My best estimate is the beginning of December. I thought I better take a pg test to make sure it was safe to go ahead with the diet. I bought a pack of three, thinking this one would be negative, and i'd save the otheer two for when we start trying. I took the test after mtg, and popped some black heads while waiting for the result. I glanced at the test, which had a vreticaql purple line, and a horizontal purple line. Then I looked at the result chart, and noticed a vertical purple line is a pregnant result. I picked up the test to get a better look, and see there is a plus sign, with a very faded test line. I went into our bedroom, where my unsuspecting husband was wrestling with Trae on the bed. " i'm pregnant" Very surprised look...sigh and smile..."oh...yeah right? "Really, here's the test" We thought maybe it was an invalid result because the test line was so faint, but a faint test line wasn't on the invalid outcomes chart. I took the other two tests throughout the night when I got up to pee, which would have been my first clue that I really was pregnant. All the tests looked the same. At 8am on the button, I called my ob-gyn and talked to the nurse, explaining that faded line, three tests, ect. She told me to come in right away for a blood test. I went in for the blood test at ten, and they scheduled an ultrasound for 10:30, should the result be positive. They drew the blood, and had us go up to the ob-gyn's floor to await results. ( This was so spur of the moment that my mom and the two little ons were with me) After about 10-15 min of waiting, they came and told me their machine that reads the blood was broken, and would take at leat 45min to fix. They deided to go ahead and do the ultrasound. We got to see a healthy yolk sac, and have an appointment in two weeks for another ultrasoound to date the pregnancy and hear the baby's heart.
We are so excited! It is really different to go from having no inkling you might be pregnant, to finding out you're 5-6wks pregnant. When you're trying for a baby, every twinge is attributed to the possibility of a baby growing inside you. This was very little effort, and it was awesome not to stress over it. So, this is our "early" baby. Being as results oriented as I am, I'm thrilled....I was expecting to have a new baby the beginning of next year, and we'll have one this fall! Once I set my mind on something, I want it yesterday, so this is really great. The kids are really excited. Elliot want a boy, and Brookelyn wants a girl. Go figure. We'll take healthy and sweet.
I think it's hilarious that 1 day after I post I think an unplanned pregnancy would be fun, I discover i'm pregnant. It's all good though, we couldn't be happier. I want to make sure everyone knows this baby was planned on in another month, as I don't want the "yeah, it was an accident" rumors flying. It just happened when we least expected it, which is an awesome suprise for us.




I've jumped on the 100 things about me bandwagon....!

