Ashes,ashes, we all fall down!! (and hopefully all get back up..)
Great grandma & grandpa, Eliiot,& Brookelyn playing ring around the rosie.

Jason & Jeremy

Jeremy (Jason's cousin) was home visiting for his brother Joel's wedding. CONGRATS!! It was great to get to see him again. There was a potluck on Sunday. The kids were racing their great grandma Mary. I missed getting pictures, but I did get some of them playing ring around the rosie with both the great grandparents! It was great to get together and catch up with so many people. Today, we are going to pack up and go to a hotel in town for some swimming and hanging out with my family. on our way in, we plan to take the kids sledding. It will be Trae's first time. I am only going to get pictures, have to have the "first sledding experience" otherwise, I really hate the snow.
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