I'm going to be an aunt!!!!!

I am FINALLY going to be an aunt!!!! My sister Misty, and her husband Casey are expecting their first child in August. Will post more details as I get them. Congratulations guys, you'll be great parents! We can't wait to meet him/her.

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This post may contain disgusting or grotesque material, veiwer discretion is advised!

So the verdict on Jason's finger? When the machine sucked his finger in, it basically ripped his entire nail off, except a little piece that was left in the nail bed. So the doctor numbed the nerve, which Jason said was very painful, as I suppose we can all imagine. As they were giving him the shot, he could feel it numb all the way up the nerve to his finger tip. This totally grossed me out when he was telling me.... Anyway, after it was numb, they had to stitch the cut. Jason took the oppurtunity to watch some TV, as he couldn't watch. As he was sitting there, he could feel his hand being yanked around, and he looked over to see that the doctor had a needle nose plier type instrument underneath his cuticle, trying to pull out the sliver of nail that remained there! They re-attached the the nail, as they said if they didn't he would lose his nail. Then it was bandaged and splinted, and he was sent home. After he got home, he was playing with Trae on the floor with a truck, and of course Trae pulled off the splint, unraveling the bandage. Within 15 minutes of his arrival home. So, it was up to me to rebandage it. Definately not my thing, but under the circumstances, I ponied up. I just figured watching Jason try to do it with one hand was just plain mean. So, he's back to work today, and hopefully he'll beware of The Sander the next time he has to take her apart....

Brookelyn is getting discouraged with being sick. She coughed this morning and had snot all overr, and she started to cry. I asked her what wrong, and she said she's just sick of being sick. Traeman is getting more rattley, so hopefully he'll turn the corner soon. Otherwise it's back to hthe doctor...
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