1. I haven't slept well in months. Last night, I counted 100 things about me to get to sleep. It really gets you thinking about who you are. Which can keep you awake longer.
2. One time we went to a potluck at some friends house. Elliot was pretty little, like 2. All the bigger kids would call im over to play, and then take off running. I was watching this, and getting pretty angry. Then he came over to me and said, " mommy, I wan't to play too." It broke my heart, so I went into the playhouse with him and we weere going to play. I sat on one of the little tykes chairs in there and cried. I'm trying my best to teach my kids not to do this to other kids.
3. I was shocked when Elliot came home from his first week of school talking about this girl, Lydia. We asked if she was his girlfriend, and he said no. Then I asked if she was pretty, and he said no again. I asked why, and he said, cause she always wears the same clothes everyday. I was speechless that he had made such an observation. A few weeks into school, he came home and dug out an extra pencil box we had lying around. He told me he was going to give it to a girl at school who just had a paper bag for her pencils and glue. When I asked who it was, he said Lydia. This made me so proud. Lydia is one of his best friends at school.
4. People say I have a contagiuos laugh. I try never to stifle it.
5. I have a hard time saying i'm sorry, but I feel sorry when I do things to hurt people.
6. I cannot step on cracks. Seriously. I go to the mall, and I watch my feet so that they land inside the tiles, rather than in between tiles. The only way I can handle it is if I don't watch my feet. If I am wearing flip flops and can feel the crack of the tile under my foot, I go back to making sure i'm completely in the tile. It's very odd.
7. I also scope out ceilings and get agitated when the ceiling tiles are not in a pattern. If i'm there for hours, I continuiously re-configure them in my head so that they make a pattern.
8. I love being pregnant, and don't really mind labor.
9. Just kidding about the labor part!
10. I HATE grocery shopping. It's one of the worst things you could make me do.
11. I love to do Yoga, but rarely find the time. I would love a studio in my basement.
12. If I could afford one luxury, it would be a maid, hands down. Not a nanny, a maid.
13. I respect my dad so much. I hated disappointing him. Still do.
14. I think being a publicist for a huge celebrity would be a rockin' job.
15. I only buy my kids books with great pictures, and I try to get special books for them like, God gave us you and You're all my favorite. I hate Sesame Street and Disney books.
16. I don't want to miss a thing, especially when it comes to my kids.
17. My passion for photography started when I had Elliot. I felt like if i documented everything he did, I would never forget.
18. I am SO grateful to my mom for everything she does for me. Especially the babysitting. I would never have been able to handle going to work this past summer if I had to send my children to daycare.
19. I had to go back to work because the transmission went on our van bringing Trae home from the hospital. Two months later, the same thiing happened to Jason's truck. We went from a family of 4 with no car payments, to a family of 5 with 2 car payments.
20. The group home is temporary until I get the photography thing going strong.
21. I was so scared to go buy my camera, but i'm so glad I did. I felt like it was so much money, but it was a step I needed to take to get my business going, and I can't wait until I can choose the hours I work.
22. I would love to adopt someday, but doubt we'll ever beable to afford it. I think people who adopt are making such a difference.
23. I want to write a children's book about adoption. I have been trying to find one for months with great pictures and a sweet story, for a gift, and I just can't find one.
24. Gift giving is big for me. I never give gift cards. I love to put thought into the gift, and get something just perfect for the person.
25. One time I called a photographer to find out his prices, and used my sisters wedding date and details when he asked for them. I just meant it as research, but he was so braggy about his work that I couldn't resist when he invited me to the studio to see his work. I loaded up the two little kids, and headed over to see what he was made of. I felt guilty afterwards for fibbing, and i'd never do it again. I saw him at Walmart around christmas time, and I don't think he recognized me...the best part of the story was that I was talking to him about this lady who did my sisters wedding pictures and did a terrible job. She even used the candle holder of my mom's table for the ring shot, instead of my sisters flowers.Thank goodness I never said her name, because when I walked into his studio, there she sat on his couch! He was good, but had a bad personality, and took distasteful shots at bars. Ex. groomsmen w/ their heads up the bridesmaids dresses.
26. I love the movie Dirty Dancing.
27. I want to make a ist of things to do before I die, but i'm scared.
28. I am afraid to fly because if we crash, we'd leave our children without parents. I get sick when I talk about our life insurance policy.
29. I was a stay at home mom for the first 5 1/2 yrs of being a mom. I would always say, "oh, i'm JUST a stay at home mom" and then be disappionted in myself because I think it's so important. I think stay-at-home mom's should get paid 6 figures.
30. I've never had a schedule for my kids. Sometimes I wish we were more predictable and always did things the same time and day each week. We push alot of things aside to help other people with things, and then our things never get done.
31. Like our basement. Things got piled ANYWHERE when we moved in. We've gone down there numerous times and started to organize it, but get overwhelmed before we're finished. It embarrasses me when people see it.
32. I love all my sisters.
33. I always wanted a big brother so that I could date his friends.
34. The only boy I ever kissed is my husband. I kissed him first.
35. We've been together since I was 15. That's 9yrs!
36. I am VERY results oriented. VERY.
37. I am obsessed with names. I pick them out even when i'm not pregnant.
38. My dream is to go to Italy someday.
39. I'm not a political person. I vote for whoever my husband and dad vote for.
40. I never use ugly dishes. All my serving dishes are things I like, with bright colors.
41. I love to cook Italian food.
42. People compliment me on my cooking, and it feels good.
43. I rarely pay full price for things. When I do, I feel guilty and deflated because half the fun of shopping is seeing what a deal you can get.
44. I could spend hours in Pier 1 or World Market. I figure out the htings I love, and go look at Goodwill to see if they have someting similar at a fraction of the price.
