Home Sweet Home

So here is our place. We still have a few things to do. When it is finished, the porch will have white pillars. We have to do trim and carpeting in the inside and then we will be all done! It seems like life has flown by. We moved in, got pregnant, had the baby, and now that he's almost one, we think we'll beable to do the rest of the work on the house. It feels like we've been running full bore, and theres still things to do. So, once mom & dad are in their place, we'll begin the trim work on ours. At this point. i've decided against holding my breath. It seems like the more you want things, the longer it takes to get them. And if you are relying on your husband to do the work, well, he only spreads so far... if nothing else it teaches me patience. It's great to be in the country. The kids love being able to run free. We have 5 acres with a pond, so there's wildlife and we've got beautiful sunsets here. Its home.
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