funny things spoken by B

Today, B was eating mandarin oranges and our dog, Treasyn, was trying to steal some. I overheard her saying " i'm sick!" She always says the funniest things!

I watched brookelyn stick her finger up her nose, pull it out and eat it. I go " that's gross, you're eating boogers?"
B- "No, i'm eating juice from a booger"
Me- " it's still gross"
B- " no it's not it's good"
Me- " What does it taste like?"
B- " Umm, Cheetos!"

And 1 more...
B- I farted
Me- Hmmm....
B- It stinks
Me- oh yeah, like what?
B- ummm, like fart!

Sorry about the gross factor of this post!

I got my baby back,baby back, baby back...

I just had to note... As I was trying to finish this post, Brookelyn is standing at my side. She wants another toy box for her room because the "udder" one is full. I am hearing her, but not answering her. Then she says, "hellooo, answer me" and pauses for 2-3 seconds and then " how come you'er not answering me? Mom, answer me!" I thought that was cute!

Yep. I definately think Trae is feeling much better! He's been like a little tornada this morning making one mess after another. I would take that anyday over watching him feel so miserable. Must get to the cleaning...I'll see if I can keep up!

This is the lazy susan....

This is the pantry....

Traeman eating breakfast IN HIS CHAIR! wHOOhOO!!

Brookelyn giving her brother a "good morning" kiss. How sweet!

I heard Trae talking in the bed this morning, and I went in my bedroom to find him sitting up. When I walked and said good morning, he smiled the biggest smile, and I knew I had my boy back! I picked him up and he snuggled and hugged me. I brought him out to the living room and set him down figuring he was ready to play. He cried and clung to me... probably out of habit since he's pretty much been glued in my arms for the past two weeks while he was sick... he did eat breakfast in his chair though, which hasn't happened recently!
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