45. You'd be surprised how much of our stuff comes from second hand stores. I really don't under stand people who don't shop there just because it's used,
46. I love to buy shoes.
47. I hate to wear shoes.
48. I never wear flat shoes with a short skirt, I hate what it does to the shape of my legs.
49. Another compulsion I have is matching my kids blanket to their Nuk to their nuk holder to their outfit to their hat to their bottle/sippy. I died burp rags purple and pink to match my daughters clothes.
50. I was the only one who threw my cap at graduation. They threatened us with fines...I was so sure...I sprayed the crowd with Silly String on my way out. One can in each hand.
51. I secretly hope my daughter is naturally thin because i've always been "bigger" and worry about my weight constantly. I try really hard not to talk negatively about my body in front of her.
52. I check out women. Always. Don't we all?
53. I hate when people who don't have kids use the phrase, " my kids are never gonna do that" You don't know anything about raising kids unless you've done it. And you can't control everything they do. I am shocked when my kids do things that I KNOW they know better. It mortifies me when they throw temper tantrums. Recently at bible study, my daughter fell asleep on the way there, and I don't know if she was crabby because we woke her up or what, but she got it in her head that she wanted to sit by Grandma. There was no seats by Grandma, and the fit she threw would have disqualified her from the priveledge anyhow. She started shrieking and crying, so I took her down the hall, but it just didn't stop. I had to take her outside in the cold, she was making such a racket. She threw a fit INTO prayer, and would not accept that when we went back in, she was not going to sit by her Grandma. I was, needless to say, shocked. We rarely have to take her out, and this fit was out of control. The more I tried to calm her down and explain why she couldn't sit where she wanted, the more she shreiked and just would not accept my answer. I hope that's the last fit she throws at meeting...
54. I would love to learn how to sail. It's so romantic.
55. I wish my husband was more romantic.
56. I am severly clausterphobic.
57. I think it'd be fun to get pregnant unexpectedly. I don't like when people say it was an "accident" For us, it would be a "bonus"
58. In kindergarten there was a note sent home saying I wasn't paying attention during our alphebet time, or whatever. The aid told me to make sure to give it to my mom, as it was very important. Never have liked the women since. Anyway, the deal was that my mom had gotten me all dolled up and I was proud of my dress and twirling my hair and feeling all pretty daydreaming. When I snapped out of it, I looked over at Jason Young's chalkboard, where they had left off a J, and just copied it off of his, missing a good portion of the alphabet. I learned in Kindergarten that you can't trust people.
59. I hate my cellulite, I accept my stretch marks.
60. I flush public toilets with my foot. Always have, always will.
61. I love to listen to stroies about labor and delivery.
62. When I become a certified doula, I want to establish a program for teens or unwed mothers where I become their labor couch for free. I can't imagine going through childbirth alone, and this will be my difference in the world.
63. I wouldn't turn down anyone who couldn't pay for my services as a doula. I think everyone deserves a doula, and it's rewarding for me too.
64. It is amazing that we can grow babies inside of us.
65. I love art, especially abstract art.
66. I can't wear underwear that don't coordinate with my bra...
67. I have very high arches in my feet. It really sucks.
68. I always want to know where i'm headed in life.
69. I rarely iron. I throw the clothes in the dryer to get the wrinkles out.
70. Our sock basket(s) are embarrassing.
71. I don't see the point of Sudoku puzzles. Have no desire whatsoever...
72. It really bugs me to see adults with tattoos of Disney characters.
73. I HATE needles. However, I was with my friend when she had an Amnio and an Epidural, which makes me proud.
74. I apply lip balm like crazy. I think I may be addicted...
75. I always drive with my cellphone in my lap. In case I crash, I want to beable to find it.
76. When we lived in town and i'd go for walks with the kids, i'd always plan what i'd do if anyone tried to attack me or try to take the kids. Run as fast as I could with my double stroller? Grab both kids and try to run with them? I tend to worry so much that it takes the joy out of some things.
77. I am addicted to buying toiletries. I have hundreds.
78. I'm so glad I had my kids young. I have endometriosis, and probably wouldn't have been able to have them had I waited.
79. I worried about infertility as long as I can remember.
80. It's the second wordt thing I ever went through.
81. The worst thing I ever went through was an ectopic pregnancy. I went to the hospital for an ultrasound in denial that anyhting was wrong, and the doctor thought all the pain was from hemmoroids. I knew it wasn't and hoped it was. We got to see the baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound, and I still feel guilty thinking that he or she had a heartbeat, and then didn't. I was essentially bleeding to death internally and in so much pain, and the baby was growing inside my abdominal cavity, attached to my right ovary. There was no way it could have survived. I wish things had turned out different.
82. Of course, if they had, I wouldn't have Trae, and i'm so glad I have him.
83. I hate being late, but get later and later the more kids I have.
84. I smell everything. Onetime, when I worked at the nursing hime in Dietary, I saw this resident urp into her napkin. When I collected her tray, I smelled it,and immediately regretted it. I still remember the smell...not good.
85. I love when my dad makes faces. I had to pretend I didn't growing up, and would have to leave the room from cracking up whenI was too cool for my dad's humor.
86. I get really irritated with anyone else when they make ugly faces at me.
87. I HATE being interruped when i'm talking. It is so rude.
88. I'm a constant critic. Sorry.
89. I can't waterski. Period. My legs flop out to the side, and I can't control it.
90. I used to snowboard before I had kids. Can't imagine ever wanting to again. Did I mention I hate the cold?
91. I did it for love.
92. I beleive in soulmates. My husband and I are proof.
93. I think that last one was corny, but it's the truth.
94. I am very ungaurded.
95. I love to buy spices.
96. Photography rocks my world.
97. I can't imagine life without kids. How lonely.
98. I love people.
99. I can't imagine life without my family.
100. I would die for any of them.



