What I have to look forward to...

I gave Jason a buzz... this is what it will look like if he balds like his dad!

Interior house pics

Our Bedroom, sorry the picture sucks... the window lets in way to much light to get a good picture. Also, the master bath is really cute, but I couldn't do it justice in pictures.

Main Bath


Dining Room

Living Room

Brookelyn's room.

The boy's room. Notice the "boogie man spray" on the night stand? My mom is a genious. It's actually Glade! Keeps the boogey man away though.

Wanted: pregnant people...

Tonight, Wendy will be with us for supper. Just getting the sheets washed and ready to go! I just wanted to do a quick post about a new adventure i am embarking upon...
I have decided to (finally) get my birth doula certification! For those of you who don't know what a doula is (greek: a women who serves), it is a person (not a friend or loved one) who provides support to the mother during labor. I had a doula with Trae, and it was a great experience. I will do my training in Madison April 4-6, and beforehand I have to attend a childbirth class, a breastfeeding class, and read 8-9 books on childbirth and the role of doulas. Then I have to attend 3 births after the training, and write a essay. I have 2 years to complete the certification, but I am hoping to complete it in less than a year. If you know anyone who is due after April 6 that would like a doula to attend, please have them call me...920-538-3708...I would love to help them out, free of course. My friend Sam is due to give birth in January, and I plan to be there with her and her husband Mike... they will be welcoming baby Carter! I am so excited for the oppurtunity to be there. I've never actually seen a live birth, aside from giving it, and I didn't exactly have front row seats:) I think it's such a miracle...eventually, I want to start a program for single mothers who don't have any support and help them at no cost, as I can't ever imagine what childbirth would be like without anyone there to support you. I am glad to finally be doing this, along with the photography, and soon i'll be watching my new neice or nephew....which means NO MORE GROUP HOME!!!
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