I thought I would do a quick post on how our day went today... Traeman was a total bear. He is typically a very happy baby, but I really couldn't console him. He threw up again last night, and continued with the diarrhea. When he wasn't arching his back and crying, he sat on my lap and stared off into space. It was so not typical of him, so I gave a call to the pediatrician, as they said signs of dehydration are cranky and lethargic. I was worried because it doesn't take babies long to die of dehydration. When I called to talk to the nurse, she seemed very concerned, and asked me to bring him in a.s.a.p. I picked Elliot up early from school, and headed to the doctor with the three kids. Jason was leaving work about the time I arrived in Appleton, so we decided he would meet me there since the nurse suggested Trae would need lab work done. When we arrived, they took us back immediately, and the nurse asked his weight. His regular doctor had the day off again. I have been to the dcotor 4 times in the last week and haven't seen our actual pediatricain.... Anyways, she asked his weight, and I said that he was 25lbs on Saturday when I had him in. She said,"oh, okay..., then we'll just skip it." I thought at least for comparisons sake we should weigh him, since we were concerned with dehydration. The doctor came in and made a comment about how Trae was being difficult and giving the nurse a hard time when she was trying to get a weight on him. I told him she asked me what his weight was Saturday, and didn't weigh him at all. I told him I was concerned,and I thought that if we were concerned with him being dehydrated that I would feel more comfortable having a weight for comparisons sake. He sort of stormed out, saying " we'll get him weighed" ( crabby with his nurse, not me) She came in and said " I guess he wants a weight..." Trae had lost 1lb, 3oz, which is quite a bit for a baby, but his eyes weren't sunken, and his skin had color. The doctor ordered a chest x-ray, because pneumonia apparenly causes diarrhea in some people. I don't know if you've ever seen how they do a chest x-ray on a baby, but they put them in a wooded contraption that they hangg in much like they would in an exersaucer. Then they put a plexiglass surround thingy around there body so they can't move woth they're arms up over their head. Their face is pressed up against a board, and their head is strapped around the back so they can't move it. The only thing the poor little guy could do is kick his little legs and scream. The x-ray came back clear, and th doctor said he was mildly dehydrated, so keep pushing the fluids. Meanwhile, I had Jason in the room with the older kids getting their flu shots. I had appointments scheduled for next wed., but I would have had to take Elliot out of school because they are so booked, that the only opening they had for weeks was for 2:45 on Wed. I convinced the "mean" nurse to do the shots in the room, vs. the " Flu Clinic" so that I wouldn't have to come back, aand since they were all with me. Let me tell you, I was all the way across the waiting room and could tell immediately when they gave Elliot his shot because he screamed BLOODY MURDER!! Can't blame the poor guy, I am to scared to get my flu shot, but I make my kids get them. I went back inthe room, and Elliot says " we got our shots already, Brookelyn didn't even cry. She just said ouch." All that was left was for Trae to get his shot, and then we were all set to head home. I took the kids to the bathroom while Jason held him down. He says, " Sure, now i'm the bad guy" And I just said " to bad, you've never had to hold any of them down for shots before" So, i'm hoping that I don't have to rturn until Trae's one year check-up. I am in total denial about that right now, so maybe by then i'll have come to terms with the fact that he's almost a year old already...:( MUST... GET... SLEEP...
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