I took this picture of Brookelyn this fall, and the one of Elliot today. Two down, one to go. Will post a picture of Trae when he stops all the fussing and lets me take a good one.

Super Hot Princesses

My son is home today because it's Martin Luther King day. I was on the phone when he came out in Brookelyn's clothes, and she in his! The photo shoot didn't go well, as Trae was NOT in the mood and cried the entire time......maybe next time. These pictures sure turned out great of the self-proclaimed "Super Hot Princesses" Please do not tell my husband or my dad on me for taking & GASP!! posting these pic's (what happens when he's 16? He'll be sooo embarrassed!) They get really dramatic. Anyway, here are my super hot princesses, it was to cute not to post. Check out the ear flaps...Elliot had to make hair! He taped paper into the inside of the hat. He spins around like it's noone's business too!

random happenings....

This weekend was pretty laid back. Yesterday afternoon, I had the priveledge of photographing the Mauel family. They are so photogenic, and I got some great shots. (see maternity&newborn pics) I called this morning to schedule my childbirth and breastfeeding classes as part of my doula training, and it sounds like I won't have to pay! The actual 3 day training is April 4-6, so I am anxiously awaiting that. I am bummed that Carter's birth won't count towards the three I have to attend before becoming certified, but Misty has agreed to let me attend her birth, and I am hoping that some of the couples in the birthing class will be interested. If you know anyone who would enjoy having a doula, let me know, I would be glad to attend their birth. I have to tell you again what an absolutely amazing experience this was for me. I went into it thinking it would be so rewarding, but a little afraid that the blood would affect me or something and i'd have to abandon my dream. Everything was beautiful and I was even okay when the doctor administered the epidural! Dr. Darling was Sam's doctor, and is also mine ( he delivered Brookelyn, didn't make it in time for Trae, but arrived about 2min after he was born) so that was special to help one of his other patients. When Sam got to the pushing stage, I was holding one of her legs for about the first 6-7 min. Then they called the labor nurse in. She walked up to me and said " I think I can handle this leg now, i'll take it from here." I was irate, and very irritated that she would have nerve, and Dr. Darling said to her, " Actually, if you don't mind, she'd training to be a doula, and I think we should let her do it." The nurse gave a (heavy) sigh and backed up, and just watched the rest of the birth. She apparently was having a bad day, because she came in about 2hrs before the actual birth to set up the tool cart for the delivery. Sam had on a gown that the snaps wuldn't stay snapped, so she asked me to help her change. The nurse, mind you, decides the best place to set up her "sterile" cart is at the foot of the bed, where I am standing and the nurse is trying to check Sam, and is just not convenient. There is however, places out of the way that would be perfect for setting up a cart that must remain sterile until the baby is born, like the open corners of the room, where she eventually pushes her cart to await the birth. Anyway, as I pull Sam's gown off, it almost brushes the cart and she goes, "umm, watch my cart." I looked at her and said "excuse me" "you need to watch my cart" Go take a Midol lady, you're here to work around us, and if the laboring mother happens to be laboring near your cart, YOU need to pick up shop and move to accomodate US. Oh, and thank you for your consideration!

This morning, Elliot came up to me holding a chocolate chip, and said "mom, is this a candy kiss?" I told him it was a chocolate chip, and Brookelyn says "see, i'm right and you're wrong, toldja!" What a know it all!

New words: Ball. Trae got 100 balls fro his birthday from Grandma Julie as I mentioned. He brings them to me and says "baa, baa" and then I throw them at Jason. He brings me another, says "baa, baa" and waits for me to throw it at his Dad. This is his new favorite game! Elliot and Brookelyn also enjoy throwing the balls at their Dad, and Elliot being a boy gets really aggressive. I must tell him the settle down the most, because when they are throwing the balls at Jason, Trae just watches and yells, "ehhYIT!!" (Elliot) Very cute.
New word: Nikki. I've never actually heard this one, but Nikki, of course, has.

Trae is down for his nap, but when he wakes up I plan to do pictures of the kids. I (hopefully) am planning to send them out once I get them printed. The more things I want to do, the less time there seems to be to do them :) Sounds like i'm a mom??!!


Maternity & Newborn pic's

One of my favorites

5 days before the birth of Carter

I find baby feet amazing


Cameron peeking at his new brother

Beautiful baby boy

Mommy & Carter...love at first sight

Possibilities for announcements....

Mommy with the boys...

Carter & mommy
Carter's getting tired of this!

Cameron kissing Carter

Daddy with his boys.....


What's up....?

I was wondering why John & Shannon's and Bill & Shanda's website says page not found? If anyone knows and could enlighten me, i'd appreciate it. I'm hoping I don't spend all this time on my blog, and one day it just disappears! Thanks in advance for any input...


Tiny Miracles

First yawn.
Carter Landon Mauel was born perfect, weighing 8lbs, and was 20 1/2 inches long.

Sam ended up going into labor on her own last night. We arrived at the hospital at 7am, and her contractions were 8min apart. The doctor used prostoglandin gel to get the contractions more regular. After an hour he came in and broke her water. Things progressed quickly, and Carter Landon was born at 11:24am after only 14min of pushing. Sam did awesome, and Mike was a great support for her. It was really intense right as she started to push. I began thinking in a few moments she would push a tiny, perfect little person into the world. It was so beautiful to see. I am so proud of her, and can't wait to get my hands on little Carter! All of us moms need to pat ourselves on the back. It really is the greatest thing we could ever do. God gives these little miracles everything they need all rolled up in a soft, adorable pink package. As Sam was going through her labor, I was thinking, man, I don't think I can handle that ever again. And as soon as I saw him, I thought, oh yeah, I could do that again in a heartbeat.

Congratulations Mike, Sam, & Cameron on baby Carter!!!


Trae's 1 yr check-up

Trae had his 1yr check-up yesterday. He weighs 25.1lbs (80%) is 30inches long (55%) and his head is 48.2 (92%) Doc says he's healthy and the biggest concern is keeping him safe as he no doubt will be crawling up on things very soon! He also mentioned discipline and being consistent, which I have down pretty good by now. He says to eliminate his night feeding...which is the only reason I still nurse him, it's so much easier to just pull him into my bed. The doctor says it's trained feeding, and I need to get him to sleep w/out feeding him. Which is a great concept that I tried last night for about 15min and decided the sleep was more important, since i've been averaging about 5-6 hrs a night. My other kids eventually slept through the night, and i'm not really the type of person to make a huge deal of it, but I will be done nursing tomorrow....Trae is spending the night @ mom's because of the birth, so I won't beable to nurse him for at least 18hrs. It's a good, convenient time to stop....................but hard, since I never thought he'd grow up this fast, and i'm having a hard time accepting it. Trae had 5 shots to top off the visit, so I figure he NEEDED the extra comfort last night :) Work again tonight, but then I have off for a week...from the group home. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a couple who want me to shoot their wedding in August, Thursday I have the birth, and Friday I have a wedding to shoot. Saturday, I am doing my parents Employee Appreciation Banquet, which i've been helping mom with for several years. Sunday will truly be a day of rest.


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to my Darling Husband today, he is 29! We got him Under Armour to keep him warm when he's hunting!We love you! Amber, Elliot, Brookelyn, and Trae xoxoxoxoxoxo


Traeman's birthday!

Trae Scott 1 year

Trae loved digging in the Cake. He would taste the frosting, then throw his head back and laugh! It was sooo adorable! He was so yummy and cute the whole day.

Trae's birthday was a total blast! We had people we don't see often, so it was great to catch up. Trae got alot of noisy gifts, mostly noisy educational gifts, so he should be a genious in no time. He also got 100 balls from Grandma Julie, which have been a blast to pick up! Trae also got a Retro Rocket from us and an inch worm toy that you sit on and it "inches" across the floor. He got a huge stuffed alligator from auntie Kimber, and lots of adorable clothes. Trae got a wheel barrow, which he didn't want to give up in order to open the rest of his gifts, and a John Deere push mower. Trae wasn't interested in opening the gifts, and got irritated when he'd open something fun, and i'd take it right away and give him another thing to open. He was soooo tired after missing his morning nap, and the more tired he got, the harder he fought to stay awake! Finally, Kimber handed him to me and he cuddled up and zonked out in about literally 8 seconds. He'll be spending his first night away from home on Wed, because Sam is being induced @ 5:30a.m. on Thur, and I don't want to get the kids up that early and take them to moms...I will post more pics later this week... my computer is verrry slooow at downloading pics.


Trae's cake

So, here's my attempt at a John Deere cake ! I figured I better get pictures before something happens to it.

In honor of Trae's birthday...a walk down memory lane.

Happy birthday, me sweet, adorable boy! I love you so much, and I can't wait to see what the year brings!

Trae learned to do "1" really quick! He just has to focus...!

The birthday boy this morning at breakfast. I think a magic switch has flipped because I have the cabinet under the sink tied shut with ribbon ( I have real cabinet locks, but we (he) haven't installed them yet after a year...) anyway, he has never untied them before. This morning he walked up and untied in seconds flat. I figured it was luck, retied it, and he walked right back up to it and untied it again. And then again! He sure is a sweetheart.

Trae in utero, 37 weeks

Trae in utero, 20 weeks. We found out we would have another son.

Just 4 hours before he was born. Apparently, pregnant women are delusional as they say, because I didn't think I was very big!

Being a mom makes me so happy. Trae Scott Baseman was born perfect on January 11,2007 @4:55p.m.


Don't worry, it's not blood, Traeman loves to chew on markers and crayons that his brother and sister leave lying around! What a little man he's grown into. I feel a slight depression coming on, seeing my baby grow up so fast...
Brookelyn is such a free spirit. She's always on my team. Who knows, it may be only us two girls forever. I couldn't ask for a more perfect little girl.

One of the men in my life...I am so proud of how much he's grown and learned in school this year. He is really caring of others, which is one of the things I love about him.

Well, here are the final results of the hedgehog project we did with Elliot's class! Jason was home today because they were short on work, so it worked out perfect! Brookelyn and I went to visit Elliot. We only stayed for about 20 minutes, and Brookelyn didn't want to leave, and Elliot didn't want her to go. I was touched...i'm sure it won't be long before they're to cool for each other. It is officially Traeman's birthday, as it is 12:25a.m. I just got hime at about 11:20 and I am making cookies for Elliot's final "star" day. Tomorrow, I have to bake Trae's cake. It is going to have a barnyard with tractors, horses, pigs, and lots of yummy frosting! At 6pm, I am doing my friend Sam's maternity photos, which I am so excited about! I ordered a backdrop, which was suppesed to arrive today and did not, so I hope it shows up tomorrow...Sam is all set to be induced on Thursday. I am so stoked, as I will be assisting with the birth. It's my very first birth, and I know it's going to be beautiful, and baby Carter is going to be beautiful as well.



This is the project we'll be doing with Elliot's class tomorrow!


From the lips of babe(s)

Today, I got Brookelyn some dolls for her dollhouse. We were trying to come up with names for them. We had the parents, and two little girls. We named the parents Brian and Monica, and the littlest girl Adrianna. Last week, Brookelyn saw the Burchill family picture and was asking me what the girls names were. She wanted her name to be Adrianna...We named the other girl Madeline. I suggested Seattle at one point and she said " No, Se-rattle is a place" I asked her how she knew that and she said " because nate and Marsha go there!" (they used to live there) My mom had gotten her a notebook, and on the front she had written Belliot. I asked her why she writes Belliot on everything (a combination of B for Brookelyn and Elliot, which she can write perfectly) and she said " because I want to change my name to Belliot because I can't spell it." I laughed a good hard laugh...
I think i'll hit the hay, I finally managed some sleep by 1am last night and its been steady all day! I'm out, night y'all.

Troubles Sleeping....passing the time.

I spent the day trying to recover from the weekend. My house is totally trashed. We had Jason's family up for the weekend. I woke up with a migraine ( figures, when I have alot of stuff to get done, I always end up with one...) I decided to try my best to ignore it (the headache) as my house was literally driving me crazy! I threw about 4 loads of laundry in and folded it all with the help of my darling daughter:) Trae tried to help, but he only likes to throw what we've just folded on the floor! There were toys everywhere, so Brookelyn picked them all up. I have to note here that she is a great helper until her older brother gets home and then she wants nothing to do with helping me. Made some headway, but I still have a ways to go. When Jason got home from work, we headed over to mom & dads and started on their hardwood floors. Of course, Trae wanted very badly to use the nail gun and "help" so I was stuck trying to occupy him for several hours without letting him off my lap. He got very crabby very fast... tomorrow we're off for a big shopping day. I have to pick up some last minute things for Trae's party. I can't beleive Elliot was only 3 months older than Trae when Brookelyn was born, he seems like such a baby yet. So we're planning on leaving at 9, and then shopping until I have to be to work at 3pm. Should be fun!

New words: *Treasyn (the dog) *More *Aaron
Cute things Trae does: Trae has started to do this adorable little dance when he's excited. He bounces up and down...ooo, it so yummy! When we take him out of his car seat, even if he's sleeping, he does the dance. It must be really cute if daddy commented on it!

Funny things Brookelyn has said recently: I overheard her telling Trae " your really starting to irritate me..." when he was getting into her things.

The other day she wanted to call Grandma Julie and spoke with her for about 15min. When she got off of the phone, she was kinda quiet and lost in her thoughts. Finally, she looks at me and tips her head to the side and declares " grandma lied to me" I asked her what she meant, and she explained that she had asked mom if she had seen her new dollhouse and mom said no, but she did " because when she came into my room to see if I was sleeping and I wasn't she looked at it and saw it, but she said she didn't so she lied."

Elliot is the "Star of the Week" This entails making a poster of all of your favorite thing to do(hunting) favorite place (woods) What you want to be when you grow up (policeman) and if you had one wish, what would it be? (to have a dragon as a pet). Also, your mom gets to come in and either read a book to the class, sing a song with the class, or create a project with the class. We are going to make little hedgehogs (they were adorable and I couldn't find any deer projects) and sing " A Hunting We Will Go." Elliot also gets to bring the snack for the week. I really can't beleive my baby is in school. I believe i'll be in disbelief long after he graduates...I am going to bring Brookelyn with me to make the project. She seems to make alot of friends while she's there, especially with the boys, which tends to annoy me. Elliot gets very protective of her and make sure people don't hurt her on the playground. That's why I always wanted an older brother. As it turns out, my sisters are all pretty protective of me. We're all pretty protective of each other...

I think I will try again to get some sleep... I tried for 1/2 hour to no avail, but I know if I don't get to bed soon i'll be dragging tomorrow. I wonder why i'm having troubles sleeping again???


Weekend Recap

I just wanted to do a quick post on our weekend. Friday night, Steve&Pam, Aaron and Kimber came down. We were in town shopping for Trae's birthday and gifts for each of them, since we're reaaaly late. On Saturday, we went to Sandy Voight's funeral, which was beautiful. We then headed to Joel and Mariah's reception,also beautiful. They are very sweet together, and we wish them the best of luck. Sunday we went to mtg. and then came homee for a ham dinner which was delicious, thanks to my mom in law! We played the game Would you Rather, which is a total riot!

2 years ago today, we lost our baby. I hesitated to even mention it, but I was thinking today as I looked at our beautiful son Trae, that we had to go through that experience to get to him. He's such a great baby, and has blessed our family in so many ways. Its really hard to express my feelings, but I know I was made to be a mother, and its the best thing i've ever done. I love our family, and I thank my awesome husband for being there for me always. Our family is perfect.


Kathy [see Elliot's future wife...]

I asked Elliot who the prettiest lady in the world was. He used to say either me or grandma. Last night he said "um, the girl you have on your computer," though he couldn't remember her name. I asked if she was even prettier than me and he said "well, she has a better swimmin suit!" I asked what he liked about it and he explained he liked the polka dots and that its red and white...my dad figures he just can't pinpoint what it is about Kathy he likes, but he knows he likes something...I knew this was coming but 5 1/2yrs old? Come on!



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